And when its long journey ends, on the glancing back, and it surveys all of that great distance it has come… by planet p

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As he examined the signal further, John could scarcely believe his eyes, or the thoughts that whizzed – suddenly animated; suddenly much, much too fast – in and out of his mind with the casualness of a small creature of the air (or, conversely, of the water) on a hunting trek for sustenance.

His mind boggled; the implications were simply… too overwhelming! But the truth was undeniable: the signal was a program, designed to be run on a computer – and it had come for the Andromeda Nebula!

Feeling his strength simultaneously sap from him, and a new hunger, a new determination fill him with renewed vigour, he tried to wrap his mind around the concept of intelligent life out there amongst the stars; intelligent life that was now taking the first step to reaching beyond the known, and crashing into the unknown, breaking down all barriers that stood in its way.

With both highest hopes, and deepest, darkest fears coursing through his veins, and racing rampant throughout his thoughts, he wondered, What news could such a signal bring? What message had sought them out, from beyond the realm of the known? What message had found them, at last, on its long journey through the darkness of space?