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No matter which way one turned their head that afternoon at the entrance of the ancient train tunnel that led to The Pitt, all that could be seen were soldiers. Some were battered and some had not seen the fight up close yet, but all a bit nervous about leaving the Capital Wasteland. They were only a few minutes away from The Pitt now, where they would either meet their maker, or send the Brotherhood of Steel to meet theirs. Ava and Charon stood tall in front of the horde of soldiers they commanded, atop the bed of an army supply truck, beside a few large crates that held extra weapons, ammo, and armor. Charon slammed his hand on the truck's cab twice and the engine rumbled, pulling the truck forward. Almost one hundred repaired army trucks followed them, as Ava held on to the railing tightly.

"You can feel the fire in the air. I can hear the screams already," Ava said to Charon. He smiled and put an arm around her shoulder. With her ghoul by her side, there was nothing to fear. Not the Brotherhood of Steel. Not even death. Death himself couldn't even touch them, she was almost sure of it...for now anyways.

The tunnel rushed around them in a blur, and the lights of all the trucks behind them lit up the darkness. It was almost a beautiful sight, really. It reminded Charon of the holidays before the War, lights everywhere you looked and people standing together. Only now, the lights were a part of the machines that carried their murderous army. Not exactly a festive scene.

"You are addicted to the fight. You always had a thing for..." Charon paused for a moment, thinking of everything they have gone through together and survived, "dangerous love affairs. Ever since we met."

"Any concerns at all?" Ava asked, squeezing his hand.

"None. We trust you. Go ahead and give your final speech, Smoothskin. I know you hate it, but it must be done. There may be quite a few of us that won't come back," said Charon.

"All right," she said with a grim face. That was something she hated to think about. There was a chance that some of those around her would die. It didn't matter how large, how well-trained, or how determined your army was. There would be losses. MacCready handed Ava a megaphone from inside the cab of the truck and she frowned deeply before taking a breath.

"Attention, please," Ava said calmly, her voice an echo over the noise of the trucks. A cold, biting wind whipped around them, and Ava wondered if the seasons were changing soon.

Every soldier was silent and turned their head to look upon their leader. Words could not describe the respect they felt for the fearless woman that led them. She had brought this war to their doorstep...for them.

"You all know me by now. Life is a game, and it's not fair. There are rules, but I love to break them because I don't care. I don't give a shit about anyone except you. We will stand tall against the Brotherhood of Steel today. The Citadel is in flames because of you. You may think that it was all me, but it is not the case. Without any of you, none of this would happen. Victory is within our grasp and we will rip it from their cold, dead hands! Kill them...kill every single one of them. Show the Brotherhood who they are fucking with!" Ava screamed.

The Outcasts, ghouls, Pitt Raiders and all their allies cheered loudly. They were proud of their leaders; they were beyond worthy of following into the pits of hell and they would gladly do that if it meant they could have their freedom. It was all they could ever want. The land was lawless, and they have all lived long enough to want to keep it that way.

Charon stood beside his wife and she handed him the megaphone. He had never admired her as much as he did now. She was incredibly beautiful when she was fierce. The soldiers quieted at the sight of the Battlemaster and Charon bowed at the waist, grateful for his army and those that served beside him.

"We will destroy them," he growled.

The soldiers roared with intensity.

"Fuck the Brotherhood of Steel! They fear us! They are jealous of our power and fury. This is the life that we desire: The war. The fight. That mindless fool, Three Dog, was wrong. Our fight is the 'good fight.' And tonight, we will end it! Ghouls!" Charon roared.

The ghouls howled for their Battlemaster and his grin was absolutely frightening. Is this what fighting for your freedom felt like? Like running into an abyss of pure darkness without any sense of direction? Like killing for the first time? What was this strange feeling surging through his veins as they barreled towards possible death with a massive army following your lead? Charon knew what is was pride that was driving him. Pride for his army. Pride to have a fearsome bride by his side. Pride...pride that he toiled for most of his life as a slave under the fierce hand of brutal masters, only to overcome it all and do this, something bigger than he ever imagined doing.

"Outcasts! Pitt Raiders! Citizens of the ruined Capital Wasteland!" Ava screamed, holding her Gauss rifle high above her head. The soldiers hollered back at Ava, brandishing their weapon of choice in the air with a fearsome roar.

Charon wrapped an arm around Ava's shoulders and squeezed her tightly. He kissed the side of her head and smiled as she looked up at him with fury in her stunning green eyes. The ghoul placed a tender hand upon her lower stomach and rubbed it. He would protect her and their unborn children until his dying breath.

"I have never been more proud to be called an Outcast because we are all Outcasts!" shouted Ava. "Let them hear us! Let them fear us! Forward! Faster! I want to give them a fight the Brotherhood will never ever forget!"

The Vault Girl tossed the megaphone to the bed of the truck and sat down with a sigh. Charon sat as well, lighting up a thick cigar that Desmond had handed him through the back window. Even now, he made sure to blow the smoke away from Ava's face and she pressed herself into his side.

"I wish I could be alone with you one last time," Ava muttered quietly.

Charon looked down at her and asked, "Do you think we will perish today? Is that why?"

Ava looked up at him with sad eyes and cradled his heavy jaw in her delicate hands. "We can't cheat death forever, Charon. Even you have to die one day, as much as I hate to admit it. I know everyone thinks you are immortal, but I can't lie to myself anymore. You may be a ghoul, but you're still as human as I am...and I'm terrified that this is the end for us..."

"We will all die one day, Ava. But today isn't your day. Don't ask me how I know this. I just do. I feel it in here," he said, tapping his chest roughly. "If I had it my way, you would have stayed behind with Nova and the other children. But I am not your master, nor your father. Like you told me once, you are my equal and I will treat you as such. You will finish the fight. No loose ends."

"I love you," she said before kissing him with fervor.

"I love you as well. The only woman I have ever truly loved and cared for. I'm proud of you, Protector Flint," he murmured into her ear. Ava smiled one final time and replaced the grin with a firm line.

There was a soft light appearing around them and Charon crawled over to the edge of the truck and leaned into the driver-side window. Gob turned his head and grinned at the Battlemaster.

Charon took a lungful of smoke in and smoke billowed out of the corners of his mouth as he said, "Gobtholemew, you know how I have always instructed to run from the bright light at the end of the tunnel during training?"

"Yes, I do. The light means death...destruction...failure," Gob answered.

Charon clamped his hand tightly on Gob's shoulder and gave it a squeeze. "Not tonight, my friend. Go for it. Tonight, the light at the end of the dark tunnel spells freedom."

"With pleasure," Gob growled, slamming his boot down on the accelerator. Charon's eye met with MacCready's and Desmond's and the ghoul grinned.

"If I die today," Charon said in a low voice, "it falls upon the three of you to take my place. Watch over Ava, the children, and my army."

MacCready stared at his adoptive father with respect and said, "Makes sense that it would take three of us to fill your shoes, Pops."

"I want to ask you one thing, Charon, and for the love of everything worth loving, do not tear my head off for asking this bloody question," said Desmond.

"Out with it then, old man," said Charon.

"If you die, which is highly unlikely given how fucking stubborn you are, I am asking permission to make Ava my wife...I would never do so without your blessing, but the girl is fragile and-" Desmond began.

"You really think now is the best time to ask that you fucking idiot?" Gob shouted angrily.

"No," Charon said, interrupting the argument that was about to begin. "If Ava wishes it, do it, Desmond. Marry her. I will not haunt you."

Gob's mouth hung open as Desmond reached across his chest and shook Charon's hand. Charon returned to the bed of the truck and Gob shot Desmond a frightening stare.

"You better fucking love that girl if you marry her Lockheart, or I'll fucking kill you," Gob snarled.

"I already do," Desmond admitted. "She and Charon are the only family I really have...and if you ever tell anyone I ever said that I will carve your fucking heart right out of your chest!"

MacCready laughed out loud and Desmond pulled out a combat knife and held it before MacCready's eyes. "The same goes for you, whelp," Desmond snarled.

The cab was quiet for a few minutes when Gob finally decided to speak. "They aren't your only family, you stupid prick...we are too."

Desmond glanced over at Gob and nodded slowly. Gob held up his hand and Desmond gripped it tightly in his own. MacCready placed his hand over both of the ghoul's hands and grinned. They were all family. And they were ready to die for each other.

"It is time, Gob...Robert," Desmond muttered to the pair, pulling his hand away and slamming a fresh magazine into his Chinese assault rifle. Desmond Lockheart never had a family to fight for...not until now.

The reddish glow of The Pitt consumed their truck and they pummeled out of the tunnel and through the ruined train yard. Ava and Charon stood up, holding their rifles in their hands as the truck plowed through the broken gate. Vertibirds flew overhead, casting an eerie shadow on the ground and flying ahead of them all. The Brotherhood of Steel had arrived. A missile was launched by a lagging vertibird, hitting the bridge that they were now crossing and almost destroying several of the trucks behind Ava and Charon's. Charon roared into the night to attack. Aries, Fawkes, and Roy all lifted Fat Boys onto their shoulders and acting as one, they all pulled the lever on their weapons, launching three mini-nukes into the sky. The vertibird disintegrated into a fiery explosion of metal and light, and the horde of soldiers roared until they were the only sound that could be heard for miles and miles.

The trucks screeched to halt at the other end of the bridge, and the soldiers tumbled out of the flatbeds, rushing towards the battle that had already begun. Ava led them, marching with purpose towards the gate to The Pitt. She could hear the screams of dying men and women on the other side of the rolling gate and she slowed for a moment. She didn't know who the screams belonged to. It could be Brotherhood soldiers or Pitt Raiders losing their lives on the other side.

"Is this the entrance?" Charon asked, pointing to the door.

Ava nodded and looked back at her soldiers before meeting his gaze. "That's the door. Break on through to the other side."

Charon rolled the door up and over his head and the soldiers ran past him and into the fray. His Chinese Remnants were the first to push through and they collided with the Brotherhood of Steel soldiers. Uncle Leo ran ahead as well and picked up a ruined car body over his head with the aid of Fawkes and together, they threw the rusted metal into a platoon of Brotherhood soldiers. Ava and Charon's army were swarming over the enemy like bees, and instead of stingers, they all had guns and knives that they used without mercy.

"We need to find Ashur and protect the ammo press!" Charon shouted over the sounds of the battlefield. A missile missed the group by mere feet and plaster crumbled around them The ghoul shielded Ava's body with his own, and he felt her hands rest on his waist as she pressed her body against his.

"We will split up then," Ava ordered. She looked past Charon and saw Lord Ashur's Second-In-Command literally ripping the head off of a Brotherhood soldier. He tore the helmet off the severed head and placed it over his own before shouting victoriously.

"I can see why you choose the Pitt Raiders as your allies, Ava...bloody hell, they're as psychotic as you are," Desmond muttered.

"Krenshaw! Find Ashur and keep him and his family safe!" Ava shouted. Krenshaw raised his hand to her and shouted for the Pitt Raiders to follow him to Ashur's palace and they ran off towards Uptown.

The fight was not in their favor out here in the open. Vertibirds flew overhead and dropped missiles at any given moment. Several of Charon's ghouls have been killed, along with a good number of Outcasts as well. Blood red gore covered the cement and Ava jumped back as a severed leg fell beside her.

"We're dying out here!" Desmond shouted, shooting off a clip into an oncoming group of Brotherhood soldiers. Gob tossed a grenade by the enemies feet and the explosion finished off the ones Desmond had missed. A single Brotherhood soldier, his helmet gone and his armor torn to pieces, ran for Gob and Desmond but MacCready stopped him in his tracks with a combat knife that flew from his hand, burying it into the soldier's chest.

"Outcasts and ghouls! Come with me, we must protect the ammo press!" Ava shouted, pointing towards the Mill. A bullet grazed her lower leg and Charon pushed her forward.

The groups split up, with Charon's clan surrounding their Battlemaster and Ava, as the Outcast soldiers brought up the rear. Ava led them into the Mill and her soldiers surrounded the ammo press. She hopped up to the raised platform and punched into the computer for the press, her hands shaking furiously. They weren't winning this battle by a landslide like she had hoped. It was still in their favor, but too many soldiers were being lost. It was too many for her.

"Throw in your useless metal and ammo, I'll make us some 5.56mm bullets right now since that's what most of us need," she announced.

The soldiers obeyed her command and began throwing any metal they could find into the ammo press. When all of the metal was exhausted, she pressed a key on the keyboard and the ammo press closed its lid. The battle was still roaring loudly outside of the Mill, but it was overshadowed by the sound of footsteps walking towards them. Ava's head perked up and Charon snarled, spitting the chewed up cigar out of his mouth.

"Miss Flint," Scribe Rothchild's voice called out. In unison, all of the soldiers in the Mill pointed their guns towards the enemy and an unsettling quiet came over massive room. "It is high time we finish this mess you have started."

Scribe Rothchild stepped forward and Charon quickly lost count of the Brotherhood was more than a hundred...and there were only about fifty of his own clan mates and a handful of Ava's Outcasts. Most of his Remnants were outside, keeping more Brotherhood soldiers from entering the Mill. Scribe Rothchild and his men inched closer to the ammo press, backing the ghouls and the Outcasts towards it.

"Rothchild," Ava began. She felt a bit of her arrogance seep back into her mind and she raised an eyebrow at the wretched man in the red robes. "I never started this mess. That was all you, old man. You and all of the other stupid motherfuckers that follow you around like a bunch of pitiful dogs. Do you fucking hear me, Brotherhood? YOU ARE ALL PITIFUL EXCUSES FOR HUMAN LIFE AND I WILL HAVE YOUR FUCKIN' HEADS!"

Charon backed up against the platform beside Ava and he let out a snarl as he gripped on to the railing. Ava grabbed Charon's hand and held it tightly. She glanced at the computer's screen and there were only seconds left for the bullets to be ready. Ava nudged the ghoul with the tip of her boot and she nodded towards the computer screen, and began to count down the seconds left with her fingers. MacCready, Gob, and Desmond stood together, waiting for Charon or Ava to make their move.

"You are quite right, Rothchild," Charon said loudly. "Let's finish this."

The ammo press finished its production of bullets and steam billowed out from the machine, engulfing them all in an instant. Charon tore the hatch to the ammo press open, dipping his hand into the pile of searing hot metal and throwing a palm full of scorching bullets into the crowd of Brotherhood soldiers. The enemy and the collection of Outcast soldiers clashed. Gunfire and screams echoed all throughout the Mill as Outcasts ripped the armor off their enemy, allowing the ghouls to finish them off with the weapons they held. Gob threw two Brotherhood soldiers over his back and gut them when they fell to the ground, while MacCready picked off a few enemy soldiers with head shot after perfect head shot. Ava's hands were steady as she lifted her beloved Gauss rifle to her shoulder and picked off any Brotherhood soldier that fell in her sights.

Charon saw Vargas step out of the steam, taking a .44 Magnum from his belt. Time slowed to a halt. Charon could not hear a sound, nor could he feel the men he shoved aside as he moved forward. Vargas took aim and Charon jumped over the railing to the platform where Ava stood. The Brotherhood was closing in all around them, taking a toll on the Outcasts and the ghouls. So many much red. He grabbed Ava's shoulders, shoving her backwards, and she fell against a metal shelf. The world was mute until Charon heard the lone gun shot and he staggered forward. Another shot hit his armor. And another. And another. All Charon could do was hold his ground and focus on his wife's beautiful face. He knew she was screaming his name, though he could not hear it. He wished that she was murmuring his name into his ear late at night, when they were alone in a bed, holding onto each other. Instead, she was screaming his name in fear. He could be dying; he did not know how well the armor would hold up. He coughed and blood dripped from the corners of his mouth...and he knew it was bad.

"Ava..." Charon croaked. He grabbed her hand in his and weakly pulled it up to his lips, kissing it. "Ava...Ava, run. Run."

Charon watched his wife nod her head and she jumped from the platform, running off towards another set of smaller buildings. A man in a trench coat appeared by his side and the ghoul turned his head slowly. The collar on the man's coat was pulled up around his throat and he wore a dark, brown fedora. The brim of the hat fell over the man's face and he had a .44 Magnum of his own strapped to his side. Coal dust fell around the pair like snow and Charon realized who this man was. Fear gripped his scarred body like a vice.

"Do you really believe that you cannot die, Ferryman?" asked the Mysterious Stranger.

"It has crossed my mind...yes," Charon admitted.

"Yet I stand before you, do I not?" he asked.

"Yes. You do. Is this the end for me?" the ghoul asked quietly. The Mysterious Stranger walked around Charon, holding his chin in his hands.

"You saved your wife from certain death just now...your unborn children as well. I came to retrieve the three of them, not you. Are you aware of this?" the man asked.

Charon gulped and tears began to fall. "I could not allow it. I promised Ava it was not her day to die. I saw Vargas aim for her, and it suddenly did not matter that I would not see my children grow up. It did not matter that I wouldn't feel the sun on my back or drink a glass of fine whiskey with my best friends. None of it matters. I just want Ava and my children to live out their whole lives. If it means that I give you my be it."

The ghoul straightened up and the pair stared at each other for some time. Charon didn't feel the wounds on his body. They should have been painful. Instead, his entire body felt warm and comfortable. If this was death, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

"I will not take you today, Ferryman. But I must warn you, I will take someone who's life you have affected on a grand scale today, and it is up to you on who it will go. Go and bring me some more souls," said the Mysterious Stranger. He smiled widely and snapped his fingers.

Time sped up once more and now, Charon could feel the pain of the bullets that had penetrated his armor. The ghoul roared louder than he ever had before and turned to face the enemy. Vargas raised his hand, holding a combat knife above his head, and brought it down into Charon's shoulder. The blade sliced into his flesh. The ghoul stared at the blade for a moment as Vargas laughed maniacally, and he laughed along with Vargas, much to the soldier's surprise.

"I killed Sarah Lyons," Charon said with a sneer.

"No..." Vargas whispered.

Charon tore the blade from his flesh and plunged it into Vargas' heart with a smile. "Just like this as a matter of'll see her soon."

Vargas fell to the ground, dying a painful death, and Charon threw himself into the fight with renewed vigor. Today was not his day to die either, and with that knowledge, Charon slew his enemies without mercy or the help of anyone beside him.

Ava tore the door to the Steelyard open and ran as fast as she could. There was no more ammo in her Gauss rifle and her Blackhawk had fallen off her hip in her haste to get away from the destruction. She tripped over a metal pole and fell, bruising her knees beneath her armor. Ava sobbed into the haze of coal dust and smog and could not gather the strength to stand up. Charon was dead. He took all of those bullets for her, and ordered her to run. So she did, keeping her promise to him. She didn't know who else was dead...but it didn't matter because Charon was dead. She would never see him again. Never hold his hand. Why bother getting up at all?

And then, one of the babies kicked. Hard. Her eyes sprang open and she scrambled to her feet. She had to live for them. Not all of Charon was gone forever. She carried two of his children. Ava cleared her mind and took a deep breath. If she found Ashur, she would be safe and they could level the Brotherhood together.

"AVA FLINT!" she heard Scribe Rothchild scream. "COME OUT AND FIGHT!"

Ava ran as a gunshot hit the wall beside her, chipping off the concrete. She felt like a coward, but there was nothing else she could do. She had no bullets, no knife, nothing. She wasn't going to stand there and fist fight armed men. Ava had to think of the children and the sacrifice Charon made for her. She threw open a gate with her shoulder and rushed up a set of stairs, towards the oil furnace where that bastard, Wernher, had his hideout.

She ran across the catwalks and she could hear Scribe Rothchild and his soldiers running behind her. A plasma shot almost knocked her off the catwalk and she screamed, catching the attention of several Trogs.

"Shit, what am I gonna do?" Ava whispered to herself. The Trogs ran down the steps of the massive steel tower and she had to think quickly, before they or the Brotherhood attacked her. She ran over to an air vent and hid behind it just as the Trogs and the Brotherhood soldiers met each other. Men screamed and Trogs growled, distracting each other long enough for Ava to run up the stairs of the metal tower.

"There she is, Rothchild! Going up the tower!" one of the soldiers screamed. A Trog lashed out and cut his throat, and Rothchild pushed his way through the fight to go after the Vault Girl. She was too close, and she would not get away. He was going to end her life and destroy the arrogance she had given the citizens of the Capital Wasteland. When he left the Mill behind him, Vargas had killed the ghoul named Charon. The Battlemaster was dead, and all that was left was Ava. Without her, everyone else would fall.

"I have waited years for this, Ava," Scribe Rothchild snarled.

"To die? I can help you out, if you can catch me," Ava snapped.

A massive explosion rocked the Steelyard and both he and Ava looked over their shoulders at the source of the noise. Ashur, the ghouls, and the Outcasts had all arrived. A solitary figure ran ahead of all the others, his boots barely touching the ground. The beast leapt over barricades and burst through gates without slowing at all and Ava knew it was one of her own coming for her.

Ava had reached the top of the metal tower and the view of the Steelyard below her and the coal factories all around was dizzying. She clutched onto the railing; there was nowhere left to go. Scribe Rothchild calmly walked up the final set of steps and made his way towards her. Ava watched his hand fall to his side and he pulled a sword free of its sheath.

"Where are you going to go now, foolish girl? The ghoul Battlemaster is dead. Tell me, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW?" Scribe Rothchild bellowed, raising the sword above his head.

Ava leaned over the railing and saw someone running up the steps. He wouldn't get to her in time. He would watch her die. She buried her face into her knees as she pulled them close to her body.

"I'm so sorry you couldn't see the world...we tried," she cried, speaking to her unborn children.

Scribe Rothchild brought down the sword with amazing strength, but the sword that appeared out of thin air, stopping his own blade, was much stronger. The sword blocking the Scribe's lifted up and threw him on his back, slamming his head into the metal grates.

"Oh my god, you're not dead..." Ava whispered.

"NO! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!" Rothchild screamed.

"Not today," Charon growled. He stepped back, never taking his eyes off the Scribe and placed his hand on Ava's cheek. "This is my fight now, Smoothskin. Stay back."

He felt Ava's head nod into his hand and she kissed his bare palm where the burning metal of the bullets ate away at his glove.

"Get up, Rothchild and fight me like the man you think you are," Charon said.

Scribe Rothchild stood up and held his sword out with an angry glare towards the ghoul who continually cheated death. Maybe the rumors were true...maybe he couldn't die.

"Honey where's your shotgun?" Ava asked.

"I rammed the barrel down a Brotherhood soldier's throat. I will get it later," Charon answered. Scribe Rothchild gulped loudly and Charon grinned. "Pulled the trigger too. I did it for you, Ava."

"How romantic," Scribe Rothchild sneered.

Their blades clashed and soon it was a flurry of steel and arms. Scribe Rothchild could barely keep up with the ghoul and his anger drove him to keep attacking. The pair almost backed into Ava and she scrambled out of the way, dragging her Gauss rifle along the grated metal floor.

"Where did you learn such swordsmanship, ghoul?" Rothchild asked as the back of his hand swiped against Charon's face.

Charon spat out blood and said, "Anchorage...when I killed General Jingwei with his own sword."

Scribe Rothchild lashed out and sliced Charon's thigh open. The ghoul howled with the burning pain as the sword fell from his hands. Rothchild raised his sword again and Ava slid Charon her empty Gauss Rifle. He gripped the barrel in his bloody hands and swung it, barely blocking Rothchild's attack. Without any warning, Rothchild took advantage of Charon's awkward stance and pushed him over the railing. Ava screamed and Rothchild wrapped his hand around her neck, pulling her to her feet.

"Do not fear, Ava. You will see that monster in no time," Rothchild whispered.

Desmond, Gob, and Ashur ran up the steps at the top of the tower, MacCready lagging behind. Desmond pulled out Ava's Blackhawk and before Gob could shout his warning that Ava was too close, he fired a shot. Both Scribe Rothchild and Ava gasped with pain. The Scribe looked down at the blood seeping through his robes and Ava yanked the bullet from her armor, holding it between them. She silently thanked Charon for being so fucking insistent on her wearing the Kevlar. He let go of Ava's throat and tried to stop his bleeding with one hand as he held onto her armor.

"McGraw and Casdin...they're waiting for you," Ava said with a pained smile. Tears ran down her face. Tears for Charon. Tears for Phillip and Henry. Tears for the war that was now over.

The life was leaving Scribe Rothchild's eyes and he fell over the railing, taking Ava with him. Gob and Desmond jumped, their fingers barely brushing Ava's as she fell.

A firm hand stopped her weightless fall, holding her wrist with inhuman strength, and she looked up at her savior, who dangled from a thick, metal wire.

"Charon!" she screamed.

"Ava! I fucking swear, the things I do for you!" he shouted, panting heavily.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. You do it because you love me, Honey," she said with a smirk as she looked up at him.

Charon cringed at his most hated pet name, and decided to give Ava a taste of her own medicine. He chuckled and replied, "Of course I do. You are my precious little Wasteland Princess!"

"Don't fucking call me that!" Ava snapped.

Charon laughed hysterically and said, "Why the fuck not? I want the world to know! Ava Flint, the Wasteland Princess, holds my heart in her hands!"

"Fuck you!" Ava said.

"Hey Princess, your cleavage looks amazing from up here. PRIIIIINCESSSSSS!" Charon howled.

"Pull me up already so I can kill you!" Ava yelled.

"I think not. Princess." Ava began to struggle and swear incoherently, and Charon added, "Oh all right Princess Ava. You are no fun at all."

Charon swung Ava over towards the railing and Ashur leaned out, grabbing her hand and pulling her to safety. He then swung himself and dropped onto the catwalk with a loud grunt. Ava threw herself into his arms and kissed him furiously. Gob, Desmond, and MacCready as well ran down the steps and jumped on Charon and Ava, cheering loudly.

"Can we go home now?" Ava asked. "Too many close calls for one day if you ask me."

"Agreed, Smoothskin. I'm sure our flock of children are worried sick about us," said Charon.

Charon, Ava, Gob, MacCready and Desmond all hugged and laughed together before Ava pulled away and bowed to Lord Ashur. He returned the bow and asked, "What will you do now, Butcher?"

"Go West, of course," she replied.

"What's out West, Mom?" MacCready asked.

"The rest of the Brotherhood of Steel," said Charon with a dark smile. "We just destroyed the Brotherhood on the East Coast...and I'm sure the West Coast faction will not be pleased."

"No, no they won't," said Gob with a grin.

"So we'll go out West...and finish those assholes off for good," said Ava.

"New Vegas or bust? It is said that it is the only place left where they still wander," said Ashur.

"YES!" Desmond shouted, throwing a fist into the air. "The city of gambling and whores! I'll be in fucking heaven!"

"What about Clover?" asked Gob, amused.

"What ABOUT Clover? It's New Vegas for us!" Desmond answered.

Charon pulled Ava close to him and rested his chin on her head. She said there were to be no loose ends, and after they finished off the Brotherhood of Steel on the West Coast, everything would be as it should.