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Me and Hunter walked cautiously into the arcade. Our senses pricking as the many high pitched sounds that were ringing out all around us.

"I didn't think an arcade would ever be so loud," I said mostly to myself, standing close to Hunter for protection and for some form of comfort in the awkward place.

"...same..." Hunter said solemnly, removing his hand from over my shoulder and crouching low so his arms were curved in a menacing way and his hands were poised in a claw shape. The boy crept forward slowly, and poked his head around the edge of one of the large, colourful machines. It was off, and I presumed that it would behold some form of colour in light when switched on.

Hunters' back arched slightly, but he soon sat onto his legs and sighed,

"They're here," He grinned back to me, before standing up, stretching, and making his way over to where the other special infected stood and sat, crowded around a large, blank, flat box.

"What is it?" Smoker coughed as he ran his thin fingers across the smooth, black screen. I watched, as I approached the group, as they tried to figure out what the box did.

Smoker must of pressed something correct, because the box's face instantly lit up with an array of colours. I was unsure of what was on the screen, but it sure looked interesting.

Now we were all practically standing with our eyes glued to the screen. It was so bright, and drew us in as a bug zapper would do to flies.

A small, white oblong beside the box lit up with a green circle, and the big box's face changed, and an orb floated across it for a few moments, and was surely replaced by a video. We all watched intently as we observed some boxy looking humans talking about chocolate, helicopters, 'sonofabitch'-es, and coaches. The whole odd human scene ended with a flash and was replaced by a menu of some kind, according to Boomer.

"Yeah," He confirmed, "This is a vidogame,"

"A vidogame?" Everyone repeated in unison, looking in dumbfoundment at the screen as it blared to us a video of our own kind. The stumbling infected people walked under and around some text, that said "Start a single player campaign". Now, I have no idea what a single player means, or what it even says, but I'm guessing it was important. Because Boomer picked up a small green glowing box and clicked a few buttons. The vidogame then instantly came to life, It's screen changed as boomer mashed the same key all through the charade of 'menu's.

The vidogame stopped making us suffer from epilepsy, and now we all squinted at the screen further.

"Is that.." Boomer started, sitting back as he realised, "this vidogame... is a game about a group of humans that... kill us!"

All of our faces dropped and we all ran back in firght, hiding behind the arcade machines.

My hand automatically moved to intertwine with Hunters', but I withdrew it when I saw him glance at me harshly. Now wasn't the time, I guessed.

I raised my head and sniffed a little, my canine like senses coming into action. I growled lowly when there was barely any scent of humans radiating from their moving pictures on the screen.

"It's clear," me and Hunter said in unison, he must of been doing the same as me.

I moved away from hunter silently and edged on all fours towards the box. It made no attempt to attack or startle me, so my senses corrected me with the thoughts of it being legit. It was safe. Now, I turned back to face my comrades, but they were no longer hiding, the were gone. The cheery sounds from some on the arcade games that were switched on, were no longer playing. And the dreaded feeling of being watched surrounded me completely. I swallowed hard and lifted my head, using one hand to pull my hood up and over my dark human hair. A small sense of security.

"Guys..." I said quietly, remaining with my ears literally perked, they were sensitive to every minute sound being made. The whirr of the box, the rats in the corner of the room, and my hastening breathing.

Now I was worried, all my comrades were no-where to be seen, and I was alone in a creepy arcade.

I slunk forward, bracing my hands, and arching my back, at every sound that seemed to move closer to me.

"Hello?" I called out, stretching my torso upwards to recieve a better look of my surroundings. Nothing but arcade-ness.

Lurching forwards, step by step, I eventually managed to get out of the arcade, and I stood up tall. Everything arround me looked much more surreal. Much more... different?

I heard something behind me, but I turned to see nothing. I let a hasty growl escape through my thin lips as I turned back to face the open wide space of the centre of the town. I stared blankly at something that stood about 30 foot away from me. It was black from head to toe, save the grey slashes of colour down it's chest, stomach, and back. It's longue lolled out of it's mouth as it panted. And it shook it's jet black fur with a shiver.

I raised my head and looked down at the beast. It was not infected, it's eyes were not yellow. As I raised my human head, the muzzle of the large beast raised too. I flared my nostrils and took a drowsy step forward. My ever so acute balance failing me. The beast took a sturdy step forward exactly with me.

I held my head with a single hand, letting my fuzzy sight wander off of the dog for a few moments, and I stared at the ground.

The tick tick tick of claws aroused my suspision of the beast as it drew ever-so-much-more closer to me. Now I was on my knees. My hands planted against the moist ground, mud and stones sticking to my cold skin. My head throbbed with fear and anticipation. The beast was now beside me and was panting into my ear.

What was happening to me, why did I feel faint? Why did it seem that everything made no sense... Where was hunter?

I fell to the ground with a thud. I winced, although I felt no pain.

With effort, I managed to roll myself flat onto my back, and I stared up at the sky, it was a murky grey.

The silhouette of the animal came into sight and it stared at me onimously with those large, all-seeing eyes. Then was the moment I realised.

I was staring at myself.

"No!" I said suddenly, out-loud, causing the dog to flinch back slightly, "Go away! Your not me!"

"Oh yes I am," Said the dog, into my head. It's jaws remaining clamped shut.



The persistant dog, that was me, opened it's jaws to reveal two sets of gleaming white teeth. I held my non-existant breath and cringed as it moved in closer to me. It eventually pulled me into some form of sleep, and I vaguelly recall her jaws reaching in and clamping around my neck.

As I fell unconcious, I had the odd feeling of ... well, nothing. I wanted Hunter to be there, but in some ways, I knew he was. It was like he was a ghost or something stupid like that. Well, maybe he was a ghost, considering zombies exist.

I tried to move my body, but It was frozen still. I was overcome by the feeling of angst, and dread, which when both combined, pulled me into unconsciousness.

My eyes flew open, and almost instantly, I clicked.

I thrust my body up and forward, my claws unsheathed and my teeth bared. I snapped my jaws menacingly incase something was trying to attack me. Then I stood, frozen, waiting for my sight to acctually return.

"Hey, Hey, Hey! Pookie!" A voice rung out, it was fresh and familiar.

I felt a hand stroking my head and another pair scratching my back.

I looked up at the people who surrounded me, they were much taller than I, and their faces were peachy and warm. I looked past them too see the sky, it was bright blue, and many birds were zipping umong the clouds like there was no tomorrow.

"C'mon, baby, wassup?" A male voice sounded from behind, and I turned to see who was scratching me. His face was hidden behind a red hood, but his mouth was smiling and his teeth were... normal.


I sniffed a little, they smelt normal, Like any human would. I had no urge to eat them or slash at them or anything... Infact, I felt different too.

I looked down at my feet. They were jet black paws, standing on some grass. I licked around my muzzle and felt black fur also. My eyes and hearing were still acute, but nothing compared to the infected senses.

I was a dog. An alive dog.

With a little hope, I looked up at the girl who was still stroking my head. When I made eye contact, she began to scratch under my chin, making me lift my head in awe. She began to speak.

"How's my baby been? Out here all tied up?" She played with the fur on my ears, "You wanna meet my cousin? Yes you do! Yes you do!"

Cousin? I turned to look at the boy, he smiled again but stayed silent. I turned back to the girl, my memory ticking over suddenly with sounds and pictures from some distant thought.

Her name was Sara. She used to own me before the apocolypse began. She has long, straight, blonde hair that reaches to her waist. She loves me, I am her pet dog. Her nickname for me is 'Pookie'.

Oh my god.

I jumped forward in ecstatic happiness, my tail wagging furiously and my ears arched upwards. My weight knocked her over and I began to lick her face with my rough tongue as I lay ontop of her. She yelled out in protest, but eventually gave in and started to laugh. My happy mood rose when I removed myself from her and let out the rest of my glee onto her cousin, I knocked him over so he was on his back and his hood fell off. I closed my eyes and licked his warm-skinned face to death as he chuckled and attempted to push me off of him.

He sat up and looked me in the eye, his own gleaming green eys shining more.

My tail stopped wagging and my beating heart throbbed louder in the back of my ears.

This boy... no way.

He had soft looking, pale skin. Messy brown hair that fell over his shining green eys. He had a recogniseable smirk and the broad jawline that I could only apply to one person. Hunter.

"Hunter!" I barked, "Hunter! Hunter! Hunter!"

The boy only stared at me face on with a smile, he looked up at Sara then back down to me.

"I think she likes me!" he said to her. Yes. Definately Hunter, his voice was the same, except a little less gruff. Oh my god.

I sat back on my haunches and studied his eyes for any recognition of me. There was none. Nevertheless my tail continued to wag as my owner, her cousin, and I all began to jump around my garden as if there was no such thing as a zombie apocolypse. Eventually, after an hour or so of playing, me and the two teenage humans were laying down on the grass, all tired out from the running. Sara's cousin was lying on his back with his hands behind his head, like Hunter used too. Sara was doing the same but with one hand on her stomach.

"C'mon Toby, We have to go in for dinner," Sara puffed, hauling herself to her feet, and helping up her cousin. I remained laying on my stomach with my head raised, watching as my owner and her relative walked off towards the sliding doors to her kitchen, where I saw her mother laying our the dishes.

I sighed momentarily to myself and watched as Hunter, or Toby, moved further away from me,

"Hunter," I dreamily said to myself, out loud, aware no-one would be able to understand me. The word and the thought made me consider the very existance of the zombie apocolypse. Was it real? Did it even happen?

I continued watching the couple as the entered through the door. My head cocked when Toby turned to face me. He winked and waved at the same time, before blowing me a kiss and leaving back through the doors with a sly grin sliding across his face. His eyes looked different, yellow almost.


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