Author's Note

Those who don't like this stuff should be forewarned CHARACTER DEATH WARNING!

It has been seven years since the defeat of Hiltz and the Death Saurer

Peace has reigned throughout the continent.

Emperor Rudolph has proved to be a benevolent ruler and the Empire and Republic both have prospered.

Van Flyheight and Fiona 'Elise' Linette were married the spring after the final battle.

Moonbay has resumed her Transporting job with Irvine as her new unofficial bodyguard.

Raven and Reese disappeared for two years, until finally a vague report from an isolated colony stated that a young woman with blue hair and a blue organoid had been attacked by a group of mercenaries and promptly driven off by a black haired man and a dark organoid, the only thing that made Van doubt the report was that it said that the woman was carrying a baby with her.

There remained some renegades who were loyal to the ideals of Gunther Prozen and Hiltz

but they have been kept at bay by Van and Thomas who now work jointly as captains of the Guardian Force.

Van and Zeke sat in the Guardian Force conference room with a very uneasy Thomas, Van couldn't blame him, he felt a little nervous himself.

They had received a phone call earlier that morning, from Karl Schubaltz. He had stated that it was a social call simply to inform them of something that might interest them, some troops under his command had heard reports of a Geno Breaker near a Imperial Town, he was going to check the reports personally, and would contact them if anything turned up.

It had been six hours since then and Van was getting impatient.

Thomas bit his lip and in an attempt to initiate a conversation, questioned, "If it is Raven . . . what will you do?"

Van paused, ". . . what do you mean?"

"I mean, it's Raven, do you think it's possible that he'd go back to . . ."

". . . Maybe . . . I mean as far as I know he still wants to fight me, I wouldn't be surprised if he came after me . . . and destroyed everything that stood in his way, . . . but then again maybe he and Reese . . ." Van shrugged and chuckled, "There was that one report five years ago."

". . . Somehow I can't picture Raven as a 'family man'."

"You and me, both, but ya never know."

"How true . . . who would ever have thought 'Miss' Fiona would fall for you," joked Thomas.

"What was that?" chuckled Van, he started to say something more, but, suddenly, the phone rang.

Both men froze for a few moments, neither really sure that they would like the report, both staring with uncertainty at the object embedded into the console nearby. Finally, Van took the initiative and picked up the receiver, "Hello?"

"Captain Flyheight," it was Karl.

"Yes, Colonel, did you find something?"

There was a long pause and Van heard Karl sigh, finally, the Colonel spoke, "Unfortunately, yes . . ."


". . . Raven is, currently, in an Imperial Hospital near Fire Bridge in critical condition, his organoid is dead."

"What!" Van exclaimed, to stunned to control the volume of his voice.

". . . When we arrived we found the Geno Breaker, collapsed at the bottom of a canyon, Shadow was already too far gone and, while we managed to get Raven out, . . . I think you'd best come see for yourself . . . hurry, . . . I'm afraid he won't last much longer."

Van dropped the receiver and left the room, Zeke close on his heels.

Thomas lifted the receiver up and said, "He's on his way."

". . . I gathered that . . ."

Van pushed the Blade Liger to top speeds as he raced across the desert, his thoughts in turmoil as the zoid ran. Raven, his greatest rival, was dying? It seemed unthinkable, Raven and him had been fighting each other off and on for almost ten years, for one of them to die . . . the thought had never occurred Van before . . . it, actually, frightened him, he'd never even considered what he would do if Raven were gone.
He was considering it now. As sorrow grew like a heavy weight in his chest, he bit his lip until it bled.
Raven, if you die I will follow you to Hell and drag you back myself "Do you understand me! Raven!"

Author's Note

Will Raven make it? . . . What do you think?