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It's been ages since I last wrote one of these but now it seems that all I can squeeze out from me are little drabbles. So here are some more.


It Takes Two

Kim Weston & Marvin Gaye – "It Takes Two"

They'd been struggling, he knew. He'd made every mistake in the book; every mistake he'd made before.

He loved her so much and yet, he could only make her feel withering in the shadow of a memory that kept him, too, in the darkness of the past.

Every day he was expecting her to leave... to live.

Standing in front of the grave, he thought that day had already come… and he felt even more broken. Without her, he would surely wither away, too.

But then a small hand sneaked into his and as he looked into her warm eyes, he could suddenly see the future that was shining bright.

Barbara Streisand & Bryan Adams – "I Finally Found Someone"

Gibbs looked across the table at the woman who was sipping her coffee peacefully. Almost involuntarily a little smile appeared on his face which quickly turned into a full-blown grin when she raised her eyes and met his, giving him a warm smile of her own.

He just couldn't believe that after all those years they'd spent together as colleagues, as friends, they were now sitting in his kitchen as new lovers. He couldn't believe that after the years spent in grief over his family, he finally found the woman he could really move on with and live… he found Ziva.

Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop – "Well, did you evah!"

"Are you having fun?"

"As much as you do."

"Then you are having a great time."


"I drink to that."


"Have you heard the rumors?"

"Not really interested."

"General Dalloway is getting married."


"Admiral Medley's wife is getting a divorce."

"Can't say I didn't see that coming."

"Oh, and Colonel Jenkins is having a baby."


"The fourth."

"Enjoying the party?"

"Well, as much as you do."

"Then you're having a blast."

"Not really."

"Didn't think so."

"Champagne is good, though."

"I drink to that."


"Getting tipsy?"

"Not enough."

"Then drink up. I'll get another one."

"I like bourbon better."

"Then let's go."

Regina Belle & Peabo Bryson – "A Whole New World"

Ziva grabbed the blanket from the trunk and after slamming the hood, she joined her husband and together they followed their three kids who were already running around in the park, pretending to be flying dragons.

It's been years since she stepped into a whole new world whose gate Gibbs had opened for her but it still felt incredible. He had shown her a world where she was free to love and she was loved in return… where children's laughter filled her days and her husband's warm embrace protected her at nights.

It was a world where she had found home.

Aretha Franklin & George Michael – "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)"

It was a long road for Gibbs and Ziva but it was worth every single mile… every little bump or huge obstacle that they had to face and overcome. It wasn't easy. Oh no. It was demanding. It made them question everything they knew or thought they knew about the other and about themselves. They cried, they screamed, they fought with each other, with others… with themselves but they laughed, too. And they believed… they believed in the other.

And at the end of the road they could look at each other and express everything they felt and believed in two single words: "I do".

Gaile Foote & C. Carson Parks – "Something Stupid"

He wanted to tell her the moment she answered her door in that tiny black dress – hell, he wanted to tell her the moment he realized it. But he never dared to speak up, fearing that he would spoil everything between them.

He'd spent many a date preparing himself for it but eventually he backed out, remaining silent. This date wasn't any different, either. He was sure that this was the night and yet, he found himself paralyzed and tongue-tied as the moment came up.

He knew then that he'd let it go this time, too, but then Ziva looked up at him and spoke, "I love you."

Shanice & Jon Secada – "If I Never Knew You"

It was over.

Ziva knew that returning to Israel would prove to be fateful but she had no idea that the hold her father had on her was still so strong. She was forced to make a choice between her love and her country; a choice that wasn't hers after all.

Your country above everything else, that was what she grew up with – that was the only thing she knew.

And yet, she could still smile as she said her goodbye to Jethro. She could embrace him with warm gratitude for all the things he'd shown her… for all the things she'd be able to fight one day.

Dolly Parton & Julio Iglesias – "When You Tell Me That You Love Me"

He had never thought that she needed a hero and frankly, just the mere notion of Ziva having a hero seemed ridiculous. The woman kicked ass after all. Or at least it seemed ridiculous up until that moment he held her in his arms and she looked up at him with unveiled adoration in her eyes and told him that she loved him. At that moment it became clear to him that Ziva did have a hero… he was her hero… and it felt right.

He could be her hero. He knew that there was nothing he wouldn't do for her in a heartbeat… because she was his hero, too.

Donna Lewis & Richard Marx – "At the Beginning"

He remembered the day she'd first been in his basement. She was slowly walking down the steps as in a trance just after shooting her brother in the head – saving his life.

It was the beginning of a long relationship that, however complicated at times, was based on trust. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that was built on mutual understanding.

During the course of their friendship, they'd been in his basement on countless occasions – happy or sad – but now it was something completely new.

Now they were at the end of a road and ready to begin a new journey… together.

Siouxsie & Morrissey – "Interlude"

Sometimes she felt like somebody who'd just woken up from a pleasant dream. She felt that same desire to hold onto that dream as fast as she could lest she lost it.

After all those years, she still felt like that every time she looked at him. After all those years, she still couldn't believe that something – especially something that wonderful – can last permanently.

She'd left her old life behind a long time ago. She fell in love, settled down and started a family.

And she was still waiting for the moment she'd wake up.

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