Storms on the Horizon
Introduction and teaser

Authors Introduction

I shouldn't have ideas. Or, more accurately, I should have less ideas. I can't seem to finish one without four others cropping up. Now if enough people like this one I'll see what I can do but I can't promise anything.

Patrick Troughton Is one of my all time favourite Doctors and given what he had to do which wasn't just sell that he was the Doctor but make us believe in the concept of regeneration that's saying something. He could have done a carbon copy performance of Harnel and no one would blame him but instead he brought his own to the role and helped shape it into the greatest sci-fi character ever written.

One of the great things about the Doctor is his companions, they are often the best humanity has to offer. With Amy as one of the best, there is something about Scottish companions that push them head and shoulders above their colleagues.

Hang on... Scottish, companion, Second Doctor... Here we go!


Because throwing some characters together without a plot is a little crass and indeed plot-less. I'm going to have to give a reason for it and there's a couple of ideas I want to get out of the way. So the BBC own Doctor Who and MGM owns Stargate SG-1. I don't own any of them and do not intend to make any money from their use.


There were a lot of things James McCrimmon, piper for the clan McLaren and traveller in time and space, didn't like. Big armoured men with strange quarter-staffs that launched fireballs had very quickly gone to the top of his list.

The Doctor was about to take them to a holiday planet. Victoria was tired and if Jamie was honest so was he. A holiday on the Eye of Orion sounded nice. Right up until the point when the TARDIS lurched to one side like a small raft smashed against the rocks of a shoreline.

Almost as soon as they landed the Doctor panicked, even worse than usual and began flicking all sorts of switches Jamie would have sworn weren't there before. By the time Jamie had helped Victoria up to her feet the Doctor had bolted for the doors. There was something terribly wrong. Jamie followed the Doctor out, warning Victoria to stay inside. It was a good thing he had. A couple of minutes after leaving the TARDIS four armoured and armed men marched up and took both Jamie and the Doctor prisoner. Jamie had never seen anything like them before, but he knew they weren't friendly. Their armour was a mix of dull metal and chain-mail, they also had a mark on their foreheads he didn't recognise.

For a moment the Doctor tried to talk his way out of trouble, but as usual that just dug them deeper. It wasn't long before the four of them marched Jamie and the Doctor into a hollow in the hillside. It wasn't that deep and there was a long winding path that they took down to the bottom.

There were two buildings they were being marched to. One was a stone castle, or something that looked a lot like one. It was short and had walls around a sort of tower. Next to it sat a giant golden pyramid with a metal frame around it. When the Doctor saw them he began biting a knuckle.

Now they were trapped in what Jamie guessed was a dungeon inside the big pyramid. If it was a jail it was one of the better ones he had been in in his time with the Doctor, but it was still a prison.

The Doctor wasn't much help, he just stared into the distance as if he was trying to unravel a knot with his mind. Finally the highlander got bored with walking back and forth. 'What is going on Doctor?' he asked for what felt like the hundredth time.

Finally he looked up. 'Someone, here, is making very dangerous experiments in time travel Jamie.'

'And that's bad?'

'Very bad.' he snapped. 'You shouldn't play with time unless you know what you're doing. That's what made us crash.'

'They did it?' Jamie gasped.

The Doctor stood up. 'I hardly think it was deliberate Jamie. Whatever they did caused a hiccup in time and we hit it like a sandbar.' He began to wring his hands 'Oh dear, oh dear, this isn't good. If those egotistical deluded fools are playing with time travel there's no telling the damage they'll do.'

Jamie was about to ask him what it meant when he heard someone outside shouting. '... And you better let me go right now or so help me...' They were Scottish and angry. Another two armoured men opened the door, a whole wall sliding up and into the roof. Between them was a tall young woman with long red hair. They had her by the arms, but that didn't keep her from kicking and shouting up a storm. 'Let me go!' she cried out as they threw her in.

The wall fell back into place quickly behind her, almost as if the two guards were afraid of her. Jamie couldn't blame them, he'd seen women when they were angry before but this girl was almost spitting fire and brimstone. She was kicking and screaming at the door for a good minute before giving up.

Huffing indignantly she put her back to the wall and sat down, giving the wall a good elbowing that made it ring like a dull bell. She was almost crying, something terrible had happened to her and she was ready to kill someone or something.

The Doctor shared a look with Jamie, whoever this was she wasn't happy and not afraid to let everyone in earshot know it. Jamie honestly believed she could shout down an English regiment given half the chance. 'Hello.' the Doctor said, rummaging in his pockets and pulling out a brown paper bag. 'Jelly baby?'

She looked at him, blinking. 'They're just jelly babies.' The Doctor assured her taking one out and giving it to Jamie. 'It looks like we're all in a bit of a fix. If we work together we might find a way out of this. Are you sure you don't want one?'

Still giving him a wary look the girl took one, Jamie noticing that she had coloured her fingernails bright red. Savagely she bit the candy's head off 'Amy Pond' she said, and swallowed the rest.


'My name, Amy Pond. Who are you and what's going on?'

End Teaser