Chapter 5: Princess of burgers

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Sweat glistened on everyone face at the end of practice. Alas they never been so tired. All the shouting, tripping, bumping, crying, running, video taping, camera taking, and experiment making really made them tired. Condoning their tiredness, they go their sperate but two second years make their way to buger paradise.

"Oi peach head why did you invite me?" Karin suddenly asked.

"Eh? I just wanted someone to have a eating contest with. Echizen couldn't come today." Momo explained and grinned at Karin.

"Aren't you afraid imma beat ya?" Karin raised her eyebrow give Momo a questioning look.

"Nani? You're saying you'll win? Haha yea right!" Momo laughed .

"You're on peach head" Karin said.

"Anyday Temper-chan!" Momo smiled.

Soon, they entered Burger King. Both with empty stomaches and detremind faces. They each order 12 triple hambergurs 2 large fries 2 medium sodas and a pie.

"Since I already paid , loser has to drink Inui's Aozu and Haru Bar." Momo explained then turned blue on that last part.

"Are you sure you want to eat/drink all that stuff" Karin teased

"Of cour- wait are you questioning my GREAT BURGER EATING POWERS?" Momo bragged. Little did he know what he gotten into, Karin is the champion of 5 I repeat 5 burger eating contest. They began eating and Momo was ahead by 2 burgers but Karin was just getting started. Soon she was ahead by 2 no 3 then 4 and so on till she won. Momo was still on burger 6 when she finished. His mouth wide open shocked that a girl could eat that fast. It was as if she was a giant vaccum cleaner just sucking up all the dirt and dust. Now he was shivering he had to face the evil mold covered rocks his senpais called 'food'. He gulped at the thought and faced Karin who was grinning and shoving her fists in the air. He looked at her and a sudden smile appeared at his 'half chocked face' ( A/N I don't think this is real but I made me laugh so please go along with it..)

They lefted burger king and were walking towards the park.
Momo who was 1/4 satisfied and 3/4 nauseous and Karin was grinning the whole time who was in such a trance from winning didn't knowing she was skipping.

"Eh? I didn't know you had such a cheerful side." Momo teased which caused Karin to stop skipping and blush

"I-I'm just happy I won aginst a peach head like you. Then again why should I be happy I bet even sakuno can beat you." Karin mocked and stuck her tongue out at Momo.

"What was that Teme-chan?" Momo said now angry. Suddenly he was held captive at the view he was seeing. The sun hit a sakura tree just right making the flowers glisten and shine. Under it was the girl who conquered him in eating. Her light gray hair flowed in the wind. Streaming petals struck her hair. Her light blue eyes shone like a newly found pearl in the sunset. A nice warm smile was on her face.
The scene was breath taking. He couldn't help but stare at the 'Petal Goddess'. He turned bright pink and averted his gaze.
Karin noticed it was getting late and walked away from the sakura tree. Momo snapped back to reality when he noticed she was walking towards him.

"Peach-kun it's getting late I think I'll be heading home." Karin declared.

"Oh really are you sure you don't want me to walk you home." Momo teased then grinned. She shook her head and they made there goodbyes.

Karin clutched her chest. 'I'm sorry Momoshiro but I have to keep pushing you away.. Like I do with everyone else..' Karin didn't cry because she knew he was watching her walk the other way. She had to push her friends who where brought into her family. She hated what happened it wasn't her friends fault it was hers. For bringing them into it. And She won't let that happen again...

Momo was puzzled. He could have sworn there was a hint of sadness in her eyes. He wanted to ask her what was wrong but he knew that he might meddle. The fact that he had to drink Inui juice and eat Haru bar distrubed his thoughts. He gulped and thought it would be long painful day tomorrow.

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