A/N: Just a fic about the ladies of the show. I hate song-fics but I thought I'd try it out for the first time. :) Just a 3-4 chapter fic.

Summary: California girls are unforgettable. ;)

Pairings: Kat/Patrick, Bianca/Cameron, Walter/Tharpe.

Characters: Kat, Patrick, Bianca, Cameron, Chastity, Dawn, Walter, Tharpe.

California Girls

"I know a place, where the grass is always greener. Warm, wet and wild, there must be something in the water."

Kat missed Ohio, there was no question about it. She hated the fact that they had to move in the first place, Ohio was her home, it had been since she was born. Her mother had lived there for cripes sake, why the hell would they even think about moving! Even though a part of her longed for home, she couldn't deny it any longer, California had way more ups than downs now. The beach had become her favorite hang out place, and Patrick became her favorite hang out person. After her father had caught them after the act, there was so much tension you couldn't even cut it with a chain saw. Kat had been grounded, "For LIFE!", he had yelled at her that night. "If Man-Boy so much as looks at you again so help me God I will never have to worry about you being impregnated by him!"

But that didn't stop them. Patrick refused to stay away, and despite Kat's attempts to keep her distance, she too, caved.

Kat didn't know what was up with her. Patrick was weaning her out of her shell, and she was letting him. He wanted to show her the world, the world outside of doing what was right for everyone else. "It's ok to be selfish sometimes." He had told her one late afternoon at the beach. Normally she would have scoffed at such a comment, but he was right. If she wanted to have some fun, she could. If she wanted to spend time with her boyfriend, she should be able to.

And that's when Walter found them again. Only this time it was different. They were fully clothed, on the front porch swing. Kat was snug against Patrick's side, her legs curled under her, and an ipod resting on her leg. His arm was around her protectively, shielding her from the soft summer breeze. Each had an earbud in their ear and their heads seemed glued together. They were smiling, and each had an undeniable glow about them. Walter shook the smile off of his face as he walked up the front steps. He cleared his throat and instantly got their attention. Kat gasped and threw herself off the swing, "Dad! I-I thought you weren't coming home until tomorrow..I-."

Walter lifted his hand and stopped her. He pulled her to the side and whispered, "What did I tell you about seeing Patrick?" Kat didn't know what to reply to. The question itself, or the fact that her father just called Patrick by his real name and not that stupid "Man-Boy" nickname.

Kat sighed in defeat, "Dad, I'm sorry, I tried to...forget about the whole thing," She replied honestly, "But I can't. And everytime I try it just get's harder and harder to stay away. I feel weird, I've never felt this before," she talked to herself, "I don't know if it's good or bad.."

Walter nodded and smiled. He said something that shocked Kat, "Ask him if he likes stuffed shells, that's what we're having for dinner at six." With that he walked in the house. When he got inside he sighed, his little girl was growing up, and he couldn't hide the fact that she was falling in love too. He looked out the window. There they were, smiling against each others lips, that glow still radiating off one another. Walter shook his head smiling and began dinner.

Something was definitely in the water.

A/N: I love Katrick. :) Totally OOC and I don't care. The show is done, we can do what we want with the characters right? ;) (Take that in the worst way possible haha.) Carter DID say Walter would eventually accept Kat/Patrick and even start liking Patrick. :)

Did I miss any couples? Anyone like Joey/Chastity? Blank/Tabitha? Anybody even like them? lol.