Monday 7th June 2010

Dear Diary,

Today Momma, Dad and I went to South Africa. We are going to watch the world cup. We have all the vampire gear we need; headscarves, sunglasses, long t-shirts and trousers. The Sun is going to be our biggest obstacle, since it is South Africa. I'm glad to be going though. Dad told me that there is going to be other vampires there; Zafrina and the rest of the Amazons, Peter and Charlotte, Amun and Kebi, Benjamin and Tia, they're all going. Those that can afford it, that is.

I suppose you're wondering why vampires want to go to the FIFA 2010 World Cup, I certainly don't like soccer; nor my mother, or father. We're mostly going for the food; my Grandma Esme always says that I should try something new. The reason why the rest of my family isn't going is because there would be too many of us, to many vampires that might get caught in the sun. Jake isn't going because he wants to spend time sorting out his pack. You would that after four years he would have sorted them out by now, I love him but he's useless (don't tell him I said that!)

I'm going to be four this year! Four years old, I don't look it though, more like twelve. I can't believe that I was born three days before my mom's birthday, although I was due on her actual birthday. But then Dad would've been able to give her the gift of not only a daughter, but to be vampire too. I kinda wish that I wasn't half vampire, that I was more human. I just want to be a normal girl, but being half vampire has its perks; I can hear better than other people, I can run faster and I'm stronger. Last week I beat Uncle Emmett at an arm wrestling competition! No-one has done that before except for Momma!

Grandpa Charlie was going to come with us to South Africa, but he had too much work. It's just not fair! I have to stop writing now, we're boarding the plane. Dad says that I shouldn't write whilst on the plane. I'm not sure why though…


We've landed in South Africa! It's so beautiful here! Momma has put her headscarf and sunglasses on. Dad looks ridiculous in his hoodie! I've just got my headscarf on; Aunt Alice bought it for me. We're at our hotel, sitting. I have my own bedroom! Momma and Dad have got the bedroom with a double bed – I know that they don't sleep so I don't even want to think about what they are going to do!

I'm so bored, even though I'm twelve (well, three going on four – but you get the picture) Dad won't buy me a cell phone, so I can't talk to Jake! Sometimes I really hate him, but I still love him even so. I've got a TV in my bedroom so that's okay, but there's nothing to watch. We can't go out either – it's too sunny! I guess that we'll have to act like real vampires and go out at night.

Even Later (like when it's dark)

Dad, Momma and I are going to a secret vampire club. It's secret from humans; we're going to meet up with Zafrina and the Amazons. I can't wait to see her! I remember when I was very little and the Volturi (who are still trying to hunt me down – without succeeding) were coming to kill me and my family. Zafrina showed me beautiful pictures of her country and her home. I hope she shows me them again!

At the Secret Vampire Club

Zafrina is here! She is so beautiful, with her dark hair and skin, and long face. She is wearing long clothing too, much like all the vampires here.

"Hello, Nessie!" she said. I smiled at her and she hugged me. I touched her face, asking her to show me a picture.

"Of course I will!" She showed me a picture of the Amazon rainforest, it was so beautiful. She showed me parrots and monkeys. She was then going to show me people but Dad stopped her. The image disappeared.

"Dad! Why'd you do that?" I moaned. He never did this when I was little.

"I did it because I know what was coming next, even without Alice here." He said, staying firm. I just sulked and Momma gave me a boiled egg to chew on. She always carried a small box of them in her bag, just in case. They always cheered me up.

We made our way around the club, talking to old, friends and making new ones. I noticed that we were the only vegetarian vampires there - not a surprise. It was so boring in the club, I was the youngest there. Obviously, if there were any vampire children there then they would be illegal, Momma always told me to stick to human and vampire law. Its perfect isn't it? Being under two laws (NOT!)?

Back at the hotel

Momma told me I should get some sleep. We're going hunting tomorrow, I can't wait.

"Goodnight, my little Renesmee," she whispered.

"Goodnight, Momma" and I fell asleep.


Renesmee Carlie Cullen

A note from the author: The "Secret Vampire Club" that Nessie and her family go to is more like a meeting place than a club, I doubt that Edward would ever take Nessie to an actual club!