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Chapter 31 – I'm glad you're ugly. It saves me from having to lie when I say you make me look good…

The night of the party, I waited, dressed and ready, at the bottom of the stairs for my girl. Charlie came, and I was truly glad things were good between us now. I knew having him here would mean the world to my Bella.

He stood with me, waiting for my girl, and looked around. He let out a low whistle and shook his head, chuckling. I knew he was thinking the estate was a bit much. Bella thought the same thing. Poor thing had gotten lost a few times the first week here, but luckily was found by the maids. Needless to say, our home in Port Angeles would not be as large.

I heard my mother laughing and turned to see her welcoming Jake and the pack. They were all dressed up in black suits. Jake was groomed sharply and dressed impeccably, playing the part of royalty, and the guys were playing as his secret service. My mother hugged him tightly, and I heard her encouraging him to catch that silly Tanya Denali. I couldn't believe that was still going on. He promised me he hadn't lied to her once about what he was; he just didn't give any specifics, either. She was going to be meeting him here tonight, and apparently, she sounded rather excited for him to meet her parents. That would be interesting.

"Can we secure the premises?" one of the guys asked.

"Fine, but don't touch anything, or I'll take you out," Jake threatened. "I'm sure their backyard is big enough to lose a body in."

My mother giggled and called Edgar over to show the boys around. My mother and I laughed when Jake mouthed the word "butler" to the guys, and then he pointed to his eyes and then to Edgar, as if to say keep an eye on him.

Jake joined Charlie and me at the bottom of the stairs. Charlie looked him up and down and smirked.

"What? I'm nailing me a princess," Jake said with a grin, and I shook my head at him as Charlie chuckled.

I was dumbstruck and in awe when my Bella descended the stairs. Her shimmering blue gown was exquisitely elegant and hugged her body, bringing out the blue in her perfectly styled hair. Thin wisps of material cascaded gracefully from her, floating as she moved. She looked ethereal, like an angel or fairy, as she descended upon us. Her makeup was smoky around her eyes, making it impossible to look away, and her skin gently sparkled under the lights. She looked amazing.

Charlie bumped me and whispered at me to breathe, as Jake closed my mouth. They were both laughing at my reaction, but God, she was beautiful. I finally got my brain to function and was able to move forward and take her in my arms. I kissed her softly, almost forgetting where we were, until Charlie cleared his throat, reminding me we were not alone.

My mother quickly ushered us to the ballroom and lined us up for reception. My father was on his best behavior tonight, lucky for him. The last bruise I had given him had not completely faded yet. I had to say, I was completely pleased with Mrs. Carmen Denali's response to my girl. Her jaw dropped in shock, and before she could say anything, I said, "Isn't she the most magnificent creature you've ever seen?"

She gave us a tight smile and nodded her head yes, biting her tongue. Good thing, because my mother was standing right next to Bella, ready to take out anyone who said anything even remotely rude.

I had filled Bella in on the Jake/Tanya thing, and she held back her giggle when Jake came through the line with Tanya on his arm. I could see the flare of jealously in Tanya's eyes, when Jake leaned in and kissed Bella's cheek.

Once the reception portion of the evening was done, my father and Charlie stood up and made a small toast to our engagement. Bella danced with her father, and I danced with my mother for a time, until we could change partners. I was surprised how smoothly she glided across the floor, and she seemed to read the question in my eyes.

"Football," she said with a smirk.

We were joined by several other couples, and I was surprised when Jake could actually dance very well. I later found out he had taken ballroom dancing with his sister for a year, which I could use as blackmail if I ever needed to. Apparently, none of his other buddies knew, only Bella, because she had helped him practice a couple of times.

I had never taken ballroom lessons. My father had saved Emmett and me from that, but we were still taught the basics by my mother. As I watched Jake and Tanya dancing, I had to laugh, because Jake's smoothness as he moved on the floor made Tanya look like a klutz. When he came and asked Bella to dance, I was curious to see if she would show Tanya up on the floor.

Yeah, watching Jake dancing with Bella made me want to take ballroom dancing classes before our wedding. They glided so smoothly, and he even did a small lift with her, making it look like she was floating. God, she was an angel.

I was so taken with her I didn't realize the rest of the room was as well, until my mother pointed it out. I was so proud of my girl. Jake even did a proper bow at the end when he returned her to my side, thanking me. I thought it was hilarious that the Denali girls practically squealed when he approached them.

"I hope they don't hurt him," Bella whispered in my ear. I could see sincere worry in her eyes.

"He knows what he's doing, love," I said kissing her tenderly.

We sat at a head table, and people frequently came by to say hello. I noticed Bella was not talking again, and I hoped she was okay. She would give everyone a friendly nod and smile, leaving me to do the introductions.

Emmett and Rosalie finally joined us toward the end of the evening. Emmett seemed to be extra giddy tonight for some reason. His usual grin was doubled and practically touching his ears. Rose seemed happier than usual as well. Rose noticed Bella was being quiet and nodded her head toward the bathroom. The girls got up, and both took a bathroom break.

Emmett leaned over and said, "Is it just me, or do we have the hottest chicks in the room tonight?"

I nodded, agreeing that we did. Well, I was sure I had the hottest chick in the room tonight, but I suppose that was how I was supposed to feel. Several more people stopped by and talked with me, complimenting me on my fiancée's grace. I wished she was here to hear it.

I noticed Jasper was in attendance. He glanced toward the bathroom where Rose and Bella had disappeared to and made his way over to me. "Edward, Emmett," he nodded in greeting.

"How are you doing, man? I haven't seen you around in a while. How's law school treating you?" Emmett chatted, quickly dismissing the discomfort.

"Things are going well. I've accepted an internship in Texas."

"Wow, that's far away," Emmett commented.

"Yes, well, I thought it'd be best if we had a little change of scenery." His eyes drifted to my grandma and then landed on my mother, who smiled and raised her glass to him.

"So, you're leaving?" I asked, wondering if he was going to reveal the real reason for our discomfort.

"Yes, I think it's in the best interest of my family."

Emmett laughed, "Both of the families are established in this state. Is there trouble in paradise? The in-laws think you're an outlaw?"

"No, something has just come up. Hopefully, things will settle down in time." He looked at me intensely. "Edward, I wish you well. Just…keep an eye on Bella, and take care of her. I know things are bad between us right now, but we do love you guys."

"Dude, how much have you had to drink? You're already declaring your love for your buddies."

Jasper gave Emmett a wide grin and hugged him tight. "You stay out of trouble. I have to go find my wife."

I watched him stride across the room to where his family was sitting. His mother, Charlotte, was talking with Alice. When Jasper approached, Alice stood up and took his hand. They quickly headed straight for the exit without looking back. I noticed my grandmother watching them intently as they left.

When the girls came out, Rose whispered something to Emmett, who in turn leaned over and asked if I would mind if he and Rose stole the spotlight. Apparently, Bella was done being under scrutiny for the night. I saw her nod her head yes and give me a pleading look.

"Sure, Emmett, knock yourself out. Just don't break anything," I teased, patting his shoulder.

I saw him pull my mother aside, and they talked for a while. My mother looked upset for a minute, but her face softened, and then she hugged Rose, kissing her cheek. I wondered what the hell was up. My mother pulled my father over and seemed to be talking excitedly.

My father frowned, but nodded. I saw that he was conceding to my mother's excitement about something. Moments later, my mother was standing excitedly next to Rose, as my father took the stage and called us all to attention.

"Ladies and Gentleman, I have a wonderful announcement to make. My eldest son, Emmett, has just married his lovely fiancée, Rosalie Hale. A toast to the new happy couple, that they'll have a long happy marriage and that my wife won't blow my entire fortune on the reception I'm sure she's already planning."

I was surprised and had no clue this was even in the works, but I was certain Emmett and I would be discussing his reason for not including me in his wedding later. He had some explaining to do.

The rest of the evening went fairly well. The girl's plan worked, as most of the attention was now drawn to Rose. Of course, we could not escape all of the Denali's.

Irina came up and whispered a little too loudly that my bride to be was a bit chubby. I had proudly informed her that she was pregnant with my daughter, when she said, "Oh, so she trapped you into marrying her?" My poor sweet Bella hid her face behind me.

I put Irina in her place. "No, she was a virgin the first time I proposed to her. If anything, I trapped her into marrying me. I had to convince her somehow, now didn't I? Too bad your future husband will not have the pleasure of taking your virginity, now will he? That is, if you ever find one."

She was fuming when she stormed off, and Emmett actually high-fived me. So I was a little surprised when I turned around and found my Bella in tears. I asked Emmett to let our mother know we were retiring for the night, and then we slipped out, heading to our room.

"They're all going to think that, aren't they?" Bella cried once we were alone in our room.

"No, my mother won't let people think that, I promise. I swear, love, no one will think ill of you. I know it. They can see how much I love you. Your dad is always pointing it out on me now. I feel rather like an imbecilic codfish. You suck the brains right out of my head when you're in the room. All I see is you and how amazing you are. That's what everyone will see. Irina is just an evil jealous girl who's pissed because you've proven I'm not gay."


"She was sure I was gay when I turned her and her sisters down. She spread rumors all over our school."

"Stupid bitch, want me to kick her ass?" Bella asked, angry.

"No, you did much better. You took what she wanted, and you're rubbing it in her face that I'm definitely not gay," I said and kissed her tummy. "Now, my beautiful angel, can I take this dress off you and show you just how not gay I am?"

"I thought you wanted to wait?"

I nodded my head, as if trying to decide. "Yes, I did, but maybe if I pull out and you just have a little orgasm, it'll be okay, because you just look too amazing not to eat up."

She blushed a deep red, and I eagerly found her lips, kissing her hungrily, letting her know that no matter what anyone said, she would always be it for me.

I carefully propped her up on pillows. I knew the little sneak had made our earlier session so good I thought I was dreaming, and I planned on doing the same to her. She could use some relaxing endorphins right now, and I planned to give them to her.

"You looked like an angel descending from heaven when you came down the stairs this evening. You're the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. Do you know that?" I looked into her eyes to see if she understood I truly meant it. She blushed and looked away, but I wasn't having that. I grabbed her face and brushed my lips against hers. "I mean it, love; you're the most beautiful person I've ever met, inside and out; so sweet and innocent, with just the right amount of feisty and wicked. You're my perfect catch," I whispered as I kissed down her neck to her breasts. I knew they would be tender, so I only teased them lightly with my tongue. They seemed to taste extra sweet.

"I swear you must bathe in sugar, because I can't get enough of your skin," I said as I took her breast in my mouth. I only suckled lightly, not wanting her hurt her. I watched her face and was pleased with her response. I moved down her belly, leaving a trail of kisses. "Look at this. You're mine, all mine." I nibbled down her hip, kissing above her center. "Do you know how much I love that you're pregnant with my baby?"

I kissed the top of her belly, smiling at her. "I love seeing you like this, swollen with my child; growing the seed that I planted inside of you."

I captured her lips again. "So amazing, so beautiful," I whispered as I kissed back down to her center. I put my hands on either side of her tummy, so I'd know if she started contracting and gently licked. She let out a soft moan. I licked and sucked a little more, but then she pulled me up and grabbed me.

"In," she moaned.

That one word was all it took, and I was sheathed inside of her. I didn't push all the way in, nervous I would hurt the baby, but in enough to give her some pleasure. I knew she wanted harder, but she settled for faster. I used my hand and found her center to help her find her release.

I quickly pulled out and apologized for the mess I made all over the bed. She just smirked at me. "I'm not worried about it. It was your side of the bed."

I couldn't help it, the silly tease, I tickled her until she threatened to pee on me, and I knew to take her threat seriously, because she had a baby dancing on her bladder. She did get up and go to the bathroom once I released her.

She brought a damp rag to clean me up and the bed. "I guess you'll just have to snuggle extra close tonight," she whispered kissing my jaw.

Yes, yes I would.