A/N: So, basically, it's a Dekka/Brianna poem. I love that couple so much, even though they probably won't get together. Still, a girl can dream. It might be hard to understand, and it's really choppy (because I wrote it in school :P), but it's basically saying Dekka is the Earth, hard on the outside but soft (for Brianna!) on the inside. I reaaaally want that couple to happen.

Dekka was the Earth,
A rocky shell around her molten layers.
Moving, slowly, yet no one noticed.
Her thoughts go unseen like unanswered prayers.

A soft warm core, but no one has seen it.
Except for her.
The wind blew into her life,
running like a blur.

The Earth stays strong for the wind,
not showing the slightest crack.
But the Earth knows her love is unrequited,
for the Wind loves Jack.

She accepted it long ago,
that the wind would never feel the same way.
But still... she wants to tell the Wind,
That it's her she thinks of everyday.

She longs for the wind,
like a washed-up addict.
To tell her or not,
is Dekka's long conflict.

I know you don't love me back,
but I need to get this off my chest.
I don't care how you feel about it.
Go ahead. Deny, hate, protest.

You're the spiteful breeze,
flowing past everyone.
Nobody can ignore you,
but they can never see you run.

The wind whips around the Earth,
Calling down from above.
The Earth leads quietly.
Still silently in-love.