How we live

Draco felt the blood drain from his body, he was so cold. 'When did winter come?' he wondered trying to being his arms around himself to stop the shivering. 'Right, it's me not the weather' he thought as his hands hit the blood next to them.

'How did it come to this, I never wanted to be part of this war. I certainly didn't want to be fighting against Voldemort, this was suicide. Hmm I suppose it was Harry, his large innocent green eyes and pale pallor, it made me want to hold him close and protect him. And then I fell in love with him…god I should have known then I would die. Maybe I did, maybe I just didn't care.' Footsteps echoed in the hall, pulling Draco from his musings, it was Harry. Draco tried to smile, but he thought it probably looked more like a grimace.

"God Dray, fuck… come one I'll get you out of here, you'll be okay Dray I promise." Harry lifted Draco in to his strong arms and jogged towards the hospital wing. 'God Harry, this is not at all how I wanted to be in your arms again. But I suppose beggars can't be choosers' Draco tried to talk but all that came out was a gurgle and a bubble of blood.

"Fuck fuck fuck, Draco Malfoy don't try to speak you'll kill yourself." Harry admonished as he sped up, now sprinting down the halls. 'I am going to die without telling him I love him… I am such a buggering idiot, I should have told him when he said it' flashes of hot flesh, squeaking springs and the oh so gentle way Harry made love to him flashed through Draco's mind. 'Fuck even like this all I can think about is getting you in bed, you would be so irritated with me right now if you had any idea what I was thinking. God Harry if I don't make it you'll never know…' Draco felt tears form in his eyes, and then his vision started to fade, 'oh god Harry I am so sorry.

Draco woke up slowly, the first thing he felt was pain… so much pain, then he realized someone was holding his hand and talking in hushed tones.

"Will he be okay Poppy?" 'That's Harry, so I'm not dead… Thank god this is my second chance' Draco opened his eyes and blinked rapidly at the bright lights and stark white of the hospital wing.

"Harry?" Draco rasped 'God is that me? I sound like an old smoker.' Draco winced and tried to sit up as Harry and Poppy fussed over him. Ignoring the stern matron Draco sat up the rest of the way and grabbed Harry by his Jumper. "Harry I Love you so much." The blond whispered just before he crushed their mouths together in a hot long kiss. Draco released Harry, laid back and promptly fell asleep safe in the knowledge that were anything to happen Harry would always know he was loved.