It was time to let go.

Those dark shades watched Norman Jayden hauntingly from the mahogany nightstand of his hotel room. Darker than even the most blackest of nights, the ARI glasses had been, still were, a symbol of his addictions, of the things that haunted him. Of the things he couldn't control, even if he wished to. Folded neatly beside a vial of Triptocaine, his most favorite thing to dip into when he wished to completely and totally shut himself off from the world, the ARI glasses simply watched him. Opaque glimmers of light hung suspended on the shades like dangling suns, reflecting the dimness of the nightstand's lamp.

Norman Jayden, FBI, (Not one any longer, Shaun is dead and you failed, failure. Hope you end up a basket case, Don't you wish Mad Jack would come back to life to beat the shit out of you again? Failure, failure, failure.) stared at the ARI glasses with a tentative, unsure look in his crystal-blue eyes. He had failed, he had let Shaun Mars die and truly, truly wasn't it his own fault for not being able to put the pieces of the puzzle together?

It was his fault, wasn't it?

Those crystal-blue eyes flickered with an indecipherable emotion, caught unawares by the sudden feeling of defeat the coursed through his body like deadened adrenaline, running through him until he felt as if he could sense nothing anymore. He wrung his left wrist with the other hand, looking at the ARI glasses with a defeated glare. He needed to glare, had to glare, for there was nothing else to do but look at his addiction because it's something he should be very ashamed of even though he isn't and won't you quit using? This isn't good for you and it'll only end one way and the only way is down, down, down, down.

Jayden sighed, and released his vice-like grip on his wrist. The sweats, the shakes, they didn't start until after he used ARI, until after he's swallowed himself up in that beautiful world filled with autumn leaves and thin mountain air and suspended planets and beautiful, gorgeous sharks that swam around, around, around him and never attempted to eat him. Swallow him whole like the wonderful world that he needs to get out of forever because the only way is down.

He's staring at those dark shades, filled with the opaque reflections of light and the strong guarantee of an adventure into a more wonderful world, a world of imaginations and places one would only dream of going to.

And suddenly, somehow, those ARI glasses make their way into Jayden's hands. He's moving entirely on auto-pilot, and the glasses are between his fingers, brushing the webbing and… and…

He needs to let go. He's failed, but he's still alive, and the glasses are all that's left.

They are of a flimsy build, and Jayden could… He quite possibly could…

The ARI glasses snap in half, too easily, much too easily in his hands.