It's been a while since I updated huh? Here, have a short, random little piece.


Rucha looked up from the cook book that was wide open in her lap. She frowned lightly as she heard the rustle of leaves behind her once more and she cautiously turned to look over her shoulder. The bush behind her shook again and Rucha lurched forward, the book falling to the ground and forgotten about as she took a few steps back so there was some distance between her and what ever was lurking behind the leaves.

As the rustling got louder Rucha immediately summoned her toy drum and got ready to use any magic necessary. 'No lurky monster is going to scare me away!' She thought courageously until a very small Knight of the Order with a helmet that was too big for him burst through the foliage. Rucha screamed and cast Tir Na Nog.


"Rucha?" Aya turned away from Dominica whom she was speaking too at the sound of the scream. Dominica put one hand on Aya's arm to stop the girl from running off.

"I wouldn't worry about it."

"Huh?" Aya turned to look at her and Dominica just smiled.

"You remember that Order helmet Rico picked up?" Dominica asked and Aya nodded, "seemed he wanted to use it for a little prank."

Aya frowned, "That's incredibly foolish. He could really scare Rucha with that."

Dominica smiled knowingly and didn't even bat an eyelid as Rico (who was still wearing his helmet) rushed past them being chased by the small summon Pyrul who was determined to set the back of Rico's jacket on fire.

"I thought it would be best that Rico learn his lesson the hard way." Dominica said with a smile.


Short and random. XD I wanted to write something with Rico and Rucha in it… And Dominica 'cause she's awesome.

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