The Reason I belong there: Episode Riki

Author's Note: Contains hints of spoilers, if you never went through the game, you probably won't understand it.



Original Game: Little Busters Ecstasy

Original Game Chapter: Refrain

Original Concept: Key

Written by: wrathie



Author's Final Notes: This is a serious spoiler warning. Read at your own risk if you have not finished the game!



Why, I belong to the Little Busters?

There is no answer…

There is only one thing I know.

That is, to live on determinedly.

I promised, somewhere, sometime… in the world that I had forgotten.



I had forgotten… yes, I have forgotten something important to me.

But, I belong to the Little Busters…

There is no question about it.

The time I have with the Little Busters, is the happiest day of my life.



Not just with Rin, with Kengo, with Masato and with Kyousuke.

No, not only just with them, but with the others.

With the Little Busters that I had forgotten.

But, even if I had lost them, I know I will remember.

Those happy days, will forever be with me.

I know that, I believe that…

Memories, even if they disappear after a while.

Those feelings will forever remain.



Better, that I tasted it.

Better, that I had experienced it…

Than regret I didn't.



I suppose, everything began when my parents died?

No… it began… before I was born.

I was afraid of it, afraid of being born into a world where it was harsh.

Where it was evil, where it was mean…

Where, I will lose things.




Yes, I feared losing things.

I feared, losing the Little Busters.

That's why, I had to be stronger.

That's why, I had to be there, for Rin.

For Rin, who lost herself.

For Rin, who chose me, who I loved.

For Rin, who loved me…

I had to be stronger!




But, even if I am afraid of losing things.

I know, that I must meet her.

That person that I knew needed me.

The people, the people who loved me.

The people, the people who I loved.

So, it was alright.



So it was alright to go, it was alright to be born.

It is alright to experience, it is alright to experience pain.

It is alright, to grow stronger.

As I won't forget, I won't regret…

So, I must be stronger.

To protect the Little Busters that I love.



We are not always little.

So, Little Busters, we have to grow up.

I have to be stronger…

Even if I had forgotten something, I know that, Little Busters…

They need me.



Masato, he needs me.

He needs to remember, why he joined us.

Why, that I became his friend.

Why, that I love him, why I had lived with him.

I was happy, Masato was my friend.

He too, was happy, that I was his friend.



There is no other reason to belong.

Even if he did silly things, I did those with him too.

Even if he is an idiot, I am an idiot too…

So, it is alright, to belong here.

To belong with me, with Rin, the Little Busters.

The new, Little Busters.

The Little Busters, that I had forgotten.

That they had forgotten.



So it is alright, Masato, you can rest now.

I can, live on… strongly…

Thank you, for protecting me.

Thank you, for safeguarding our normal lives…

Thank you, for being my friend.



Kengo, he needs me.

Kengo, the Kengo who is the strongest.

Kengo, the one who I can rely on.

The one who said I can rely on him.

The one who was on my side.

The one who believed me when Rin was in danger.

The One, who loved Little Busters more than anything else.

More than me, more than Rin… more than… everyone.



The Kengo who told me it was alright, it was alright to give in.

That it is alright now, I am stronger.

I am strong, to defeat Masato.

So it is alright, to be with Masato and Rin.

If it is Kengo, he would do all he can.

He would protect us, protect us from the world.

The undefeatable Kengo.




But no, I told him no…

I have to go to the darkness.

I have to know the truth.

Even if it means losing Rin.

But it is okay.

In the darkness…

I will not.

I will never, let go of her again.

I will not lose to myself…



I will not let... the world destroy me.

I will not let the harsh reality defeat me.

Rin too, she would not lose.

She held my hand and we fought Kengo.

Not just me alone, but she is with me too.

And Kengo, the Kengo who said he would protect us.

The Kengo, who said it was okay to not go there…

Let us go…

To where the truth awaits us…



Then, there is only one person left.

The one person, who created this in the first place.

The organization, where we fight crime, defeat the bad guys and save the world.


The Kyousuke who held my hand.

The Kyousuke, who held Rin's hands.

The one who created this.

The one, who knows the secret of the world.

The one, who knows of the darkness.

Of the despair, the one.. who shouldered everything.



The one, who tried to save us.

Made us stronger… Kyousuke.

He… reached for my hand.

He was like me…

Tired, weak… and afraid.



And I, am like him.

I reached him… I had reached where he once stood.

And I held his hand…

Little Busters, we are together again!



Me, Rin, Masato, Kengo and Kyousuke.

We are together again…



So, why must you go, Masato?

Why must you leave?

But.. I must be strong.

Thank you, Masato.

I too, love you… I am happy, that we were roommates.

I am happy, that we are friends, that we were, Little Busters.



So this is the reality that we have to face.

Me and Rin, just the two of us…

In the harsh, unforgiving reality.

But it is alright…

We are strong, we are strong because you made us this way.

Because I swore, because I said that I will be strong.

Because I have to protect Rin.

Because she trusts me. Because she loves me.

That's why I have to be strong.

So it is alright, Kengo…



You can go…

Even if it is just me and Rin, we will be strong.

We are, Little Busters!

Thank you for saving her.

Thank you for protecting her, so that we can be stronger.

So it's our turn…

It's our turn, isn't that right, Rin?




We are Little Busters, everyone has done so much for us.

We belong here, we are here for a reason.

Not any other reason, we are here… to defeat the bad guys, to fight crime… to save the world.




So let us save the world, Rin.

Let us defeat the bad guys, who say it is impossible.

Let us fight, fight with all what we have.

Even if it might be impossible.

But, as long as I'm strong.



As long as I and Rin doesn't give up.

I know we can do it.



Kyousuke, you too.

You did the most… you tried to save us.

You gave us the time, the opportunity…

The reason for us to be strong.

You formed the Little Busters for her.

Along the way, you have fun.

Along the way, you saved me.

Along the way, you guided us, you brought us here, you wished us well.

And you… made us able to face the darkness.



In the past, I would have cried.

I would have asked you for help.

I would have wanted you to say it's enough… and let you face the darkness.

But, now.

It's alright, Kyousuke…

You, saved us.

You, gave us a chance.



So Kyousuke, it is alright…

I will save you too.

Rin and me, we are strong enough.

For the Little Busters…

For the times that I had forgotten.

For the people, the girl, that I had met.

The many things that had gone on…



I will fight, I swore that.

I will live strongly… so, do not give up on us.

Do not forget us.

Do not think we are weak, for we, Rin and I, are stronger than you think we are.

I will create the miracle.

Rin will create the miracle…



Both of us, will save the Little Busters.

The place that we belong.

That you belong to.

That is the Little Busters.

An organization that fight crime, defeat bad guys and save the world.

I am saving the world, with Rin, the world that we love, that we cherish.



That, we belong to.



Author's Notes: The place, where the irreplaceable person is there.

This is the world, where Little Busters exists in.

Even if it is just for a moment, even if it is just for a second.

I would wish, that this eternity, not end.