E/O Drabble Challenge: word count 100

Challenge word: Safe.

Warnings: None that I could think of

Summary: If a Winchester gets an unexpected visitor at night, it usually doesn't end with a lullaby...


Darkness illuminated by unbearable beauty. Lips, fingertips, soft skin, consuming him, filling him with a threatening tenderness, sucking off his memories, his rage, his life. His body a desperate plaything to mounting waves of lust and passion—rocking, demanding, nauseating.

Then: a distant scream. Strong hands shaking him. Dean, looking down at him, visibly shaken.

"Sammy, you alright?"

"I… don't know. W'happened?"

"Uh—Succubus. Exorcised the nasty bitch!"

"Succ… me? How'd you find out?"

A cocky grin smoothed Dean's tense features. "It was a safe bet. Come on: the creatures that usually fall for you..."


"I'm just saying…"