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Hermione was in the Head common room, reading, once again, Hogwarts: A History. The fireplace glowed softly, giving her a light so she could see.

It was all peaceful until...


Draco Malfoy, the current head boy, swaggered into the room, his platinum blond hair casually flopping around his face.

"That's nice, Malfoy." Hermione had replied automatically. Since becoming the fall of Voldmort, Hermione and Malfoy, along with a few other people in theirtwo heads of Hogwarts, they had become only slightly more civil to one another. 'Civil' just meant that Draco had stopped calling Hermione mudblood.

At the start of the year, they had been told that they would have to share a dorm on the seventh floor; they would both get their own rooms and the common room they were in had access to the other house common rooms (one door behind each house tapestry, which hung together on one wall). They also had access to the Kitchens and the Great Hall.

Hermione had been joyful but annoyed this. The fact that her bedroom was the size of the Griffindor Common room was brilliant but if she had to share a common room with Malfoy, it would all be a waste.

"Oh not again, Granger!" Malfoy complained.

"What Malfoy?" Hermione answered lazily.

"Your reading that wretched book again!"

"And why shouldn't I?

"Because it's boring. Making you boring!"

"WHAT!" Hermione snapped her book shut, her eyes looking dangerously at the Slytherin.

"Well, all you do is read, homework, read, homework, eat, read, MORE homework, sleep!" Draco used his arms for exaggeration

"I do not!" Hermione replied, blushing slightly whilst turning back to her book.

"Granger, you do know reading too much is hazordous to your health?"

"No, it isn't."

"Scared your going to get an E? You get O's in everything! Take a break Granger! Honestly, can you get anymore annoying! You just sit there all day and READ! Seriously, why don't you just get a life!" Draco ranted on. "Not to mention, you sucking up to teachers all the time and also -"


Hermione had had enough!

Slamming her book shut, she got up and stormed over to Draco, who just smirked

"What'cha going to do about it then, Granger?" his body towering over her by at least two inches.

Hermione just glared up at him.

"No comeback, eh Granger. Well that's ama-"

Hermione suddenly grabbed his white shirt, pulled him towards her and kissed him full on the lips

Draco's eyes instantly widened! Where the hell did that come from? he thought. His eyes closed Granger is actually quite a good kisser...

He snaked (A/N: no pun intended) his arms around Hermione, pulling her closer to him, deepening the kiss. He then gently licked her bottom lip, silently asking for entrance.

Hermione just smirked.

She parted her mouth slightly...then pulled away!

"I'm going to bed." she said simply, leaving Draco dumbstruck.

Packing her stuff away, she walked towards her room.

However, before she went in, she turned around, glancing at the blond.

Yep. He was still silent and frozen in place.

Well, at least he shut up now. she thought.

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