Ansem here...

i have gathered secrets of the organization and compiled them into my dataspace. I'm sure Sora, kairi, Riku, namine, and Roxas will share plenty of laughs, like I did. Who knew Larxene had an addiction to beauty? I shall like to send these records to destiny islands as soon as possible. All secrets are in a list. Each entry is like its in the moment, as if it's actually happening. Now to look them over...

O. 13 Chapters

1-Xemnas-A Control Freak?

2-Saix-It's Payback Time

3-Xaldin's Mishap

4-Demyx to the Rescue

5-Marluxi's Secret Wish

6-Larxene Knocks 'em Dead

7-Xion's Inner Voice

8-Axel's To-Do List

9-Vexen's Mad Creations

10-Luxord's Casino Night

11-Zexion's Black Thinking

12-Xigbar's Way of Kick Butt

13-Lexeaus the Strongdude

14-What a Wonderful World-Roxas