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I am going to die.

The thought rolled through my head over and over as the waves crashed against my Jeanneau – hard. With the shit ton of poor choices that I made in a given day, I deserved to die.

Firstly, sailing without checking the god damned weather first. What kind of novice does that?

Secondly, venturing out through the Rosario Strait without one trace of an idea as to where I was going. Idiot.

Thirdly, and most important, putting an innocent life at risk.

I checked all of my guilty counts one by one as I held onto the helm with all of my might, steering through the rain that pelted against my skin. The sun had set and with the weather at its most offensive point, I couldn't see anything but the rotating light in the distance. Another swell crashed against my yacht, spilling water onto the deck. Panic started to creep up in the form of a shiver that radiated in my spine.


Uselessly wiping the water from my face, I turned toward the voice.

"Head toward the lighthouse!"

I turned away and whimpered to myself.

You're going to die, Cullen. And you deserve to.

I shook my head.

Pull yourself together, you dumb fuck.

The voice cried out again. Such a beautiful voice.

"Edward! Please…the lighthouse is our only chance!"

I froze. I can't explain why I didn't do anything – at all – but I did nothing. I continued blankly steering as if I had nothing to lose. I felt a chilled hand on my face, pulling my line of sight so that I only saw her. Her dark, soaked hair was sticky against her dripping face. Her rich brown eyes held both resolve and fear. I wanted to apologize to this innocent angel, but nothing would come out.

"Oh god, Edward. You're in shock. Can you hear me?"

Her skin felt nice against mine. I leaned into her touch and sighed as I floated away from this hell that I was responsible for. I knew something wasn't right. She was so smart.

"Jesus. Edward, I need you to steer. I can't do this by myself! Wake the fuck up!"

Another swell slammed against the starboard side, separating her skin from mine. Her eyes fell further and further away from me. I heard the voice cry out for me as I slipped away, weightless in the air. My legs were fluid, moving freely as if there was no gravity.

I fell against something hard, something painful. I felt the warmth seep out of my head as the salty cold enveloped me. The lifejacket tried valiantly to keep my afloat, but my consciousness was waning.

The darkness swiftly took me. Although, before it did, one though flitted through my mind. A prayer. More like pleading, bargaining.

Please God. Please help let my angel live.

My Bella.