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"Lycanthropy, yeah Lycanthropy..." Lawrence heard a voice say. He was used to hearing screams of the Asylum inmates or the taunts of unfamiliar doctors. Yet he knew this voice, but it couldn't be...

"Aye, I contracted the disease, if that's what it is, in India in the Hindu Kush. The natives directed me to a cave, where according to legend lived a strange creature. A very strange creature. And after a great many days of climbing and searching, I finally found it. I found the cave and the strange creature that lived there."

Lawrence still refused to look at the speaker, knowing now who the voice belonged to. Part of him was glad, as after all he had wanted to confront him for the entire month he was there. The other half of him was in shock and was still coming to grips with him being there at all.

For the first time in weeks, Lawrence felt free of drugs. He was exhausted and every part of his body was aching; but, nevertheless, his mind was clear.

"Yeah," said Sir John, recalling what had happened. "It was a little boy. A little wild feral boy, powerfully strong."

Lawrence pictured the strange creature with little hair he had seen so often, baring its sharp teeth, growling sinisterly. He could imagine him crouching in a cave, a terrible animal, waiting for uninvited individuals to stray willingly into its lair...

"Who suddenly, attacked me and bit me." Sir John continued, pulling back his right sleeve revealing the bite mark on his skin, still pronounced.

"So, I returned to my hunting companions in the valley below thinking I'd been made the butt of a joke." He chuckled happily to himself. His expression soon turned into a sombre mask of disappear.

"I soon discovered otherwise..."

Lawrence remembered that night too well. It was imprinted in his mind since his childhood. He saw it again, getting out of bed, going down the path, through the gardens to where his mother lay. She was not holding a shaving knife; she was not holding anything...

A hairy beast held her in his arms, its face covered in fur but not enough to mask the true identity of who hid beneath. His mother's beautiful body was broken, her neck savagely ripped at, blood pouring down into her lap.

"You killed my mother." Lawrence said slowly, speaking for the first time. He still had not looked once at his father.

There was a short pause.

"Yeah, I suppose I did." Sir John said, watching Lawrence cautiously.

Lawrence heaved his body into a sitting position. His body ached and he had little energy to move. Even if he had the energy, the thick chain around his neck would have prevented it.

"You should kill yourself." Lawrence said, still refusing to look at Sir John.

"Oh, I can't tell you how often I have considered that. But life is far too glorious, Lawrence, especially to the cursed and dammed like myself."

Sir John got up from the chair where he sat and moved across the room.

"Yeah, every night at the full moon, for many years now I've been locked in that crypt by Singh my faithful servant."

Lawrence turned towards him, he wanted to hurt him, to rip him to pieces, but he was too tired and drained. Besides, a part of him was still intrigued by what he was saying and wanted to find out more.

Sir John sighed deeply.

"Then she came, didn't she. Hot and burning like the face of the moon."

"Gwen" Lawrence said, he was now staring at his father, rapt with attention. He had thought of Gwen so often in the Asylum, she was his escape route. His remberance of reality.

"Yeah, she would have taken your brother away from me and they would have both vanished into the night forever." Sir John paced across the room. Lawrence's eyes followed him with every step he took. He was unsure where he was going with this but he was listening intently.

The aching was leaving him now, but a horrible itching was beginning in his legs. Lawrence tried to rub his feet together but it was no good.

"And although I was resigned to it the beast within me was not." Sir John continued. "And Ben, you understand me, had come to tell me that he was quite resolute in his decision to leave Talbot Hall for good and to take Gwen away from me."

"I became drunk and violent, extremely violent and I struck out at Singh who was trying to restrain me."

He laughed hollowly.

"And I knocked him out cold. Poor, poor Singh."

"Yeah, you know I never told you this Lawrence, but I used to be a bare knuckle prize fighter when I was a young man."

He moved towards Lawrence, who recoiled instantly looking wary.

"In the ports of Boston, San Francisco, New York. Back in the good old days before you were born. Long time ago. BAM!" He held up his fists in a fighting pose and laughed once more.

"Yeah, anyway." He persisted. "As a consequence, I was unable to lock myself in the crypt that night. And I found your brothers body in a ditch, not far from the house. He'd been torn to pieces."

Something twitched in Lawrence's senses. He was no longer tired, but fully alert. His father's words had lit a fire within him, simmering beneath his skin; burning his insides.

Sir John moved away from Lawrence, opposite the bed, not facing him. There was a slight pause.

"I know now it was a mistake to lock up the beast. Don't you think so Lawrence?"

Sir John slowly turned around to face Lawrence, smiling.

"I should have let it ran free." He raised one eyebrow. "Kill or be killed"

The simmering fire within Lawrence seemed to explode. He could stand it no more. He had forgotten he was weak, forgotten that he was chained up. All he wanted to do was to hurt his father as much as possible.

"I'll kill you!" He yelled getting to his feet and running with all his might at his father. He went too far, the chain around his neck reached its maximum and pulled him sharply back.

He thudded to the ground completely winded and out of breath. He groped his neck trying to pull off the chain that was strangling him off.

His father loomed above him.

"Ah, you've a long way to go yet, my young pup."

"I'll kill you." Lawrence breathed still hardly able to speak through the pain of his fall.

"Oh, you'll get your chance soon enough."

Sir John moved under the bared window where light was still filtering in.

"She'll be full tonight, moon." He pointed at the window.

Lawrence exhaled. He knew it was close. He had watched the moon pass with frightening pace across the sky. Had it really come this soon, he thought miserably.

Sir John reached inside his breast pocket of the jacket and pulled out a small object.

"I have a little gift for you Lawrence in the event you don't find life quite as glorious as I find it to be." Sir John smiled again and revealed the object to be a shaving knife, opening it slowly in front of Lawrence.

"Or not to be" He winked still smiling menacingly. He dropped the shaving knife onto Lawrence's chest, where he was still lying flat on his back.

"I am deeply sorry about this Lawrence; I do love you, dear boy."

He stepped over Lawrence towards the door.

"You may find that hard to believe in light of what has happened."

Sir John continued towards the door, not looking back.

"I'll kill you." Lawrence breathed, still finding it hard to speak.

"Sleep now." His father called.

"I'll kill you."

"Rest, Guards?" Lawrence heard the bolt grind across, opening the door.

"I'll kill you!" He said much more loudly.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" He screamed.


The bolt shut and Lawrence was alone.

"I'll kill you." He kept muttering even though no one was there to answer apart from a harmonica, playing a tunefully melody as his father walked away from his only son.

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