Chapter 2


Biology and Gym went by surprisingly quick. I was seated next to Edward In Biology and was hit on the head by a tennis ball in Gym, so yeah the rest of the day was great. Before I knew it I was sat on a comfy black sofa in the Cullen's living room next to a smiling Edward and being asked which movie I preferred of the two Alice had deemed acceptable. This was a tradition we had, on the first day back to school everyone would come back to the Cullen's house and we would order food in, watch a movie and chat about the day we had. After we had chosen The Dark Knight (Emmett thought it was 'super cool' and Alice thought Christian Bale was hot) the doorbell rang and Edward wandered off to pay the delivery guy. When he came back Emmett almost tackled him to get the food.

Once we had all eaten Alice popped in the DVD and we all got settled. Emmet and Rose on the floor, Alice and Jasper on the love seat and me and Edward on the couch. Edward's arm slipped around my waist pulling me closer so my head rested on his chest. Some people may think this is strange for best friend behaviour but to us it is just normal, we always acted like this around each other. It was nice, made me feel loved even if it was just in a friendly way. I could feel my eyes drooping as the film went on and I didn't fight the sleep that was threatening to consume me, I was comfy and warm and felt incredibly safe.

I guess I had fallen asleep because I woke to the flash of a camera, Alice's high pitch giggles and Edward and Rose's soft voices quietly arguing.

"Alice delete that picture" Edward's voice was thick with sleep

"No can do it was just such an adorable moment, you guys are perfect together" I could practically hear the smile in Alice's voice.

"When are you going to tell her?" Rose's voice was rushed and even lower than before.

"Not gonna happen Rose so just drop it" the irritation was evident in Edwards voice as he cut her off before she had the chance to say anything else.

I had no idea what he was talking about so I made a mental note to ask him later and opened my eyes to see what all the fuss was about.

When my eyes were fully open I noticed where I was. Still in the living room on the couch with a blanket covering me. I almost jumped out of my skin when the couch under me began to move. It was then that I noticed I wasn't lay on the couch but Edward instead.

"Morning sleepyhead, sorry I scared you" His emerald eyes sparkled

"Hi, its ok but what happened to the sleeping arrangements we made" it took me a minute to reply as he dazzled me yet again.

"Well we fell asleep watching the movie so our wonderful friends just left us. Oh wait the covered us up to keep us warm how thoughtful" his voice was a little louder hoping to catch the attention of one of our so called friends.

"Screw you and get in hear before Emmett eats all the pancakes" Alice yelled from the kitchen.

I completely ignored her as I was comfy as hell.

"For me to go in the kitchen I really need you to move" his smile muddled my thoughts yet again, what the hell is wrong with me these days. I got off him with a huff and shuffled into the kitchen too find Emmett stuffing his face. I grabbed the coffee Edward had just picked up and went to get dressed.

When I entered Edwards room to get my clothes I found an outfit spread out on his bed with a note from Alice that said-

Hey hun wear this and no one will get hurt ;)

This day had gotten off to a bad start. First I had to move from my comfy spot on Edward and now I have to wear heels. Well I guess today is going to be the day I die, great. There was no point in arguing with Alice so I put on the outfit and just as I turned to exit the room ran straight into Edward firm chest. Tingles shot through my body as his arms rapped around me to stop me from hitting the ground. I felt really strange and didn't want to ever leave the safety of Edwards arms. Wait what? Oh my god I'm going crazy.

"Wow you ok there Bella" he said smiling his signature smile "Heels not Alice best idea but don't

worry I'll be there to catch you" with that he winked and let go of me so he could get dressed.

I walked down the stairs in a complete daze. Damn that boy and his charm. I wandered off to find Alice, complain about her brother and find out what the hell is wrong with me. I was getting slightly scared.