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It is still currently at night when everyone is asleep. Well, everyone except for three. Two are those who are still doing their activities –cough- Kiyomaro and Dufort while the one, Suzume, who is unluckily sleeping beneath that very room. Alishie didn't wake up because he was used to the noise, his hometown had other noises, but he did when he felt Suzume shuffling beside him. They share the same sleeping bag.

"Suzume?" Alishie called out.

"Oh, did I wake you? Sorry." Suzume apologized.

"It's okay. Why are you up at this time? Can't you sleep?" Alishie asked.

Creeeeak, creeeeeak.

Suzume winced, when some noises followed. "Not really. I should've listened to Zeon when he said that no one should take the area beneath Takamine-kun's room. They've been going on for hours." Suzume sighed.

"They have stamina, that's for sure." Alishie muttered, not liking their noises.

"Yeah and now I can't sleep at all." Suzume rolled her eyes, "Why can't they choose a different time to have sex? Hell, is Takamine-kun's age is suitable to have it?" Suzume complained, trying to block out the noises.

"They can do whatever they want, sadly." Alishie sighed, "And now after hearing those noises, I don't think I can sleep too."

"Sorry, I shouldn't have moved around too much." Suzume apologized.

Alishie smiled, "I told you that it's fine. I would regret it if I let you suffer this alone." Alishie muttered, pulling Suzume closer to him making Suzume blush though it didn't stop her from wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Dufort, keep that watermelon away!" They heard Kiyomaro exclaimed.

"No." Came the blunt answer.

"I can't believe I can hear them." Suzume muttered, burying her face into Alishie's neck.

Alishie sighed and stroked her hair, "It'll be over soon…I hope."

"I think they can even go at it until morning. Next time I'm going to replace the walls here with soundproof ones when I finally decide to stay here again." Suzume muttered, "We should've slept at my home instead."

"This is for Gash."

"Yeah but I feel more comfortable sleeping at home too."

"Your house isn't the most cleanliest place but I think I can manage." Alishie pointed out, remembering the sight of Suzume's house when he entered it. It took him time to help her clean the house while persuading her not to help after he witnessed her way of cleaning.

Suzume blushed, "You should've let me clean it instead."

"Nah, I'm very sure it would be a lot more better if I were to do it."

"This sucks, I wish I am good at cleaning and cooking. I-I want to be a good wife…" Suzume admitted with a blush, trying not to look at Alishie but she could tell that he is very amused. If not, why would he chuckle?

"You've already thought that far?"

Suzume frowned, "Keep it going and I'm not going to be your wife."

"Sorry, I was joking." Alishie reassured.

"SHIT, Dufort! Didn't I tell you not to accept that piece of lingerie?" They heard Kiyomaro shout.

"I like it. Especially when it's going to be on you."

A lot of shuffling can be heard. "AH! Get back! Don't come near me with that piece of shit! S-Stop! Hey, don't grab my legs like that! Ah! Stop putting that thing on me this instant or we're stopping this immediately! Hey!"

"You look nice."


"Yes, your ass is nice too."

"I wish they would be more quiet about it." Suzume muttered.

"Next time when we come here to stay, I'm going to sleep in the kitchen." Alishie muttered.

"Trust me, after this there won't be a next time. I'm going to appreciate my home no matter how dirty it used to be." Suzume said, "Now that we can't sleep, I'm thinking of getting something to eat or do something."

"There aren't many shops opened and I don't think Kiyomaro would like it if we take food from his kitchen."

Suzume sighed, "You're right. Let's do something that will distract me from the noises then. I'm not going to lay here listening them going on with their sex. It's disturbing enough to hear noises but shouting out what they are doing now too?"

"Let's do…this then." Alishie kissed Suzume on the lips.

Suzume closed her eyes and leaned more towards the kiss, ignoring more noises from above, both clearly enjoyed what they are doing. Sure, they made noises but they made sure to keep it at minimum so that no one would wake up.

Suzume giggle a little when they broke the kiss. "No matter how many times, I will always feel warm inside."

"Same here." Alishie muttered.

"A-AH! Du-Dufort!" They heard Kiyomaro moan loudly.

"Why are you so tight?" They heard Dufort groaned next.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Zeon's voice rang throughout the house.

In the morning, Suzume and Alishie entered the living room groggily. The others somehow survived the noises and managed to sleep like a log. No one knows how. And Zeon isn't fairing any better, he is actually fuming glaring at the nervous couple. Somehow, Gash is able to sleep soundly.

"Alishie, Suzume, why do the both of you look so sleepy? Don't tell me…" Sherry started.

Suzume blushed, "I swear we didn't do anything Takamnine-kun and Dufort did today!"

"Actually, we were up the whole night listening to their activities." Alishie explained.

"S-Sorry." Kiyomaro apologized in embarrassment.

"That's why I told you guys not to take the area beneath their room. This is way louder than the time we were at the hotel." Zeon growled angrily. "I managed to keep Gash from waking up by covering his ears instead of mine."

Gash smiled, "Thank you Zeon."

"We had no choice, there weren't any other areas to sleep except the toilet." Alishie pointed out.

"I would rather sleep in the toilet than there." Zeon said.

"We should've taken the toilet after all." Suzume agreed.

Kiyomaro blushed deeper. "We weren't that bad!" Kiyomaro defended and the three of them coughed. "Well, it's all Dufort's fault for trying to put that watermelon juice on me and made me wear the lingerie!"

"We don't want details!" Zeon growled.

"Lucky us for not being in their position." Cherish sighed in relief.

Monmon rose up his hands, "Suzume's panty is white. I was sleeping underneath them and I saw it when Suzume wrapped her legs around Alishie!" Monmon revealed much to their horror.

"Monmon!" Elle scolded.

"Why are your legs wrapped around Alishie?" Folgore asked, grinning perversely.

"We were only hugging, I swear!" Suzume exclaimed.

"White panty huh, is it wet?" Folgore asked.

Alishie growled and punched Folgore. "Stop thinking about those things already! For the last time, we weren't doing anything Kiyomaro and Dufort did! And stop talking about Suzume's underwear!" Alishie warned.

"So Monmon was up too." Kiyomaro groaned into his hands.

"Don't worry. They will get used to it." Dufort said and Kiyomaro gave him a glare.

Suzume sighed, "This is something I definitely don't want to get used to."

Li en smiled at her sympathetically, "I'm sorry that you have to go through all that. But at the same time, thank you for reducing the possibilities of having us to sleep in your place." Li en smiled politely, it's hard to think of that sentence as teasing.

"But think of what they did during the time they were awake." Sherry teased.

"They were kissing!" Monmon exclaimed.

Alishie and Suzume blushed, "I'm sure we were not as loud as those active duos." Suzume protested.

"Does Alishie like it?" Riya asked innocently but Alishie knew better. Even though he knew Riya isn't the kind to do this, curiosity and influence from Zeon and Nel just got to him. And Alishie regretted leaving Riya with the both of them.

"Well…yeah." Alishie admitted.

Nel grinned, "What about Suzume?"

"Shut up!" Suzume exclaimed, blushing before curling up into a ball again.

"Aw, she is so cute when she is embarrassed." Cherish laughed, patting Suzume's head.

"Don't talk about me like that!" Suzume muffled from her curled up position.

Alishie smiled, "She's cute alright." He said, trying to pull Suzume out of her curled up position.

"Ah, don't do it!" Suzume exclaimed, trying her best to resist.

Zeon laughed, "I'm liking this reunion more and more. And I'll like it even better if Dufort and Kiyomaro would keep their hands to themselves."

"Drop it already!" Kiyomaro growled.

"Zeeeooon~!" Nel sang, running towards him. "Let's be dirty too!"

Zeon smirked, "Sure, where do you want to start?"

"Everywhere." Nel grinned.

"STOP IT YOU TWO!" Kiyomaro exclaimed and blushed.


Finally, the birthday part is over and the group prepared to leave until they met Clear in the doorway. Wait…where did he sleep anyway? Oh well… Clear said that he managed to find Clef's wherebouts and motioned for the group to sit down.

"Apparently, she is in another dimension. I gathered this from the ones who created us." Clear showed pictures of places. "These were the place we were suppose to stay at for our hideout but it seems to be forgotten after the battle of the king has ended."

"This…" Kiyomaro pointed at the grassy field. "This is where we landed after we sat in the roller coaster train."

Tio blinked, "Does it mean that the place belongs to them?"

"You're pretty stupid aren't you? Didn't I just state that we were suppose to stay there?" Clear insulted.

Tio twitched and looked at Dufort who seems to be looking in space. Probably asking his answer-talker ability questions. The rest seems to be discussing about the change of events and started to plan for the next battle.

"We will be going on that train again." Kiyomaro confirmed.

Tio's eyes widened, "WHAT?"

"We have no choice. Unlike Mirror, Clef doesn't need Kiyomaro so she will destroy our world anytime." Wonrei pointed out, "We can't afford to run into so many dead ends like we did before also." Wonrei said.

"B-But…" Kanchome stuttered.

"Oh yeah! We're going on that roller coaster again!" Nel cheered.

"I'm so looking forward to this." Zeon smirked.

Gash smiled and nodded excitedly, "Unu! Me too!"

"I-I think I won't be able to survive this round." Suzume stuttered.

"You survived both and I'm sure you'll survive this one too." Alishie said symphathetically.

"We should try and contact Apollo as soon as possible to gather the others." Kiyomaro said, about to get up until Dufort stopped him.

"I'll do the calling." He said and walked to the phone, preparing threats for him incase he decides to try to be funny with Kiyomaro. Apollo wasn't really affected though but Megumi seems a little freaked out after hearing them.

Ted folded his arms, "Another battle huh. This seems to be getting frequent."

"We can't help it when people seems hell bent on destroying Japan." Zeon pointed out lazily.

"You're a fine one to talk. Weren't you one of those people who aim to destroy the world?" Cherish pointed out.

Zeon shrugged, "Unlike them, I decided not to in the end didn't I? And I'm not interested in destroying the world at all actually. Dufort was the one who is hating the world so much that he wants to get revenge." Zeon pointed out.

"Let's not talk about this." Kiyomaro said firmly.

"Yeah, he must've gone through a lot." Sherry remarked.

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