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Chapter 1: Let's Play A Love Game…

"This has been the worst day ever!" Naruto exclaimed. He sat down forcefully, in one loud thud; thrusting his backpack down on the bench, next to his best friend, Kiba Inuzuka, at their self-proclaimed lunch table. Who was sitting next to their sleeping friend, Shikamaru Nara. This wasn't shocking, since Shikamaru tended to sleep everyday at lunch, claiming that it was the only time of the day he could rest peacefully, without troublesome interruptions: teachers and school work.

It was lunch time, so that was a plus side to brighten his mood, but Naruto was still annoyed by his new schedule, and all the people in his classes who were intent on making his life miserable just because he looked like an "easy target", with his "small stature" and "chibi-like face"; their words not his.

Sure, he was a newbie, but that didn't give people the right to pick on him, on top of all that, he was strictly forbidden to fight back, according to his guardian, Iruka Umino. This was his seventh high school to date, after being expelled from the first six within the first weeks due to being a class disruption and all the various fights he instigated.

Which, he always won; he was known as the Kyuubi at his old school, or the feared nine-tailed fox demon.

He was out to make sure that no one found out of his old identity, in fear of, jeopardizing his new high school life that he wanted to finish, more or less, peacefully. Though, he had a hard time remembering these reasons whenever someone decided to pick on him. This was his last year of high school, and he knew that is he dared get expelled from this school, Iruka was going to have some severe punishment for him.

He had gotten used to East Konoha High easy enough. He had already made friends with Kiba and Shikamaru, though they just called him Shika, and most of his teachers were halfway decent, but he could argue otherwise for Gai-sensei, all in all, nothing too horrible, aside from thse god damn bullies.

"So, what happened this time?" Kiba said with a grin on his face as if oblivious to the annoyance on his friends face.


"Come on, Naruto, I thought we already agreed that we didn't think that this high school was that bad."

"Yeah, and I thought so too, but I feel like this day has pushed me over the edge, if another damn gay freak tries to grope me I think I might just explode!"

When the hell does that ever happen to anyone, anyway? Everyone talks and lectures about sexual harassment, but it doesn't happen often. Of course, it would be just Naruto's luck to get stuck in a school where blondes are rare. The blonde hated his hair and eye color on days like these. Seriously, you don't have to be blonde to be beautiful...Naruto himself preferred brunettes with darker eyes. Either way all the pervs in this school where getting to him. And he might just end up killing them all if they didn't knock it off.

"Calm down, Naruto, you know you can't do that, since that would make life troublesome for all of us." Shika mumbled, lazily, with his eyes half closed, just barely turning his head towards them, in acknowledgment.

Both Kiba and Naruto turned, in shock. Shika was actually awake during lunch, enough so to actually talk to them.

"Shika, I didn't realize that you were awake." Naruto said, with a hint of his surprise still left on his face.

"How could I possibly stay sleeping with you yelling your heart out about everything that has gone wrong today?" Shika stated, his tone implied that they were both dumb for not coming up with that answer themselves.

"Sorry," Naruto said sheepishly

"Anyway, I think we should do something to get back at all those guys who are screwing with you." Kiba cackled, with a cheshire cat grin across his already animal-like face.

"What are you plotting now, Inuzuka?"

All of their heads turned towards the new voice. It was Shino Aburame.

"How do you know that I'm up to anything?" Kiba questioned, with a slight blush on his face. Not that anyone, but Shika noticed, anyway; he was the only one who caught little details like this, considering that Naruto was basically ADHD, so there was no possible way that he would have noticed in the first place.

"Nothing really other than that feral grin on your face, it's hardly innocent looking." Shino sarcastically pointed out.

The boys were a little shocked that Shino was actually talking, usually he never was one to start a conversation; but Shika knew that he only acted this way around Kiba, which was for the same reason Kiba blushed when Shino called him out; Naruto, on the other hand, just resorted to gaping.

"W-well, either way, it's none of your business in the first place as to what I'm planning." Kiba stuttered indignantly, now blushing because he actually stuttered.

"Haha…but Kiba we haven't even planned anything yet, I haven't agreed with you, you know? Come on, you know as well that I have to be good in order to stay here. Old Lady Tsunade will use any reason to kick me out, considering my lengthy repertoire and all." Naruto sighed.

"Repertoire? Do you even know what that word means, Dobe?"

Naruto gritted his teeth before he turned around; not that he need to, since he knew who was speaking just by the voice, as well as, that stupid nickname.

"What do you want, Teme?" Naruto shot back, at a smug looking, raven-haired boy.

"Now, now, that is no way to talk to your senior," The boy chastised.

"What the fuck, Teme? We are both seniors and you're like maybe two months older than me!"

"No, I'm four months older than you, get your facts straight, Dobe."

"Pfft…like I'd know that because I'm a stalker, and actually care to find out your birthday."

He smirked, "So, you admit it then?"

"Heck no!"

Naruto face was turning an array of colors as he fought of the anger that consumed him. This guy needed to leave him alone. It was bad enough that he ragged on Naruto all the time, even though they have no classes together, but to disturb him at lunch just to insult him, was out of line.

"Well, your words; not mine"

"You're getting on my nerves, Teme…So, fuck off!" Naruto struggled to keep his voice reasonable, and failed miserably. He didn't want to lose all that he worked for just because of this bastard.

"That's not what I came here for…"

"What is it?" Naruto, all but growled.

"Go out with me." Sasuke Uchiha ordered.

"What the hell!?"

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