This is my newest story, heartbreak and happiness. It is set the day after Dimitri and Rose slept together in the cabin. The Strigoi attack never happened, but this is what happened if Dimitri left Rose to be Tasha's guardian. I hope you enjoy the first chapter. I will update as soon as possible.


Heartbreak and Happiness…

Chapter One…

I walked down to the gym in high spirits. It was only yesterday that me and Dimitri had finally given in to our feelings for each other. I couldn't have been happier about something in my life. I had been hiding my feelings for Dimitri ever since the lust charm, and it felt nice to have finally let go.

I walked into the gym to find Dimitri with his back turned to me, looking out the window. I noticed he wasn't wearing his training clothes, but some jeans and his duster. I assumed he just wasn't training with me today. "Hello Comrade." I said cheerily.

He tensed and spun around. He had been to absorbed in his own world to notice me come in. Something was definitely wrong. Normally he would have noticed before I even opened the doors. He had his guardian mask on, and wasn't looking me in the eyes. "Dimitri? What's wrong?" I asked him. I didn't move towards him, I just stayed still.

"I'm leaving." He whispered. Or that's what I thought he whispered, it could have been anything he said it that quietly. The impact of the words still hit me though. If that really was what he said, I didn't know what I would do.

"What?" I asked him quietly, nervous of the reply I was going to get.

He lifted his face up and looked me in the eyes. I could see the pain in them. "I said I'm leaving." He said clearly. "I am going to take up Tasha's offer." He looked away from me then, and I let the tears fall down my face.

"Why?" I asked him. I couldn't understand why he was going. It was just yesterday he had told me he loved me. We had slept together, and he was leaving me. He had told me he would never let anything happen to me, how was he going to that if he was leaving? It was because I couldn't give him a family, and that was obviously what he wanted most. I shouldn't be the one to stand in the way of that, it was his decision. It didn't mean what he just said didn't break my heart though.

"Because it's what is best for you." He told me.

"No," I whispered. "You are what's best for me." I told him honestly. It was true. I didn't know if I could carry on the same if I didn't have Dimitri by my side.

"No, I am not Rose. You are on the track to become the best guardian the world has ever seen. I would keep you from that. I want you to have a happy life guarding Lissa, like you have wanted for so long. Me being here would stop you doing that." He explained to me. I just couldn't take it.

"I don't want to be the best guardian if your not with me while I am doing it." I choked out through my tears.

He put his hands on my shoulders. "You won't think that in a few years Roza. You will have a happy life and you will have forgotten me. Everything will be right. I don't want to hold you back from anything." He said. With that he turned around and headed for the door.

"Please don't leave me." I whispered to his retreating figure. "I love you so much."

When I whispered those last five words he turned around and came back to me. "I love you so much Roza, but I am doing this for you. I don't want to stop you living your life." He leant down and kissed me passionately. The kiss was filled with love, lust, passion and many other things, but the thing that bothered me most was that it was a goodbye kiss. Dimitri pulled away and gave me one last look. "I will always love you Roza." He whispered before turning and leaving. Just as he turned, I saw a single tear fall from his eye.

As soon as he was out the door, I collapsed onto the floor and cried. Sobs ran through my body. I couldn't believe he was gone. Only last night I had been lying in his arms, the happiest woman alive, and now I was huddled on the gym floor crying my eyes out. I don't know how long I was here, until I felt arms wrap around me.

"Little Dhampir, you need to get out of here." Adrian told me. He must have known that Dimitri had left, and didn't bother asking me why I was crying. I nodded and got up. I was numb. It was like I was in a trance. I couldn't think straight, and I barely knew where I was going. Adrian steered me towards my room. Luckily, no one was up yet, so they didn't see me in my dishevelled state.

When we reached my room, I opened the door, went straight to my bed, and collapsed onto it. I sobbed for what felt like hours. Adrian stayed with me the whole time, not complaining once - something I was grateful for.

Once I had managed to get my sobs under control, I turned to Adrian. "What am I going to do? I cant let Lissa see me like this, she will know that there is something wrong." I asked him. I didn't want to worry Lissa, so I was planning on just not telling her anything.

"You could always just tell her?" Adrian suggested. I shook my head. He knew I wasn't in the mood to argue, so he didn't pester me. "Well then, you just have to try and act normal." He told me.

"Emphasis on the word try." I said. It was breakfast time now, so I got up off my bed to look in the mirror. I looked like hell. My eyes were swollen and red, my face looked pale, and my hair was in a state. I put a brush threw my hair and splashed water on my face. I was still pale, but my eyes weren't as red anymore. "Come on, lets go and get some breakfast."

He nodded and followed me out of my room. We walked in silence to the cafeteria. When we got there, me and Adrian sat at our normal table where Eddie, Lissa and Christian were already seated. Lissa was looking down at her tray, but when she looked up she gasped. "Rose? What's wrong?" She asked me. I could feel through the bond that she was worried for me.

"Nothing, I just don't feel very well, that's all." I lied. I made it convincing, and she believed me. It didn't stop her worrying about me though.

Everyone else continued there conversation like before I had arrived. I didn't even attempt to join in. I just picked at my food, but didn't actually eat anything. Lissa kept giving me puzzled looks. Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up and everyone looked at me. "I don't feel well guys," I told them. "I'm not coming to classes today, so I might see you later." I started to walk away when I heard someone else get up.

"I will go with her, seen as though you all have classes." Adrian told everyone at the table. I half wanted to be alone to sit and cry, and I half wanted Adrian to be with me to comfort me, since he knew why I was upset.

When I reached my room, I opened the door and Adrian followed me in. I sat on the bed and he came and sat next to me. "Tell me everything, it will make you feel better." He said.

I nodded and launched into the story. "Well, you know about our relationship, so I guess I should leave that crap out." I began. "So, err, last night we kind of…" I didn't know how to say it. I didn't want to hurt Adrian's feelings. I knew how much he loved me, but I would never feel that way about him. It made me sad sometimes. Loving Adrian would be so much easier.

"You slept with him." Adrian said. I nodded. "So what happened after that?" He asked. He was trying to keep calm, but I could see the hurt and anger in his eyes. It made me feel even worse.

"Well, this morning I went to the gym for practice, and he told me he was leaving, to be Tasha's guardian." The tears were running down my face, and I was finding it hard to continue. "He said it was because he didn't want to hold me back from being the best guardian I could be. Then he told me that he will always love me." I sobbed.

I continued to sob into Adrian's shirt until I finally fell into a dreamless sleep.

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