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Anyanka lived to make men like Anakin Skywalker pay.

The sweltering air was poignant with his wife's despair, and Anya reveled in anticipation of channeling all that grief into a vicious revenge scenario.

There was nothing better than the promise of a good evisceration, except maybe a drawn-out, bloody, and chaotic religious war.

"W-what…?" The heavily pregnant woman blinked at her blearily as she slowly returned to consciousness.

"This is a dream. Since this is a dream, you will gain nothing from questioning me." Anyanka had decided this was the most efficient means of extracting a wish given the situation.

"I am here to grant you a wish as a consequence of that despicable display of spousal abuse I witnessed. That bastard. You must loathe him. So, what will it be? Dismemberment, a bath in this quite impressive pit of lava, or an excruciating death by asphyxiation? Oh! Or all three. I don't want to limit you, after all. You have free reign to be creative."

"No! I could never…I love him so much, even after…what he's done. I know he still has good…I know it! If only he could…I wish he can find the good in him again…before it is too late…" her voice trailed off as she slumped to the ground again, exhausted.

Well, that was rather unsatisfying, Anya mused to herself, frustrated. So much potential wasted.

Still, the wish was vague enough, without strict parameters…maybe…yes, she could work with this.

The woman would have her vengeance, whether she wanted it, or not.

"Wish Granted."