Summary: Instead of Yvette walking in, Isabella Swan the adopted Daughter to the most feared Vampire besides Dracula walks in with a smirk upon her face. She's there as Judge, Jury and Executioner. Her Adopted mother is Anita a very old Indian Vampiress, though the only one older than her is Dracula, himself. She is there cause of the suspicious of Vampire Blood being sold in Louisiana and to watch over Sophie-Anne until the Summit.

Godric didn't kill himself, he decide to go and live in Louisiana with Eric, to help protect him against Sophie-Anne. He is sitting right beside Eric and Pam when Bella walks in with her smirk.

Bella is a physical shield, mental shield, telekinetic and Telepath. She is family bounded to Anita by blood. She's faster than a human and werewolf and stronger. She is usually mildly tempered but lie to her or betray her and all hell will break loose.

Chapter Six

Eric and Godric along with Pam stood in the crowed wearing traditional robes as well. They watched as the council walked into the room before Lady Anita walked into the room with Dracula right beside her. They saw her children and guards were after them and their gazes zeroed in on Bella as she was walking in between Alion and Dante. Sookie was walking beside Rufus right behind Bella.

Sookie was wearing a deep Maroon floor length off the shouldered gown. She wore her hair down in curls as she kept her face neutral and calm looking.

Isabella looked ever part of the Princess. She was wearing a royal blue silk gown that went all the way to the floor with a slit up the front all the way to her bellybutton. It showed off her soft looking leather pants with her two and half inch high heeled open toed sandals with pure silver heels. The top part held a high opened in the front collar with showing off her chocker that held her mother's symbol. Her hair was placed into a bun with the rest hanging down in curls around her face and down her back.

Her face was cold and impassive as she took a stand beside her mother's chair and Sookie took a stand beside herself as well.

"We are here to determine the Fate of the Queen of Louisiana!" Called out one of the Kings as the others nodded their heads.

Bella watched them all like hawks as she stood close to her mother's side. She was itching to draw her blade on anyone that even dared to try and harm her mother. She kept an eye on Sookie as well as the female was standing a little but behind her but next to her all the wise. It was telling the others that she belonged to her and only her. She watched as the trail went on and on but kept an sharp eye on the idiotic Cullens.

She watched as the Ancient Pythoness was called forth on this one and nearly smirked as she saw Alice gape at the female sitting there with her Handmaidens. Bella did not relax her stance as Sophie-Anne was called forth but narrowed her eyes as she saw the Sigebert and Wybert followed her closely as she was wearing her state colors in flowing silk. Something was not right here and and it was rubbing her the wrong way.

Sookie watched everything with a close eye but something or more like someone's stray thought had her attention. Looking around sharply she gasped as she saw someone release an arrow directly at Anita. Moving faster than thought possible she dove into front of the Ancient Female Vampire and hit the ground hard as pain exploded from her stomach were the arrow was lodged. Feeling someone's hands on her she peered up into Bella's shocked and concerned eyes.

Bella hissed dangerously as she moved and tossed off her outer wear and revealed a blood red silk corset. She had a sword on her back and drew it fast as her brothers were now standing beside her with their own swords pulled free. They surrounded their mother and Dracula before Bella snapped her head up and twirled slicing the arrow in half.

"RUFUS! The upper level take three with you!" She barked out as he disappeared with bloodlust leaking from him as he had come to care a great deal about Sookie.

"Fuck this is not going to plan! Stupid fucking telepath! She was not suppose to leap in the way and take the damnable hit for Anita! This is all going wrong!" Sophie-Anne cursed within her mind as she looked for a place to escape from.

Bella's eyes went black as she used her speed and swiped her sword at Sophie-Anne causing Sigebert to collide his ow blade with hers. She snarled as Dante lunged forward and collided his own blade with Wybert.

"Your Maker is dead. She will not make it out of here alive! She has tried to kill my mother for the last fucking time!" Roared out Bella shocking everyone as she was pissed beyond belief right now.

Ducking down fast as she could, she sliced open the male's chest with her pure silver blade causing him to hiss in agony before she moved and twisted her blade and buried it directly within his heart making him explode as blood went everywhere. Hearing a scream of rage; she turned and saw all the Queen's loyal ones were dead thanks to Eric, Godric and Pam all three wielding swords. But what surprised her was Rosalie and Charlotte had Sophie-Anne on her knees with them holding her arms. Jasper and Peter were not that far as they were standing there around her making sure she did not escape.

With hatred and rage fueling her and boiling her blood. She ignored as Dante killed Wybert and stormed towards the struggling childish Queen.

"You tried to kill my mother but in the end have injured someone that belongs to me! I will take judgment and no one and I do mean no one will stand in my way! This is our law and you have caused treason!" She bellowed as she raised her sword with dark and cold eyes as the others were nodding and glaring at the Queen.

"End her, High Princess Swan-Blackwater." Ordered the Ancient Pythoness to the woman standing in front of the female that had caused hell for their kind.

With loud yell from Bella and a scream of pure terror from Sophie-Anne. Bella brought down her blade and beheaded the female spraying her blood everywhere including on herself. Turning fast on her heel she disappeared and reappeared before Sookie and was amused and not so surprised as she saw Rufus giving the female his fifteen hundred year old blood. She watched as the female healed before she was just leaning against one of her elder brothers with a content look upon her face.

"Fuck, this is amusing. Your mates!" Bella gave a bark of laughter as Sookie blushed and Rufus grinned with a smug look upon his face. Hearing someone snarl and leap at her brother she turned fast and closed lined Bill Compton and pinned him beneath her foot, "You really do have a fucking death wish! Attacking my brother like that!" hissed out Bella as she gave a look for dark rage and hatred. Lifting her foot she went to slam her heel into his chest but was shocked as Sookie grabbed the arrow from her stomach that was on the ground and slammed it into Bill's chest.

"No one attacks my mate or the female that I have come to see as a sister." Spat Sookie as Bill gave a scream as he died. She looked up as Lorena leaped at her but was beheaded by Rufus himself.

Hours Later

Bella was sitting in her mother's room with the others still in her battle out-fit and still covered in blood as she was staring at Rosalie and Jasper. The Ancient Pythoness was sitting with her mother across the room.

"I can not hate either one of you. Rosalie you tried to warn me by being cruel and hate filled to me. Jasper you tried to make feel like I was not welcomed by not even trying to get to know me. Thank you both for doing what you did." Smiled Bella in welcome to them both as the breathed out in relief at her accepting them.

"Might I add you were very hot with your blade raised and looking mighty pissed." Smirked Peter but he kind of froze as three large threatening growls were directed at him.

Eric was crouched in front of his little one and bared his fangs at the male as Pam and Godric were not sitting on either side of her. Bella tossed her head back and laughed her ass off at them all with a mirth filled look.

"I think my Guardian and mates will tear you to sheds before you could even think about opening your mouth in offering to grace my bed." She smirked as he shrugged but hid behind a laughing Charlotte some and wrapped his arms around her tightly.

Everyone was soon joking around and having a good time even though some of them were covered in blood when the door opened and the Cullens were allowed into the room causing several of them to raise up from their seats and growl low and cold towards them.

"Bella please." Edward pleaded with her causing Eric along with Pam and Godric to hiss.

"Jesus Christ! You never give up do you? I do not want you nor will I ever go back and be with you!" Bella hissed as she stopped the three from tearing the boy apart.

"You wrong Bella. I have seen as clear as day. You and Edward will be together." grinned Alice with smug look in her eyes and upon her face.

"You are wrong little girl. You lie. Do not try and break her apart from her true mates." The Ancient Pythoness as she glared coldly at Alice causing the female to give a hiss.

"And what would an old woman know of seeing the future!" Hissed out Alive but she yelped as she was tackled to the ground by a very pissed off Handmaiden.

"Leave my family Edward!" Hissed out Bella as she stormed forward but yelped as she was grabbed by the idiotic boy and kissed hard causing two very loud roars to piece the air.

Edward was yanked away from Bella as she stumbled back and gagged before she was grabbed and pushed against the wall with Eric standing over protectively in front of her. Low growls of rage were slipping past his lips as he bared his fangs.

"You dare lay your filthy hands on our mate!" Hissed out Pam with a dark look of rage upon her face as she stalked towards the boy with Godric beside her.

"You have sentenced yourself to death with thinking you could touch our mate and get away with it little boy. The wolf pack were smart enough after Eric took out the puppy from touching our mate the way you had done." Snarled out Godric with his fangs as he looked pissed as hell at the boy. He remembered exactly what had happened with the wolf. He had shoved Bella up against the wall and kissed her. Eric had killed him with his throat being ripped out.

Bella watched it all as if it were all in slow motion. Godric and Pam were ripping apart Edward along with Alice being ripped apart by the Handmaidens. Her mother standing there looking pissed beyond belief as she stared at them all. She watched her brother Dante ripped apart Emmett as he went to save Edward from his fate. After that was done she moved from a glaring Eric's side and walked to her mother's side and smiled as the female wrapped an arm around her waist and held her to her side.

"You see Mr. Cullen. You had doomed you family the minute you have never taught them anything of our world. You come here and try to claim daughter is yours in every way but you are wrong. Now take your mate and leave or else die by mine and my mate's hand." Ordered Anita as she stood there with her arms crossed over her chest. She was glaring dangerously at them both as Esme was emitting heartbroken sobs at her children either leaving her and end up being killed.

Bella watched as she saw them both leaving and felt a twig of sorrow for them both but shock it off in the end. Feeling someone pull her into their arms she looked up and smiled as she saw Godric was the one holding her before Pam grabbed her from behind and nuzzled her neck. She happily returned the kiss as Godric kissed her harder on the mouth and pulled her more into him as Pam pressed harder against her from behind.

With Godric using his speed he grabbed their mate and disappeared leaving behind a very amused and laughing group in the room. Once to their room; he ripped away her top and latched on her to neck causing her to arch into Pam with a moan pleasure slipping past her lips. Pam worked on her pants as she slipped a hand into her underwear and thrusted a finger deeply within her causing her to arch her back and pant.

Bella groaned as both wrecked havoc on her body causing her to be a shivering mess full of pleasure and the need for something else entirely from one of them or more both of them both. Soon she was pinned beneath Godric with Pam standing by the bed letting her Grandmaker claim the female first since he was the main dominant here and was far older than her. Bella moved her legs and wrapped them around Godric's waist and locked her black eyes onto his dark ones.

She buried her face within her neck as thrusted deeply within her taking her innocents. Gasps of pain and pleasure slipped past her parted lips. Godric stilled and leaned down nuzzled her neck gently before nipping it gently. She moved some causing him to groan and Pam to smirk at him causing him to pull back and thrust deeply within Bella causing her to grip his shoulders with high pitched keen as he continued to thrust harder and faster within her body.

Her sharp nails made angry red welts down his body as she moved against him before her head was tipped back and she was kissed hard by Pam. The female was enjoying in messing her breasts. Teasing them before she moved and took one into her mouth. Her whole body was wracked with pure pleasure as both her mates took her in their own way. Claiming her and marking her as theirs which happened to turn her own even more.

Bella arched her back and screamed loud as Godric thrusted harder into her making her finally release as followed her path with him biting into her left breast above her heart. Panting as he pulled back from her she looked up at him and gained a smirk. Before he could do a thing she flipped them and straddled his waist with him still being buried deep with her. Moving her hips she rode him hard and was extremely happy when Pam came up behind her and grabbed her breasts again and sucked on her neck.

"Perfect." Purred Pam as she trailed a hand down on their mate's body and started to rub and pinch her clit fast and hard as she rode Godric. She was surprised some but moaned low in her throat as Bella thrusted a finger deep within her and pleasured her beyond anything.

All three moved against one another and brought the other pleasure. The room was filled with moans and small gasps of pleasure and delight as they all explored one another's bodies. As soon as the second orgasm hit them Pam bit in her another breast and fed from her causing her to scream again in pleasure. When they all laid there there panting tangled with one another. Godric sliced open his neck and brought Bella up to feed on him to complete the bound with himself. After that she fed from Pam and completed the bound with her as well.

"I love you both." Bella murmured as her eyes dropped in tiredness a couple of hours later on them.

Godric and Pam looked to one another before they looked down to her with softened eyes.

"Love you, my little mate." Pam whispered against her ear as she cuddled her back with her front.

"And I love you, Cara Mia." Godric spoke in a soft voice to her as well.

Both watched as she gifted them with a smile before sleep took her. It was two hours later that had them being pulled into the death sleep as well.

Two Weeks Later

"I cannot fucking believe I am going back to that Backwater's town." Gripped Bella as her mates laughed at her with amused looks.

"It's not all that bad. Rufus along with Dante are coming back with you." smiled Sookie in mirth at her new sister as she spared her a eye roll.

"Rufus is coming back cause he's your mate. Dante is coming back cause he wants into your brother's pants. They have no room to fucking talk. And the only reason Aurora is coming back is to get rid of the Vikings plaything and to stake her claim." bitched Bella as she pouted cause there was a real reason as to why she was pissed off.

"Cheer up Darlin. The real reason you are pissed off is because the council has made you the new Queen of Louisiana." Smirked Jasper at her from beside Rosalie since they were mates as well.

"Don't get her started again." Complained Eric with a small glare towards the souther male as he smirked back to him.

"I cannot believe those fuckers made the Goddamn Queen of Louisiana. I have the mind to slaughter them all. And do not think I can't cause I damn could if I wanted too." She ranted again going to a long explanation on how she was going to kill the council; leaving her mother out of course.

Godric chuckled at his and Pam's mate as she ranted and raved and could very well come up some gruesome ways to torture someone. He smirked though as Pam grabbed her and kissed her hard on the mouth to distract her from her ranting. He looked at his now extended family and was truly happy for the first time in a very long time. And it all had to do with a Certain Whirl Wind named Isabella; from marching into the bar with a smirk upon and prideful look upon her face.

He knew things would get hectic but also knew there was going to be a life time of happiness from them all. He sat back more and watched as Bella pulled from Pam and tackled Eric from him saying she was going to be one of the most psychotic Queens around. She grabbed one of the throw pillows from the air from Sookie tossing it to her. She began to hit him over the head.