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In this chapter, The Real Doctor is the Doctor and the fake is the Metacrisis.

The Doctor stormed into the Metacrisis' TARDIS, his face furious and stormy. He strode right past his double, stood stiffly by the console and only stopped when he was infront of the woman he loved.


She stared up at him and gave him a watery, golden laced smile."'ello."

He crouched down to her eye level, and pressed a hand to her cheek, fingers twisting in her hair. Even in this terrifyingly fragile state, he couldnt help but marvel. She was beautiful, and under the Bad Wolfs influence, almost goddess-like. Concentrate, Doctor, or you could lose her forever.
"I'm here, Rose, and I need you to let go of this ...power for me"

She shuddered painfully and he took her hand. Behind them, at the door, he was aware of Jack and Donna rushing in, their gasps distant as he stared intently at Rose, the only thing that mattered.

"...I don't know how. But it hurts Doctor, it hurts so much"His hearts skipped a beat, he felt on the verge of panic, but contained it,crushed it deep inside his mind so that he could focus.
"How did it start, Rose? What were you doing, what were you feeling?"

He kept repeating her name like a mantra, a reminder of who she was, a life line to bring Rose back to him. She tilted her head slightly, staring past him to the Metacrisis. "I was mad, yeah? He...He wasn't tricked me! And I thought, I thought-" Her voice was getting louder and more pained with each word, and the metacrisis began to move fowards; then stopped as Jack pointed a gun at him.

"Nice try sunshine"

The metacrisis stepped back sheepishly and Jack winked at Doctor breathed deeply , stroking her cheek gently. "You thought he'd what? hurt me? I'm here, I'm fine, and I'm not going anywhere, okay?"

Rose smiled again, and the glow began to dim, slowly revealing watery brown eyes. They smiled at one another, and the Doctor felt tears at the corner of his eyes.

"Welcome back." The words ended with a small chuckle as she grinned, toungue-between-teeth and she threw herself at him.

"Lets go 'ome, yeah?" She mumbled into his neck; He stood, pulling her up. Rose glared over at the Metacrisis. " I told you you weren't ' get points for tryin' but still... Forget me, okay? I've made my choice a long long time ago, when a man with big ears an' a leather jacket told me to run"
The Doctor beamed, and took her hand tightly.

They should have been prepared, they hould have known-
In a swift movement it happened; Jack was on the floor; The metacrisis had the gun and wa aiming directly at his double.

"She is mine."

He shot and there was no time to stop him.

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