There needs to be more IU fic out there! So I've decided to try and write some drabbles and since Capell is my favourite character they are going to mostly be about him.

There may be some Edward/Capell stuff in later drabbles because I love the pairing and wish there was more of it. But nothing like that for now, enjoy the first drabble anyway.


He was sick of playing the victim. Capell had been picked on for most of his life and so he had naturally grown indifferent to when people insulted him. He was used to it after all and any tears left for him to cry had dried up a long, long time ago.

You wouldn't believe it by looking at him but Capell was strong, in a vague sense of the word. Not physically but emotionally. After years of taunting and teasing for being an unblessed Capell had slowly built up an amour against the harsh words.

That's why whenever someone (namely Edward) made a snide remark it was like water off a duck's back for Capell. He would smile and laugh it off, pretending not to notice the strange look Aya gave him every time, something between disbelief and pity.

Over time Capell's physical strength began to catch up to his emotional strength. He had Edward to thank for that oddly enough. Edward was in charge of seeing over Capell's training upon Sigmund's request Capell guessed. There was no way the dark haired young man would have done something like that without Sigmund asking him first.

Capell knew Edward enjoyed sparring with him. It wasn't for a pleasant reason either. Edward used it as an excuse to rough him up and throw insults left and right. Why Edward disliked him was a mystery to Capell so he would just (sometimes literally) roll with the punches.

The training sessions lasted a little longer each time and sometimes Capell was so exhausted afterwards he would just lie where he had stopped after Edward had announced that it was over and of course leave him there.

Capell wished that one day Edward would grow to like him. The day seemed a long way off though and with Edward's slowly growing jealousy over the closeness between him and Sigmund (Honestly, Capell had no idea why the Liberator wanted to talk to him so much. It seemed that after the lunar rite he got all friendly all of a sudden.)

That had to be the reason that Edward didn't like him. He felt like it was a very stupid reason to hate someone. Edward didn't pick on anyone else just him. Once again Capell had become a victim and he hated it.


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