A Vexos Meeting

Mylene POV


"There has to be some way, we can defeat those annoying brawlers!" Hydron wined.

"Is this meeting urgent Hydron? I was busy training, so make it fast." Volt said with anger in his voice. I'm guessing he was training with his bakugan; he seems to do that whenever he loses to the Brawlers.

"Well Volt, I've called this meeting for an idea I have." Hydron said smirking. Great another stupid idea of his, every time he has an idea it just involves all of us working while he sits down on his throne barking orders at us.

"My idea is getting one of the brawlers to join us." I have never thought about it. But it might work, how funny a good idea actually coming from Hydron.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Shadow laughed. "Like that's gonna happen." He said while wiping a tear off his eye from laughing so hard.

"Shadow's right, like any of the brawlers would trust us." Lync said.

"Lync has a point; none of the brawlers trust us. One of them isn't going to just betray their so-called friends." I said.

In the corner of my eye I could see Shadow stop laughing and pausing for a few seconds catching his breath.

While Hydron just sighed. "I've gotten some info on all the brawlers, take a look." He said.

He got some papers out of his pocket and laid them on the table for us to see. I picked one up, with a picture of a girl named Runo with information about her and her bakugan.

"I remember her she's the one Lync and I fought on Earth awhile ago. She seemed like a good brawler by the way she fought." I said.

"Oh, that girl with the blue hair? Lync said.
"Yes, that's her. I said. Volt was reading the other papers on the table.

"We can't have any of the vestal brawlers join us. It should be a brawler from Earth." Volt said sounding interested in the idea now.

"Yeah, and have that person tell all the brawlers secrets and their weaknesses to us! Shadow said happily.

"Totally, we'll crush the brawlers!" Lync said excitedly.

"Great, then its deiced we'll do this, but who will we chose? Hydron said as he twisted his hair around his finger smirking evilly.

"Not Dan, that goody two shoes wouldn't betray the brawlers." Shadow said.

"No duh Shadow." I said coldly. Could Shadow have been any more stupid? "What about Alice? Lync said with a dopey look on his face. Ever since he got stuck on Earth with that Alice girl, he can't stop talking about her.

"No, she's too loyal to the brawlers, she wouldn't do it." I said.

"What about the girl with silver hair named Julie?" Volt said.

"No, not her." Hydron said frowning.

"We should use the girl named Runo." I said. Putting her paper on the table for every one to see.

"She looks good to me." Hydron said.

"Same here." Lync said.

"Sure whatever." Volt said. I looked back at shadow waiting for his answer.

"Mmmmm... yeah seems good to me hah ha ha!" Shadow laughed sticking his tongue out.

"Then it's settled, Runo will be our target." Hydron said.

"We should gather more information on her." Volt said. Volt did have a point.

"You're right I'll go to Earth and get more information on her and convince her to join us." I said with no regrets.

"Ok Mylene, that will be your mission." Hydron said.

"Yes your highness." I said respectfully.

"Well then our meeting is over." Hydron said. Everybody walked out accept Shadow.

"Hey!Mylene let me come with you!" Shadow yelled.

"No Shadow you'll just screw everything up." I said glaring at him.

"Come on Mylene, I've been sooo bored stuck here." He pleaded.

"Fine I guess I might need back up." I said.

"Yeah!" Shadow yelled.

"Shadow, get ready were going to Earth." I told him.