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(A/N: Set between 'Cold Blood' and 'The Lodger', so spoiler warning there.)



They had decided to use numerical designations. 1st, because it was the first to renew, and 2nd.

It was logical.

Both 1st and 2nd wished to scan the planet, to search for any forms of life. They must survive; they must be remembered. It was important.

Something was found.

2nd wanted the process over with quickly. It wanted more. It felt loneliness. Fear.

1st wanted to wait, to test. It was concerned about the pain they could bring. It felt trepidation. Caution. Fear.

As they worked, 2nd would look at 1st.

2nd didn't like being 2nd.

2nd wanted to be 1st.

It was not logical.

But it would feel good.