Inspired by the episode "Beside Manner" and takes place about a day after. It occurred to me that despite Zack's vocalization on how much he liked Leslie; he never pulled out all of the punches like he did for Kelly and this where this came from. Saved By The Bell belongs to NBC and Brandon Tartikoff. Reference to "Fatal Distraction" and "Aloha Slater".

Slater, Alex, Leslie, and Screech sat at a table in the student union.

"Where's Zack and Kelly?" Leslie wondered.

"At the movies-probably making out," Slater answered with a chuckle.

"I still cannot believe that Zack willingly drank all of that barium," Leslie said with a shake of her head.

"Oh, please. That's nothing. He once bugged her room to find out who she was going to take to the dance: him or me," Slater responded.

"And that's something to brag about?" Leslie responded.

"Well, compare it to what he's done to win you-it's not all that much," Slater told her.

"Please. He tried to get into all of my classes. Lame," Leslie said with a roll of her eyes.

"And with Kelly, he's willing to do anything. Heck, I bet that if I pretended to be pursuing her, he'd try to have me sent to Hawaii again," Slater chuckled.

"He tried to get you sent to Hawaii because you were interested in Kelly?" Alex questioned as Mike came up.

"You guys are best friends," he stated.

"We weren't back then-not at first," Slater answered.

"Yeah, they were like the Hatfields and McCoys for awhile," Screech commented. Slater chuckled.

"But, man, those were good times. It sure made things interesting," he stated. "Anyways, that's how I knew you weren't the one for him. He just-didn't go that extra outrageous mile for you." Then, "No offense."

"None taken…I think," Leslie said, and then shared a look with Alex. Then, Slater and Screech continued to reminisce, talking about some of the other stunts he had pulled to win Kelly as Leslie listened intently.