Ultima fanfiction,

Lord British has left Castle Britain, on business on an other continent, he never returned, his most valiant knights went out to search for him, but they, like him, never returned.

Years went by, and Britain, with no ruler went into anarchy and civil war, the war lasted four long, bloody years.

A new ruler emerged out of the ruble, his name is Count Duke Chavere,

He has ruled Britain for two years, he rules with an iron fist, taking over other kingdoms weaker then his, he burned down villages, killed innocents, and destroyed holy buildings

But who will stop this evil oppressor?

None could say for sure...

Sir Gilliam, of the resistance 2nd battalion, stood watching Chavere's men pillage his home town, his troops had been killed mercilessly and painfully, his family, friends, and even neighbors, were all gone.

All he had now was his armour, a spear, and his three year old daughter's little doll, that she had used to play with, when she was alive, but now she was gone, smitted away by the evil knights that served the false ruler of Britain, he would make them all fall down, just as they had killed his family.

Tears ran down his eyes, as he ran to the nearest village to warn them that they might be next in line of an attack.

The village with quickly evacuated, a man named Galror, offered his services to Gilliam,

'What dost thou do?' he asked the man

Galror quickly answered, 'I am a petty thief, noble soldier, but not one that shall back stab you mighty lord, no I am one that shall aid you, in the fight against the tyrant who calls himself lord of Britain, we shall and his reign together, for we must hurry, a sailor at Port Provaka has been waiting for me, he has a ship and crew, we could mast a siege against the foul human beings who call them selves knights, for his individuals are the best, perfect to sail the sea,'

'We shall go, brave Galror, to meet with this man who you speak of,' Gilliam said, "But we shall not make a siege right away, for we must find the true ruler of Britain, for the Avatar shall be with him, keeping him safe, So that will may restore him to his rightful place.'

Together they went, to Port Provaka, but the dangers that they shall face ahead shall be most perilous, for Provaka is a pirate's den, home of the dreaded Captain Bladehand, the most viscous pirate of all Britannia!