Here's my first story on Konjiki no Gash. It brought me memories of a few years ago when I was enjoying the anime when I just watched it recently. I'm kind of disappointed that Konjiki no gash is not as popular as Bleach or Naruto around here. I'm sure it would be better if the anime followed the plot of the manga though xD

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After Gash had became king, he managed to find a way for the mamodos to travel to the human world. Though it is unknown how he does it, Kiyomaro is still happy that he is reunited with Gash but never admits it. But unfortunately for Kiyomaro, Gash never changed even when he became king.

"Kiyomaro! Let me go to school with you!" Gash whined, in his green sports bag.

"How many times do I have to say NO? You CAN'T come!" Kiyomaro growled.

"Why? Why won't you let me come? I wanna see how does Kiyomaro's new school looks like! I wanna see Suzume! It's boring at home! Please, Kiyomaroooo!" Gash wailed, tears falling down on his cheeks like an exaggerated waterfall.

Kiyomaro groaned, "Why don't you play with your best friend?"

"But Vulcan 300 said that he wants to go to school too." Gash said, holding up his Vulcan 300.

"That was YOU talking!"

Suddenly in the midst of their argument, the doorbell rang. Both of them immediately stopped what they were doing and looked at the door then at each other. Kiyomaro then went to the door and opened it to reveal…

"Dufort?" Kiyomaro exclaimed in shock.

"Zeon!" Gash exclaimed happily.

"Hey, we're kind of tired of traveling and decided to stay here." Zeon said, not caring whether or not he is being rude.

Gash nodded excitedly, "Unu! Of course you can. Right Kiyomaro?" Gash looked at him excitedly at the idea of staying with his big brother. They've gotten quite close ever since Gash became king although Zeon's personality changed a wee bit.

"I guess so." Kiyomaro said. Well, at least I can go to school in peace now.

"Ne Zeon, do you want to go to Kiyomaru's new school?" Gash asked.

"How many times do I have to tell you that you CAN'T come? Stay at home! You have Zeon here now." Kiyomaro said.

"But I really waaaaant to see Kiyomaro's new school! Let me come! Let me come! Let me come!" Gash flailed on the floor like a fish that is running out of air on land.

Zeon raised an eyebrow, "School? I've never been there before. Sounds interesting…"

"NO! You can't come either!" Kiyomaro exclaimed, "Dufort! Do something!"

"Please take care of Zeon for me." Was the simple reply.

"NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! He's not supposed to come and neither is Gash! YOU take care of Zeon and Gash for me!" Kiyomaro shouted, clearly in near hysterical and pointed his pointer finger at the silent man.

Gash smiled happily and held out a light blue backpack. "When you want to go to school, you have to wear this."

"Are you listening to me?"

Zeon clearly ignored Kiyomaro's exclaim and put on the blue backpack. "It's kind of comfortable. Is that what you used to wear when you go to his school? So, how is going to school like anyway? I've never been to a school before." Zeon asked.

"I can show you. I've gotten Kiyomaro's map to his school from his mother." Gash grabbed Zeon's hand and dashed out of the house.

Kiyomaro gaped at the opened door in shock.

"Don't you have to go to school too?" Dufort asked, walking to the kitchen.

"DAMN!" Kiyomaro grabbed Dufort by his collar and dashed to school. "Since YOUR partner is there too, you're coming with me!" Kiyomaro growled and Dufort didn't even make any protesting sound because he knew Kiyomaro wouldn't hear him anyway. He just stayed there and let Kiyomaro drag him.

Finally, the twins managed to get to the entrance of Kiyomaro's new school without getting lost. They gained quite an attention mostly because of Zeon's unusual color and what they're wearing. After a few minutes, Kiyomaro arrived, grabbed the twins and headed towards a secluded area.

"Gash. Go home now." Kiyomaro ordered, "With Zeon and Dufort." He added.

"But I haven't seen inside!" Gash protested.

Kiyomaro immediately turned into Oni-mode. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!"

"UWAH! Kiyomaro is scary!" Gash exclaimed and run into the school with Zeon following in tow.

"Not that way!" Kiyomaro shouted, grabbing Dufort's collar again and run into the school.

After arrived at his assigned class, which he miraculously shared with his middle junior school friends except for Suzume since she has to repeat for failing badly. He immediately saw the rest of his usual friends circling around Gash and Zeon, asking them questions. Zeon seems like he doesn't like the attention but he sucked it up for Gash.

"Where were you all these time?" Hiro asked.

"I was at-" Before Gash could talk about the mamodo world, Kiyomaro was behind him and used his hands to cover Gash's mouth.

"He was at my friend and his twin brother's house." Kiyomaro explained.

"By friend, do you mean him?" Mariko asked, pointing at Dufort.

Kiyomaro glanced at him nervously, "Uh yeah, his name is Dufort and he used to take care of Zeon because of…complicated reasons. Then Gash kept whining about how he wanted to stay with Zeon so I let him stay at his place for a few months."

"I never knew Gash-kun has a twin brother." Iwajima said.

Zeon smirked at how hard Kiyomaro is trying to keep a secret about mamodos. "Gash didn't know until-"

Kiyomaro covered Zeon's mouth this time, "Until you know, Dufort came knocking at our house trying to sell him off." He said; trying to pay Zeon back for almost revealing the secret Kiyomaro tried so hard to keep.

"HEY!" Zeon exclaimed.

"Why would he want to sell him off?" Iwajima asked.

"He's as annoying as Gash, right Dufort?"

"Yes." Dufort answered honestly.

"HEY!" Gash and Zeon shouted this time. "You ingrate. How dare you agree with that sentence? If it weren't for me, you would have died long ago. And without me, do you think you can get the people to give you free lodging?" Zeon growled.

Kiyomaro blinked, "Uh…"

"The people seem to like Zeon." Dufort said.

Before the four of them could ask any more questions, their sensei arrived. To their shock, their sensei is Touyama, their middle school teacher. Looks like he still has a grudge against Kiyomaru judging by the intensity of the glare he is giving him.

"Alright class, settle down. And you, why aren't you in your school uniform?" Touyama asked Dufort.

"He's my friend who is not from this school." Kiyomaru replied.

"Friend, eh? How smart is he?"

Kiyomaru glanced at the bored Dufort, "Very."

"Very, eh? Judging by his presence here, I guess he is skipping school like you. How about we test you to see how smart you are? Sit down." Touyama said, pointing at Dufort still refusing to believe that a student who skips school is able to be smart.

"Man, he's going to get it." Kane muttered sympathetically for Dufort as all of them took their seat.

"Question number one: What is my cat's name? Kiyomaro, you are not allowed to help him." Touyama smirked.

"Obviously he wouldn't know-" One of the classmates defended.

"Mary." Dufort interrupted, obviously used his answer talker ability.

Touyama gaped, "Y-You. How did you know? Kiyomaro must've told you before right? All right, next question: What do I have for breakfast today?" Touyama smirked. I am very sure he won't be able to answer this.

"Cheese burger with garlic." Dufort replied.

"What?" Touyama exclaimed in shock.

"Of course he knows; you reek of garlic and cheese." Kiyomaro said, trying to prevent the teacher from finding out how Dufort is able to answer those questions with ease. Of course it worked and the whole class burst into laughter.

Touyama gritted his teeth, "Very well then. Question number three: What is the color of my room's wallpaper?"

"Pink." Dufort replied.

"Gash and Zeon went there once." Kiyomaro added and once again the class burst into laughter.

Not wanting to reveal more about his embarrassing secrets, Touyama had no choice but to admit defeat but not before promising that he would come up with a question that no one can answer!

Iwajima raised his hand, "But if no one could answer, then how could you?"


"What a fucked up teacher." Zeon remarked.

"Unu, he doesn't seem to like Kiyomaro very much." Gash said, "By the way, what is 'fucked up'?"


After the lessons are over, Kiyomaro immediately grabbed the twins again and brought them to the rooftop with Dufort casually following. At least Kiyomaro didn't attempt to grab Dufort's collar this time. He may be an overly calm individual but his jacket is about to get torn.

"Okay, here's all I'm going to say: Go home." Kiyomaro ordered.

"No." Gash and Zeon replied.

Kiyomaro twitched, "But why? The both of you have each other to play with so you won't get bored. And if you need anything, Dufort will be there. There's no reason for you to follow me to school now that you've already managed to explore every inch of it!"

"I have never been to school before so I want to enjoy it as much as I can." Zeon replied.

"I wanna follow Zeon." Gash said.

"Can't you do something about it?" Kiyomaro asked Dufort.

He shrugged.

Oh yeah, Dufort wasn't the one who asks his mamodo to do something. Kiyomaro thought. "What will it take for you to stop coming here?"

"When you quit school." Zeon smirked.

"I can't do that!"

"Yes, you can't. So we're going to follow you to school every. Single. Day." Zeon said.

Kiyomaro glared, "You sadistic bastard."

"What is a 'bastard'?" Gash asked.

"Look, now you've taught Gash something you shouldn't teach." Zeon scolded.

"And yet you're the one who said 'fucked up' when you were just beside him just now." Kiyomaro pointed out.

Gash huffed and looked at Dufort. "What is 'fucked up' and 'bastard'?"

"Something you should not use."

Gash folded his arms, "I see, I see. So it is something that I shouldn't use. But if Kiyomaro and Zeon use them, does it mean they're doing something bad? And doing something bad means they have to be punished!"

"I can use it because I am Zeon." Zeon said proudly.

"Unu, I see. Then Kiyomaro has to be punished. Kiyomaro's punishment is that he has to play with us in the park tomorrow." Gash declared.

"I have school." Kiyomaro reminded.

"Why don't you play with us after school then? Kiyomaro hasn't been playing with me ever since I returned." Gash put on a sad face, "I really wish Kiyomaro would play with me like he used to…"

Zeon glared, "Look at what you did."

"Fine, fine. I'll play with you tomorrow after school, okay?" Kiyomaro sighed.

"Really?" Gash brightened up immediately.

"Yeah. But on one condition, you must not come with me to school tomorrow. You can go to the park first if you like but don't wander off anywhere other than that. If you can manage that, I will play with you the day after tomorrow too." Kiyomaro said.

Gash nodded enthusiastically. "Unu! Promise!"


After school, the four of them returned home. It was all peace and quiet while Gash is playing with Zeon…mostly Gash is the one who is playing while Zeon watches. Kiyomaro is enjoying the silence for once while he is doing his homework while Dufort is reading something on his bed until…

"Dufort! Dufort!" Zeon exclaimed, bursting in the room.

Dufort sat up and looked at Zeon.

"Gash just introduced me to his best friend, Vulcan 300! I want one too! Can you make for me too?"

Dufort, wordlessly, got off the bed and head to the kitchen for awhile before coming back with a white Vulcan 300 replica and handed to Zeon who accepted happily. After that, Dufort got back to what he is doing.

"Dufort, how old is Vulcan 400?" Zeon asked.

"14 seconds." Dufort replied.

Kiyomaro sputtered. He took faster than him to create it. Well, it figures because he IS Dufort.

"Cool! I'm going to introduce him to Gash." Zeon went to the room.

"Hey, is Zeon really that annoying?" Kiyomaro asked, remembering the response Dufort gave before class started.

"He was when he insulted the people."

Kiyomaro sweat dropped. Ah, that's why they've gotten tired of traveling. "I see. But you're still glad that Zeon came back, aren't you?"


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