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Ch 7: The Jinxs home

Barthalameu had sent the schedule just a little over and hour before midnight. As soon as Bella saw the little booklet that contained all she needed to know about what would happen while she went into hiding, she begun to pack some things for Harridien. She didn't let go of the booklet, but put it in a pocket of her dress as she went through things for her son. While she did this, Rodolphus was busy laying out plans on where they would go and how often they'd move about since they'd have people after them for a while and Lucius was going over what Rodolphus had set out do far and he had Severus help him with some of the finer details.

Rabastan went to inform Narcissa, or attempt to, about what was going on and about their plan, he had returned a few minutes later with tiny painfully made cuts that etched it's way around his muscles and junctions on his body.

"Your wife is vicious Lucius" he said before leaving to inform someone about their departure. Lucius had looked at the younger male Lestrange before going back to what he was doing before. He knew how vicious Cissy was when she was woken before she wanted to wake and he knew how sharp and precise her nails were as well as the painful effect they left you with once they cut you, so saying he felt some compassion for his sister-in-law's brother-in-law was the truth.

Around three in the morning they were joined by Rabastan and Narcissa, the former having just returned from informing the person he sat out to find, they also were joined by one of their fellow Death Eaters, a Walden MacNair, as he was a friend of the Lestrange brothers.

"Walden! Good to see you" Rodolphus said as he stood up from the seat he sat at for the past four hours. He cracked his back before going over to shake his childhood friend's hand and get him up to speed with everything, so far the only thing he knew was that Bella had a son and he had been found after fifteen years. Walden had blinked a bit before shifting his dark blue eyes to the sleeping Harry then over to Bella.

"I knew he looked like someone I knew, just never could make the connection" he said in a ragged yet lively baritone voice. Bella smiled at him then went over a few things she wanted Walden to help with. Even though Walden and Harry weren't really acquainted in anyway, he was reliable and would keep anyone who was somehow connected to his friends or family safe.

"So you understand what I'm asking of you Walden?" Bella asked him. Walden ran a hand through gravity defying black hair and nodded to her.

"Yeah I'll keep him and Draco safe until this shit's over. The fact that the Ministry is off my case as I wasn't at the incident helps some and if I disappear for a while, they wont care as I do it so often" Walden said while adding some points to help them. Bella smiled at him before heading over to her son, who was being watched by Cissy, and ran a soft hand through his hair, lightly scraping her nails against his scalp like her mother did to her when she was little girl. Harry shifted his head to her touch and sighed in contentment. Bella looked at him lovingly before looking at her youngest sister with a question in her eyes.

"He'll be out for a day or two more since his magic is trying to regulate itself to it's original state" Cissy said as she saw the question, even if her nose was in a book that she brought. Bella nodded and went to find something to occupy her time with. By six they were joined by Draco and Barthalameu, the latter coming once he got a note from Bella on her decision. Draco sat with his mother and cousin, he truly didn't know what to think about the situation at the time and was trying to digest what was going on around him.

He soon started to get a headache and went to think about his cousin and what he learned. His cousin was a suicide case and was starved of love, attention and affection from his younger years. He was abused, to what extent was beyond him, placed in unfamiliar trials and tests in his life, constantly on the brink of danger and he didn't care if he died if it saved someone the heartache of losing the person they cared for.

All these things and yet Draco still couldn't stand to be near him, but he could understand where he came from in things and why he did what he did, except for the suicide attempt. Draco was thinking that if he went with the older wizard; from what he got out of the conversations going around him it was that he and Harry were being put in a safe house of sorts, he might get the friend he wanted back in first year, but it would take a while.

"Alright Bellatrix I see what your saying and I'll happily take them in, Walden included, I just need you to do me one thing" Barthalameu said to Bella.

"Anything Thalameu" she replied to him and wait for his request.

"Keep me posted on what is happening, what's going on and what you're going to do or what you are doing as far as plans of movement and action" Barthalameu explained to her. Bella looked at him and nodded at her old mentor. Barthalameu smiled lightly at her then got up and went to the floo.

"Either send them before you leave or let me take them now, your choice" Barthalameu said to the others and waited for a bit to see what their decision was. Bella looked at her husband then her sister and brother-in-law with a look that most couldn't identify. Rodolphus gave a uncomfortable shift in his posture and went over to his wife, enveloping her in his arms.

"I think it's best to leave as soon as we can, we don't know when the Ministry and Dumbledore will come. So it's better to leave and get ahead before staying and get caught. I know you don't want to leave Harridien, I don't either, but you said that Barthalameu's home is safer then Gringots, Hogwarts, the Ministry and the Dark Lord's home combined" Rodolphus gave his insight to Bella and let the others hear. Bella nodded sadly and went to get Harridien off the transfigured bed. Draco stood up and went to stand next to Barthalameu and Walden shrunk the luggage, his included, and put them in his pocket while Bella gave her son over to her old mentor.

"Please keep him safe, I lost him once and nearly lost him for real. I don't think I can handle him being taken by the light again, not knowing what'll happen if they get their hands on him" Bella told Barthalameu her worries, almost like she did when she was a little girl. Barthalameu shifted Harry and put a hand on Bella's cheek and made her look at him.

"I will die before the light gets a hold of him" Barthalameu vowed with a soft smile. Bella nodded and kissed her son's head before backing up to her husband's waiting arms. Just as Walden threw in the floo as they all stood in the fireplace and Barthalameu said the destination, Harry open his eyes and looked at his mother. His eyes shined in love and sadness before closing and going back to sleep, then the group disappeared in the green fire.

-Jinxs' Manor-

The group stepped out of the floo and were met by a young boy, who looked to be about a year or two younger then Harry and Draco, a older man, he seemed to be the boys father if looks were anything to go by, and a young woman, who seemed to be the boys mother as their hair matched with a dark leafy green. Barthalameu walked and placed Harry on a couch that was just a few feet to the side of the floo system. He turned to Draco and Walden then to the three that stood in his home.

"Right introductions, as you know I'm Barthalameu Jinxs" Barthalameu said then turned to the young woman next to him, "This is my daughter, Felicity" he brought her forward. Her bright opal eyes shined as she looked at Draco, seeing that he was a fashion person just by how he stood himself. Barthalameu lead her to the side and continued on the introductions.

"Next is my son, Alexis" the name gained a glare from the young man; Barthalameu ignored him and went to the younger boy, "and this is my grand son, Xander, now Alexis, Xander, Felicity. This is Draco Malfoy, Walden MacNair and the one who's currently recovering is Harridien Black" Barthalameu said and breathed in as he ran out of air.

"Now I wish to explain somethings to you before you can be taken to your rooms" Barthalameu said, slightly stern like.

"The grounds are warded so you can leave the house when you want to, but you can't get pass the wards that lay at the end of property, you'll know as soon as you are near them. I have some schedules made for you, Draco, and for Harridien, but his will start when he has awoken, yours however begin at 8 o'clock sharp every day and continue to around 12:30 or 11:00 on weekends" Draco was confused by this, but decided to wait for a break so he could ask questions.

"After that you have lunch and will find something to do until 4:00 where you'll take up some classes with Xander. Felicity will be your tutor until one is hired to accompany your level. After that you have dinner then go relax until bedtime, which is 11:00 since your age. Now before I continue with some rules do you have any questions?" he asked Draco.

"Yes Sir just two. What is going on? And why do we have schedules?" Draco asked.

"Ah I see that Bellatrix and Narcissa have neglected to tell you what is going on. You see, Dumbledore has picked up on the fact that young Harridien is missing from his place that Dumbledore set for him with the Muggles known as the Dursleys" he said with a face as if it left a awful taste in his mouth, which it might have, "and has made a plan to search for him. Your mother and aunt, along with the rest of your family, have sent you here with me as they go into hiding for a while until things have cooled down. Walden is here to keep an eye on you and Harridien as a favor to your uncle and aunt Why you have schedules is for a completely different reason and will take a bit so let's take a seat shall we?" he asked before heading into the room, Walden grabbed Harry as they began to move, he was disturbed by how light he felt and how small. They all started taking seats around the main one that Barthalameu took his place in.

"Now before I begin on answering your question I need to give you some information. I'm from a long line of therapists and am specialized in child psychology. This is due to my history, which is a tale for another time, what i wished to pursue and due to the fact that children have a different thought process then adults and they have different limits with what they can take in forms of abuse, whether it comes from relatives, parents, friends, peers, or just from yourself, and at times they can't handle the things in their life from stress, past experiences, emotional trauma, mental trauma, psychological trauma, things that they've witnessed and think is their fault or have been made to believe in the words of others. They need more help to cope with what they know as they're ignorant of certain things in their lives.

"Now I know you're confused on why I'm revealing this so I'll go ahead with a little history before I tell you about the schedule. Since you are a Black by blood you have a chance of having some sort of problem with you and your mind set, which you may or may not know about, the latter being more likely. The Black family has a long history with having some sort of event happen in which some of the Black kin having a trauma of some-sort, usually two or three a generation have shown signs, and have to have therapy.

"Your mother and both of your aunts have been through this, though your mother never received therapy for unknown reasons. Your aunt Bellatrix was one of the children in my care when she was younger and over time became my apprentice in the art of psychology and observing people. From what I'm told, you might have some of your mother's problems passed down to you and don't know it so Bellatrix believed, due to observation, that you need to have some therapy sessions to see if it's true, if it is your therapy continues, if not then you have free roam for the day. As for Harridien he has had more traumatic events happen in his life, and due to the suicide attempt, needs therapy to help him cope with things. Now do you have anymore?" Barthalameu asked. Draco wanted to ask about the events, it was gossip and it was information on his cousin and why he was the way he was, but he shook his head as he had a feeling that he would know later.

"I see, now as for rules I have only a few. The first is to not go wondering around the manor as some of the rooms and hallways are off limits due to some items they hold. Next is that you eat all your meals unless your busy with school work or working on your spell work, something that we will start later with Walden being your instructor, other then that don't skip meals or Felicity will track you and bring you down to eat. Third, no fighting in the manor, unless in the dueling chamber and it's dueling or spell work, but no attacking anyone unless they are having the intent of harming you. Fourth, don't go into the gardens or greenhouses unless accompanied by Felicity, Alexis or myself. Fifth, do your school work or work assigned to you. Six, don't go into any of my or anyone else's private rooms unless allowed by the person. And finally rule seven, don't use the floo network or try to, it'll be shut off to anyone under twenty for safety reasons.

"Nothing real hard to do, if these rules are broken though you will be punished by my, or who ever is of a higher authority of you that caught you breaking the rules, standards am I clear?" Barthalameu explained. To the question that was asked, Draco nodded and looked over to his cousin and saw his eye lids shift as if he was dreaming.

"Alright now let me have someone show you to your rooms, Elli!" Barthalamu called out. A few seconds later a house elf appear, it's big sea-foam green eyes looked up to his master.

"Yes master, what is Elli to do for you?" Elli asked, eager to help his master.

"I want you to show Draco and Walden to their rooms as well as show them Harridien's room so they can place him in there" he order in a calm voice. Elli nodded and squeaked for the duo to follow him, Harry was being carried by Walden again.

After they left, Barthalameu turned to his children and grandchild. He told Xander to go play as he needed to speak with Alexis and Felicity alone. When he was gone he turned to his son and daughter, the only two children he had left of the Jinxs line that weren't married or with children of their own. He cleared his throat and began talking.

"As you observed Draco I want you to tell me what you saw" he said to them. Alexis started talking before his sister.

"Draco was trying his best to prove himself to us and not show that he didn't understand a few things that you told him" he said then let Felicity take over.

"He's shy and self conscious, fearing that we have a bad judgment on him. He seems a bit too reclusive for a normal person, shy with few words, and far too observant for someone his age. He seemed to be holding back somethings unconsciously to protect himself from being hurt and he seemed concerned about his cousin, though strange as you said that Bella-bells had told you that they were enemies in school and couldn't care if the other was harmed, so I guessing that due to some event that happened recently, he has a bond with his cousin that confuses him and he won't peruse it" Felicity said and looked to Alexis to see if he had seen those things too.

He nodded to show he did see those things in his observation.

"Yes now when Harridien wakes up he going to be confused, frightened and might lash out so Felicity I want you to be there as he may see you as a older sister or aunt to confide in or help him relax due to the similarity you have with his mother, Bellatrix" Barthalameu told her. Felicity nodded un acceptance of her task and waited for more instructions.

"When you calm him down and explain things to him, just the few I tell you to tell him, you observe his behavior and report what you see that deals any clues that might show any sign of his past abuse" he told her and then turned to Alexis, "Alexis I want you to be Draco's therapist as you're more skilled then Felicity and due to the fact that I have to give round the clock sessions with Harry for a while until he's calm and won't seem to close up about somethings, namely school, friends and family as well as an event that Bellatrix told me about, I'll give you the file later on what that is when I learn that event, from what I know it has to deal with a second cousin of his that was his godfather from his the people he was placed with before they were killed.

"Once I've gotten him to open up I'll have Felicity take up half of the scheduled sessions, maybe mornings as he might be less coherent and more likely to speak to you then me, and take over with Draco for some days" Barthalameu said to his son. His children nodded at their set tasks and left when dismissed, leaving Barthalameu alone so he could do some work of his own before things got his own schedule full.

-Upstairs: 30 minutes before-

Draco and Walden appeared from the stair way that Elli lead them up from the bottom floor. The house elf happily explained some areas that they weren't allowed to go to, namely to Draco and Harry, but Harry didn't know at the moment, and pointed out where Barthalameu's room was, Alexis' and Felicity's, it seemed that Xander was on the first floor as the elf pointed downward when he explained that Xander wasn't too fond of the upper floors due to an accident that happened when he was younger.

The first room they arrived to was Draco's room, Next to it a little ways down and on the right side of the hallway was Walden's and at the end of the hall on the same side as Draco's room was Harry's. They headed to Harry's room so they could place him in there without worrying about him that much, though the worry was still there for Draco more then Walden at the moment, then they went to Draco's. Inside of the room the Walls were done in all the shades of blues and some green. The floor was covered with a cream coloured carpet and off to the left was his bed, a standard queen sized with a dark blue cover over it so they couldn't tell what anything else was.

Two doors were on the right side of them room, one being a closet and the other a bathroom. Walden left Draco after giving him his trunk, stating that his room was off limits unless there was an emergency or he was invited, so Draco was left to himself. Draco pulled his resized trunk behind him to his closet to unpack. In the closet, Draco noticed that it was a very large walk in closet that had several rows to place clothing on and there was a dresser for socks, underwear and other items of the sorts.

It took him about ten minutes to clean out the clothes from his trunk and put them up, due to size of the closet, Draco's clothes took up just three rows. He set to put his other items away before going out to put his books away, he noticed a bookcase on the wall that the main door was located. It took him five minutes to spell the books up and away then he put his trunk beside the bookcase, unsure of what to do with the parchment, ink and quills for the time being as he was missing a desk.

When he was done he realized that he was tired from the days activities and moved to the bed. It was soft to the touch and he couldn't tell if he was on a bed or someone had enchanted it to be like a cloud for it was comforting. He fell asleep before he even reached the head of the bed.

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