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Friday night and Aaron and Jackson had been in their "proper relationship" as Aaron would put it for just under a week, already sick of the prying eyes inside the Woolpack Aaron suggested they headed into town and he was now sat at a table in Bar West waiting on Jackson returning with his drink.

Jackson came back to the table and placed his beer in front of him "took you long enough"

Jackson raised his eyebrows "It's Friday night"


"Shut up and drink your beer" Jackson said with a grin as he took the empty seat opposite.

Jacksons noticed the way Aaron kept going to say something but then changing his mind and it was beginning to annoy him, if he wanted to say or ask him something he knew he could.

"Spit it out"

Aaron's eyebrows knitted together "You what?"

"Whatever it is you keep trying to say, I'm not getting any younger"

Aaron scowled at him "nothing" with a shrug he put his bottle to his lips once more

"Aaron" Jackson pressed

"Fine!" Aaron agreed reluctantly. It had been bothering him ever since Jackson had turned up in Emmerdale, at the garage and said "I'm seeing someone, alright?"Aaron could remember how much those words had hurt and how he tried hard to make out they hadn't.

"Still waiting" Jackson reminded him after a few minutes

"Well, before last week I was under the impression you were seeing someone"

Jackson had just put his glass to his lips when he asked and he looked at Aaron over the rim of the glass

"You were?" Jackson asked with a grin.

Aaron nodded "Where did he go?"

Jackson took a drink of his pint and placed the glass back on the table, he stared at it for a few seconds


"Didn't work out" he said finally looking up from the glass

Aaron shook his head "Really?" he asked with a small laugh

"Why would I lie?" Jackson asked

"I didn't say you were lying"

They stared at each other, Jackson wishing he had never said it in the first place and wishing Aaron hadn't brought it up now.

"Don't want someone starting on me, you know what my temper is like" Aaron joked

"Don't worry about it"

But Aaron wasn't going to give in that easily, he wasn't the type to give in after all so he pushed a little more "What happened?"

Jackson picked up his glass and held it as he thought about what he should say. Should he tell the truth? Tel him it was a lie just to keep him at bay? Or should he just continue with the lie.

"Did it bother you?"

Aaron was quick to deny that it bothered him but Jackson could see through it "So if it doesn't bother you, why do you want to know where he is?"

Aaron shrugged "Forget I asked" with that he grabbed his beer and walked away from Jackson, obviously sulking.

Jackson leant his head back and sighed. Aaron was hard work and when he didn't get his way he tended to sulk, it was quite endearing but could become annoying very quickly after a few minutes Jackson went to find him.

Jackson found him sitting at the bar, there was a guy standing beside him, talking at him but Aaron was clearly not interested as he was staring straight ahead.

"Mate, I'm not interested" Aaron informed the guy to his left, the guy nodded and walked away

"Hey" he acknowledged Jackson as he passed him and Jackson smiled

"Who was your friend?"

Aaron rolled his eyes "Don't start"

Jackson laughed "You're funny when you're jealous"

Aaron's eyes widened "I'm not jealous"

"Sure you aren't" Jackson teased, Aaron sighed and Jackson decided it was better if he was to give in and come clean

"You know I wasn't seeing anyone"

Aaron couldn't help the smile at tugged at his lips "I do?"

Jackson nodded "or at least you should, I told you, I'm not like that and I already had a thing for you"

"You hated me"

Jackson shook his head "I'm just a really good actor and it was the best way to keep you away from me, after all I thought I wanted that at the time"

Aaron had just opened his mouth to say something else when Jackson cut him off "and before you ask they guy in here, was to wind you up, it was just a friendly kiss"

"It's not good to wind me up"

Jackson grinned "I kinda like it"

Aaron grinned back at him "maybe I should wind you up"

Jackson looked around at the guys in the club "Don't think so"

"Why not?"

"None of these guys are as stupid as me"


Jackson handed Aaron his jacket without thinking Aaron put it on and they started walking out of the club

"Meaning, they wouldn't put up with you"

They were now standing outside the club. Aaron looked at the building "What we doing out here?"

"Thought we could go back to mine" Jackson suggested and Aaron laughed "I'm still thinking about it" he started walking to the bus stop "Let's go to the Woolie"

"Oh the Woolie?" Jackson feigned excitement "haven't been there in ages!"

"Shut up" Aaron called over his shoulder not stopping but knowing that sooner or later Jackson would catch up with him, he didn't have to wait long as the bus came around the corner and Jackson jogged to catch up with him.

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