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So, as you could've obviously guessed, this is going to show the 7 deadly sins happening in Perdido Beach. And now, without further adieu, I present to you, gluttony!

Food. That was the first, and most important, thought that popped into Robert Libelle's head when Sam had stated officially that no one knew when the adults were coming back. Robert knew that Sam wanted to say, "Sorry, but we're all stuck here until we find a way out, which won't be soon." He also knew that food would be a rarity in a few months.

Robert internally thanked his mother for stocking up the pantry like the apolcolypse was coming. She was right. Very, very right.

Robert Libelle wasn't a chubby kid. He was actually moderately skinny, and his mother kept slight tabs on his natural diet, wanting to make sure he didn't follow in the footsteps of his father and have a heart attack—from clogged arteries, no doubt. But still, normal weight or not, Robert wanted to be cautious.

He raided his house. Then his neighbour's house. Then his entire street. His neighbourhood was full of elderly couples, who poofed out when the FAYZ hit.

Robert, once again, praised his mother. Not for stocking up on canned goods, but for buying a house with a large, partly inaccessible crawlspace. It was in the master bedroom in the bottom floor, behind the large, king bed with the feather duvet.

When you looked under the bed, you could only see the telltale sign of hinges against a white background. When opened, someone could squirm into it, only their torso entering the small area. Behind a peice of startch white wood, meant to be a fake wall, was his stash of canned food. Dozens, maybe even a hundred, cans of everything, tasty or not.

No one would look there, but Robert still piled suitcases under the bed to keep people from getting to his stash. He felt like a king, high up in a castle, gaurded by thousands of knights. His lifeline was safe. His fortress was impenetrable.

Until the crews came.

They searched every house, from top to bottom. They looked in every single attic and basement, not wanting to leave a trace of food. Caine apperently had the same thought as Robert.

Edilio was one of the people who 'raided' his house for supplies, ignoring Robert's voice.

"There's nothing here, man." Robert said, trying to disguise the begging tone in his voice. "I told you. I already gave all my stuff to Ralph's grocery."

Edilio was doubtful. He had faced other kids like this before. "This entire street has been wiped clean of food, Robert. Something is wrong here," Edilio said, not quite knowing what was wrong.

After fifteen minutes of searching, Edilio had given up. Well, he hadn't really given up. He just didn't want to search anymore. As hard working as he was, scrouging up one house was tiring, and Edilio had work to do. A lot of work to do. He lead his crew outside, onto the next house. Robert sighed. He was safe.

But then the hunger hit.

When the main part of the hunger phase hit, it was expected to act a bit sluggish, and to have your stomach growl almost every five minutes. Something Robert's didn't do, and people noticed. Robert tried to cut back his intake and savour his food to make it last, but he still ended up looking like a track star in the midst of homeless. He wasn't rapidly losing weight, and he wasn't sluggish all the time.

The other bad thing that happened to him since the FAYZ was his street. He had lived, more or less, two blocks away from the Town Plaza.

Kids were getting suspiscious. Robert still had a lot of food left, enough to feed an army, but he felt bad. Very, very bad.

Kids were starving, begging Sam for food. Food that he didn't have. But Robert had it. He had a lot of it. He was consumed by his selfishness, and that he knew. He wanted to give all of his food away, but then he would be known as a traitor to his own kind.

But still... Kids should've thought about this before. It was only natural to think of survival. That was his motto, anyways.

More days passed, slowly twisting into weeks. The weeks turned into a month. Finally, after a period of suffering and starvation that seemed almost double what it was, Sam has an idea.

Cabbages? Why should Robert eat nasty cabbage when he had a good stash of perfectly edible canned goods?

He declined the cabbage.

Robert entered his lifelong home, coming back from a relaxing day at the beach. Many kids went their now, to get away from the dull life at home.

The sight he saw when he entered the door wasn't what he expected. Not what he expected at all.

There was a crowd in his small home. A slight gathering, seemingly bigger than it looked because it was in the dward sized living room.

Robert knew some of these people. Anne, a girl he'd once had a massive crush on. His best friends, whom he hadn't seen in about a month. Besides their hollow faces, they only shared one common thing.

A look of hatred.

They know, Robert thought. No, no, no! How did they find out!

After a couple more seconds of mindless staring, Robert broke the silence. "Hey..."

"Cut the crap, Robert. We know you've got food somewhere," his old friend, Jim, said.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Robert said, with a wave of his arm. He didn't have time to come up with a better lie.

Jim spoke again, "Yeah, Robert, you do. We're willing to keep this little thing quiet, so long as you give us all of your food."

"Jim, man, I told you already. I don't have any more food than you guys do. To say the truth, the only reason I haven't suffered from that weird look of hunger is because I was kinda chubby before the FAYZ. That's all," he said, thinking up his reason on the spot. It was a lie, and he hoped that they believed him.

Jim didn't believe him. "No Robert, you weren't. Everyone joked about how your mom kept you healthy. Remember?" Jim said, a slight taunting note in his strong voice.

Then Jim did something Robert didn't expect. He waved to the two burly boys at the back of the room. They were bullies. But... Now they were more than that. They were hiding baseball bats behind their backs. There was more, too. Nails, jagged and rusty, were unprofessionally beaten in the end of the bats.

Robert stared, wide-eyed, at the bats.

"We're serious, Robert. Give us the food, now. Or else Mike and Tyler get to have some fun," Jim said, a grim smile on his rat-like face.

Jim had changed, Robert realized. Anne even looked at him like he was a slab of beef. He hated them now. They weren't his friends. They weren't even his enemies now. They were monsters, degraded by hunger. Robert would never let them feast.

Robert, defeated, said, "You know what? Go ahead. I don't fucking care anymore," he said, using one of his few known curse words. He spread his arms out in a sign of giving up. "You're not my friends anymore."

Robert thought they would realize that he had no food. What he didn't know was that hunger made monsters out of everyone. What he also didn't know was how quick Mike was.

When Mike swung his bat out, Robert didn't even have the time to register that fact. He dropped to the ground like a dead body, which he didn;t doubt he was about to become.

Jim, unphased, said only one thing. "You should've just given us the food, Robert." A sad smile was stuck on his face.

Robert could've screamed at them that he had food. He could have saved his life. But at what cost? Slowly die by hunger? Robert knew quick was better than slowly starving out. Besides, Robert knew he had no more friends. They had all changed with hunger, and so had he.

Oh, hunger makes monsters of us all.

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