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Chapter Twenty-Four…

"NO!" I shrieked, my hands balling up in fists. "You can't send away the father of my child!"

Then I slapped my hands over my mouth. I shouldn't have said that. Sure, it was bad, but it wasn't the worst. It could be a lot worse. He could be in jail. It could have been handed of to the Royal Court. But, he was only being sent away. I didn't even know how long for, it could have just been until I graduated, which wasn't even that long.

The council members let out one collective gasp. Whispers instantly broke out as they came to terms with the information I had just given them. Their faces were a mix of shock and absolute disbelief.

"I think you should go and wait back outside." Kirova demanded. "Your friends can go, altogether." She ordered, rather than offered.

I shuffled out, clinging to Dimitri's arm for dear life. His other arm was wrapped around my waist supporting me. Lissa and everyone else shot us a sympathetic glance, but otherwise left in silence.

Me and Dimitri exited the room, going back to our small room. It was almost like the waiting room as we awaited our fate.

I buried my face into Dimitri's chest and he pulled me onto his lap. "I'm sorry." I whispered. "I shouldn't have said that."

"It doesn't matter. This might give us a better chance." He reasoned.

I shook my head. "I overreacted. It could be so much worse now. What happens if you go to jail. We don't even know how long you were going to be sent away for, it could have only been until graduation. That wouldn't have been that long. It could be permanent now. What if she refers it to the royal court? You know how much the queen hates me." I cried, hysterically. "What have I done?"

Dimitri rubbed his arm up and down my back soothingly. "It will be okay Roza." He whispered, repeating it constantly. Trying to convince himself as much as me.

"I hope your right." I replied.

"I won't leave you." He promised. "No matter what happens, I promised myself I would never leave you again."

I didn't believe him. How could I? But when he spoke with that utter conviction, it did make me think, maybe there was a possibility. Maybe it would all be okay. We would live the happily ever after like we planned. It wasn't seeming like that was likely though…

We sat in silence, minds working overtime about our situation. I don't think either of us wanted to drag down the mood even more by speaking aloud our thoughts.

His arms kept me in the same protective embrace, clearly not planning on letting go.

I was just settling down when the door reopened and Kirova stuck her bird-like face into the room. "We need to speak to you now." She hissed.

Reluctantly, I stood up, Dimitri right behind me. He held my hand tightly and we both followed Kirova back into the room. The council members still looked reasonably surprised about the latest revelation, but were trying not to show it on their faces.

"We need some more information about your outburst before we can even think about reconsidering our decision." Kirova spoke.

I nodded, unable to speak a response. Dimitri did speak though. "Of course."

"When did you find out that you were the father of Rose's child?"

Dimitri thought about his response carefully. "A week and a half ago, about." He replied.

"When did you find out she was pregnant?"

Before he responded I sent a pointed look at Alberta, not wanting to get her into trouble for not informing him. "As soon as I got back." He lied.

Alberta looked slightly surprised but smiled appreciatively at us both. Kirova nodded, accepting the answer.

"Why didn't you tell us it was Dimitri's child to begin with?"

I sighed. "We didn't know how it would affect the decision made in the end. I didn't want to lose Dimitri." I replied. Dimitri squeezed my hand reassuringly.

Kirova nodded. "No more questions." She finished. "You may leave."

We left the room swiftly.

"What's going to happen now?" I whispered to him, afraid to speak any louder even though we were alone.

He sighed heavily. "I don't know Roza, I really don't know."

"I just want it all to be okay."

"Me too."

Before we could say anymore, Lissa had poked her head round the door, smiling sympathetically at me, but with a glint in her eyes that told me she had come up with what she assumed was a good idea. When I checked the bond, I found that she was hiding it from me, something I wasn't too happy about.

I tried to raise an eyebrow at her, but failed as usual. "What's up Liss?" I inquired.

She came and sat next to me, practically bouncing up and down in her seat excitedly. How she could be in such a good mood considering the consequences was beyond me, but I tried not to be too disapproving.

"Adrian and I have thought of the perfect plan to get you out of this mess." She announced, her grin only widening once she had revealed that knowledge.

"If Adrian's involved, then I can't see it being good." I joked, glad that he wasn't around to hear that. In reality, he had helped me no end through this whole ordeal.

"We can use compulsion on Kirova to let you stay." She informed me confidently.

As soon as she said, my immediate response was to stop her. "No." I stated. "You can't use compulsion on our head teacher!"

"But it's the only way you'll be guaranteed to stay." She tried desperately to persuade me.

"We don't even know what her final decision is yet Lissa." I reminded her. "She might let us stay."

Liss looked at me incredulously. "Do you really think that? She'd already made the decision to have Dimitri sent away, just because he's your baby's father, do you really think that will make any difference? It could make it worse for him."

I sighed and buried my head in my hands. Dimitri rubbed my lower back soothingly. "I know, but I'm not going to let you use compulsion and risk everything because of me, you know that's not my job as your guardian."

She grimaced. "You're not just by guardian Rose, you're my best friend and it's my duty as your best friend to help you out here." She tried to reason.

I shook my head firmly. "I'm sorry Liss, but I can't let you do that." I finalised.

She frowned, but I could tell she respected my decision and could understand why I'd made it to some extent. "Well, I'll see you after judgement day then."

I nodded and she exited to room again. A few minutes later, Stan came in, informing us that a decision had been made.

I stood up nervously, unsure of whether I really wanted to find out or not. It had been hard enough the first time, but knowing it might be even worse this time made my head pound with anxiety.

We took our places in the centre of the room, whilst all my friends lined the walls, looking almost like guardians with their straight faces. Kirova gained my full attention when she began to speak though.

"We have come to a decision and taking this latest addition to the situation into account, we've decided to let you stay, Guardian Belikov." She told us, making me grin widely in sheer joy. "Everything will stay as it was, we will not be informing the student body about this and you will keep your relationship a secret until graduation. It is then that you can inform anyone you wish to. The fact that we knew about it will not be mentioned to anyone." She outlined our guidelines.

I nodded, unable to form words in my blissful state of shock. I could feel Lissa's smug satisfaction tumbling through the bond though and I knew she had played a part in this after all. I cast her a glance and she just winking, assuring me that she had indeed used compulsion on Kirova. I was too joyful to complain though and in reality, I was eternally grateful for it. I don't know what I'd have done if I'd lost Dimitri again.

"You may leave now." She dismissed us.

I was practically skipping as I exited the room, unable to contain my joy. I bounded up to Lissa and hugged her so hard she actually squirmed in discomfort. "Thanks Liss." I thanked her genuinely.

She just grinned. "I couldn't let the inevitable happen Rose, you know that."

After a selection of hugs from everyone who had attended the trail of sorts, I was finally hit with the realisation that everything had turned out just right. There was nothing left to go wrong and I revelled in it.

I clung to Dimitri for as long as I could, before we walked onto the main campus where people would recognise us. We gained some funny looks anyway, our whole group walking around, grinning like maniacs. We probably looked like we'd just won the lottery and had decided to split it between us. Then I realised that most of the royals were so rich that they didn't need to win the lottery.

When we reached my room, I collapsed onto the bed behind me, Dimitri sitting down beside me as we let everyone else pile in. "Well, I'm glad that's over." I announced, still grinning like a fool.

A collection of agreements was heard throughout the room. "Now all we need to do is wait for graduation and our chance to explore Russia!" Lissa said, joy for Dimitri and I flooding through the bond.

A further feeling of happiness through me. With all the drama, I had completely forgotten about our trip to Russia. I couldn't wait to spend all that time away from the Academy and spent it all with Dimitri. It was all I'd ever wanted and the fact that it was coming true was unbelievable and still almost hard to digest.

"I know." I grinned, trying to not it let make me too delirious.

"You know, I think everything is finally going to be okay." Dimitri whispered to me seriously.

I nodded. "I hope so."