Puzzle BoxBy PinkPunk010

She was a puzzle. One he is determined to crack.

She knows his name, can fly the TARDIS and fluently read and write the most ancient language in all of time. He taught her all of this. Why? So his personal history remains in place? Or does it mean something more than that?

They argue about how to fly the TARDIS, how he leaves the brakes on and she doesn't fly right. They bicker constantly, snide comments and suggestive remarks. He feels like he knows her but he doesn't.

She graffited the oldest cliff face in the universe to attract his attention merely because he didn't answer his phone. She has hallucinogenic lipstick and a ray gun. She convinced the Roman Legion based at Stonehenge that she was Cleopatra to his Caesar.

She has a gun, knows how and isn't afraid to use it. She breaks every one of his rules, but he lets her. Why?

He didn't want to find her like he knew he eventually would. Now he looks forward to their next visit. She's clever, and more than a match for him. They make fun of each other – Hey Honey, I'm home... What sort of time do you call this then? – even as their beloved TARDIS explodes around them.

She disrespects his style. She gets of far too well with Amy as they work together to blow up the fez.

She refused to believe when it was said "the Doctor's dead". She knows he lies. And is ok with that.

He saw her face as she found him in the Pandorica, weak and recovering from the Dalek's shot. He saw she was scared, irritated, annoyed with him, despite the brave, carefree attitude she always has. The admiration as she worked out the plan, the logistics behind the one she had been denouncing only moments before. The tears in her eyes as she helped him silently, not speaking, only looking at him with big reproachful eyes.

He asked for Amy, he had to give her the message about her parents. But he didn't have time for two goodbyes. She nodded and left. He heard her voice break slightly he doesn't really know me yet, all the while wishing he could have the future with her that he was supposed to. The time to get to know her. But maybe he knows her already. She won't remember him and that's probably for the best.

She was wild, untameable, brilliant. A high class criminal with no mercy for anything or anyone that hurts or harms what means most to her.

She stopped him in his stupidest moments, but she cannot stop him if she knows what he is doing is the right thing to do. Even if it's not the right thing for her.

Maybe she will remember him, in her dreams. He hopes so.

The Pandorica closes on Amy's face.

Just before the fire he wonders if she would have told him if she was married. He never asked, now he will never know.

She remembers, as his timeline unravels, because for him it hasn't happened yet. She trusts in her dreams. Her diary is blank, but it still exists. More than just a dream. She leaves it with Rory, the plastic centurion, for Amy, and catches Amy's eye as she goes past the window. Then she waits in Amy's house for him to go home.

Did you dance?

Then he asks if she is married, and makes a fool of himself trying to work out if she thought he was proposing or not. She only says yes, like it has lots of significance, but she can't say what, like she knows it will infuriate him. He gives up.

Who is she?

You'll find out very soon... she says, but leaves him with a warning that everything will change.

For better or for worse? He cannot tell.

Who is she?

She is wild, untameable, free. She is a riddle, a puzzle the Doctor is determined to crack. She answers to no-one and does as she pleases. She has managed to tame the wildest of creatures in the cosmos. She intrigues and irritates in the same breath. She is brilliant, amazing, fantastic.

She is the one and only River.

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