Please Read: I read a few Alice in Wonderland stories, and then wrote this without even thinking about it. I've been feeling really lost and confused lately, and I channeled those feelings into this story. It won't make much sense at first, which, I guess, is the point of this fandom, but towards the end, I guess it gets a bit clearer. Even if no one reviews, it doesn't matter. I just needed to write something, and my mind is too blank to work on my unfinished fics. If you like it, I'm glad. If not, please don't leave a nasty or rude comment, because I won't read it anyway. The only thing you'll accomplish by flaming is wasting time and energy.

UPDATE: The poem at the end is mine. Please don't steal it.

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Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Everything's going to be alright. I'll be fine. Really.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

I'm not giving in. I'm not giving up. I won't break. I won't.


The ticking in her head grew faint. It was still there…but she could barely hear it over the sound of her own breathing. If it died, if it left her….she would have nothing left. Absolutely nothing.


Her breathing stilled. Her mind froze. It had stopped.

It was over.

Darkness took over. She felt nothing. She heard nothing. She was nothing.

Unable to draw breath, her head spun, and she stared at the wall with empty eyes.



A hole was in the wall. Standing in the hole was a strange little man. The man wore a very tall hat. Next to the man was a rabbit. A white rabbit. The rabbit took one look at a gleaming pocket watch and hopped through the hole. He grabbed her hand and pulled her beyond the hole. The little man was already gone. The rabbit babbled angrily, his words lost on someone who had died inside.

"Tsk, you're late, yes, quite late. We must hurry, for we have so very much to do, and so very little time. I must get you to Wonderland, immediately."

They went through the hole, the same way as the girl before. They went through the door. They entered the garden-and were in Wonderland.

So many innocents suffer each day. Never knowing that they too can be taken away.

For every person who has ever wished, to live in a world different from their own, I tell you this:

Wonderland is there when you need it. Just find the hole, go through the door, and then, you will find freedom and unrivalled joy.

Don't wait little girl. Don't wait little boy.

Wonderland is calling. Can you hear it?