Storms on the Horizon
Chapter Two

Amy paced the cell. 'So what you're saying is that my Doctor is out there, right now, with an army of aliens looking for him?'

The Not-Doctor gave her a critical look. 'Well I wouldn't say they were looking for him.' he said evasively before adding; 'Yet.'

That was all she needed. 'Well I'm not just going to sit here waiting for who knows what to come through that door. I'm getting out of here!' she turned on the highlander. 'You coming?'

Jamie winced and then looked at the two of them before siding with the old man. The Not-Doctor stood up. 'Look, it's fairly simple. We don't know where or when we are and only a rough idea who's captured us. Now we could try and escape and get nowhere, or we can wait and find out what's going on.'

Amy looked back helplessly. He was right. Siting down she sighed, pulling her legs up close. 'Don't worry my dear, I'm sure wherever your Doctor is he's having a very interesting time.' He shuffled around in his pockets for a moment before pulling out a paper bag. 'Jelly baby?'

Marcus woke up slowly, he could feel a cool, damp, cloth being pressed to the side of his head. Taking great care not to touch the burn on his forehead. Someone was tending to him and he didn't care who it was. His mind was still on fire from the punishment his God had chosen to inflict, but that didn't matter. A thousand punishments weren't enough for what he had done.

'He's waking up.' It was a woman's voice, just above a quiet whisper. 'Are you alright?' she asked. They sounded concerned, even worried about him. Despite himself he felt a hot tear of shame roll down his cheek.

Forcing his eyes open Marcus saw a beautiful girl with dark brown hair kneeling over him by the flickering candle light. Wincing at the stabbing pain in his eyes Marcus pulled himself up and tried to look around. It was sunset and he could see the red sky though his bared window.

He had no memory of being taken back to his cell and no idea why he wasn't alone. As well as the girl there was a strange man pushing against the wall.

The man turned to him. 'Ahh hello, don't worry we're friends.' he smiled reassuringly, or the closest thing he could manage to it, before investigating the wall again.

'Run.' Marcus croaked out before the strength left him. It was only the girl's quick reaction that kept his head from hitting the floor. He didn't know how they got in, but they had to listen to him. 'Run, get out of here.' he hissed from between clenched teeth.

'Don't try to move.' she told him, Pushing him down gently . 'What happened?'

'I, I failed my God. He... he punished me.' The former Guardian felt hot tears fall down his face again. 'My people...' Like a punch to the gut Marcus looked over to the window again.

'They were out there, weren't they?' The man said grimly.

'My people.' Marcus repeated, beginning to feel cold.

'...Doctor?' The girl whispered and the man gave up his inspection of the wall, coming to Marcus's side.

The man, no he was a doctor, looked into Marcus's eyes and pressed two fingers to his neck 'Shock.' the doctor said. 'His people were outside, that means their gone.'

'You mean… Gone?' the girl asked going pale.

He looked back grimly, whoever this doctor was he knew. Somehow he knew. 'I tried.' Marcus explained. 'I tried, but I wasn't worthy.'

'They needed you, forced you to something for them and blamed you when it went wrong.'

Marcus nodded, but instead of blame he only saw compassion on their faces. Almost with a sense of relief he closed his eyes and slept.

Without warning the door flew up into the ceiling and Amy scrambled to her feet. Two of the silly armoured men marched in, noisily. Then another man walked in and Amy almost burst out laughing.

The new guy was about as tall as the Not-Doctor and wrapped in what looked like red and purple curtains. Sweeping into the room the stranger looked around with a sneer on his bronzed face. It wasn't a tanning sort of bronze, but layers and layers of golden make up, only broken by the ridiculous amount of coal black eyeliner and a long goatee beard. Just looking him Amy had a hard time not laughing in his face. Almost as if that wasn't enough he had oiled, slicked back hair and wore enough perfume to bring tears to her eyes.

'I am your God,' He announced in a high-pitched voice. 'Kneel before me.' his sneer quickly twisted into a disdainful snarl when they didn't do as he said.

'God of what? Amy asked trying to wave the smell away.

His eyes went wide before he smiled. 'Ahh very pretty.' he cooed and Amy felt she was being sized up like a side of meat. 'I am Ptah, the creator.' He introduced himself., his voice sounding like he'd either been sucking on helium or was part chipmunk. 'This is my world, everything on it is mine. Including you.'

Amy took a step back, but the creep quickly reached out and took her by the jaw. 'Jamie stay back.' the Not-Doctor whispered.

'But Doctor!' Jamie growled and Amy guessed what was happening behind her. Her fellow Scot was probably going to try and help her deal with the grabby pervert. It was sweet, but she didn't need it. She knew how to deal with people like him.

Shaking her head she sent a swift knee into the so called God's stomach, pushing him back, before punching him across the face with all her strength.

There was a long pause where no one moved, Amy wasn't sure if the guards were even breathing. After a moment Ptah turned to face her and Amy almost took a step back. He didn't just look angry, Amy didn't think anyone could look that mad and be completely sane. Pulling his hand from his mouth he pulled a face and looked down.

Blind rage was replaced with horror, his bottom lip was cut and blood was on his hand, he looked at it with shock. The guards did the same and flowed as the insane would-be-god ran out of the cell.

The Not-Doctor let out a breath. 'Amy, my dear, don't do that again. They could have killed you!'

Wincing she rubbed her wrist. 'He didn't though. Why didn't he?'

The small man came up to her and had a look, 'Sprained.' He muttered, after turning her hand over a couple of times he pulled her little finger.

'Ow' she winced, but it hadn't really hurt. Wiggling her fingers her hand suddenly felt fine.

'Who was that man, and why did he run away like that?' Jamie asked.

'That, Jamie, was a Goa'uld. Well mostly.' The Not-Doctor sighed. 'For several thousand years they tried to rule the galaxy. You see they're parasites Jamie. They take some humans as hosts and enslave others.'

'Enslaved?' Amy and Jamie said at once.

The Not-Doctor looked at the walls for a moment, wringing his hands before sighing. 'They're mad of course, but that doesn't mean their not dangerous. They stole whatever technology they could find and used it to impress the primitive humans scattered across the galaxy.'

'Do they really think they're Gods?' Amy asked.

'Some might.' He said grimly, then clicked his fingers. 'That's it, Ptah really believes he is a god! That could have been the first time he ever saw his own blood!'

Before the Not-Doctor could say anymore the door swished open again. One of the two guards came in. He looked around, almost nervously, before looking at Amy. 'Are you of the Tau'ri?' He asked her, something close to awe in his voice.

Amy didn't have a clue what he was talking about. 'Urm, What? I don't...'

'Yes, yes she is.' The Not-Doctor said, interrupting her.

The strange guard walked up to her. 'It's said that only the Tau'ri can hurt a God.' he was just as tall as her, but heavy built and a lot more muscular. His dark skin had almost a golden tinge to it, but it was a lot more natural than his boss. There was also a tattoo, that looked like a cross with a loop at the top, on his forehead.

'He's not a God.' she told him. 'He's just a creep with a load of makeup.' For a moment they stared at each other, Amy didn't have a clue as to what they were doing though. It looked like he was struggling with something she couldn't begin to understand and all she could do was look back and try not to look confused.

Then he turned to leave, but she hadn't finished. 'What makes him a God?' Amy called out spitefully as the door closed behind him.

'The fact that they fear him.' The Not-Doctor told her quietly.

Victoria didn't know what to make of the Young Doctor, he was a lot taller and younger than her friend, but he seemed older. The way he hunched over as he walked was like that of an old man. Then there was that strange light he shone on things, and muttered at. 'What's wrong?' She asked

He closed the top of the thing and tapped it against his head. 'I'm missing something. I know I am, what is it?' he started pacing with that strange bandy legged gait. 'What is it about these walls?'

'The walls?'

'Yes, the walls. I've seen them before. Something like them. It's very important and I can't think what.'

'Uhh.' The prisoner groaned as he woke up. Gently Victoria helped him sit up again.

'Are you alright?' she asked him.

He blinked owlishly at her. 'I thought it was a dream, but you're really here aren't you.'

'Yes, yes we are.'

He tried to push himself to his feet but didn't have the strength. 'How did you get in?'

'We climbed in through the window.' she explained. My name is Victoria and this,' she paused, not sure how to introduce them, 'this is The Doctor.'

'Marcus, my name is Marcus. I was the Guardian here, until our God came.'

'What happened, exactly.' the Young Doctor asked kneeling next to him. 'Try and start from the beginning.'

Marcus nodded, 'We lived in peace here since my grandfather was a boy. The stories tell of a time when my people were abandoned by our gods, left to make our own way. After a time we learnt how to use the Eye of the Gods. Their great rings to travel far. To where the sky's were different.

'It is said we found many peoples, but they shunned us.' the poor man continued, 'We were wanders, unwelcome and rejected. That was until we found this place, our promised land. The Tower was here waiting for us. My great-grandfather, the Protector at the time, found the chair. It welcomed him and showed him how to use it to protect the people.'

The Young Doctor nodded 'You became hermits and found an Ancient research outpost. Nothing else to do you set up shop. Right, makes sense. So skip on, what happened more recently?'

'We thought our Gods gone, then Lord P'tar came. He reminded us of our duty to him.' There was a catch in his voice Victoria couldn't miss.

Neither did the Doctor. 'How meant did they kill?'

'His Jaffa sacrificed nearly a hundred. I drew my sword to strike them down and he summoned lightning against me. I woke up later in chains… If I had just surrendered…'

'You couldn't know.' The Doctor soothed before standing up. 'That's enough for now. Can you stand?'

'I… I think I can.'

'Good, 'cause I think it's well past time we got out of here.' He grinned and almost jumped to the window.

Marcus looked at Victoria, 'Does he do that sort of thing often?'

Victoria honestly didn't know, sometimes he was a complete stranger and others he was the man she knew. 'I guess.' She admitted. 'We'd better follow him. Who knows what sort of trouble he can get into.'

Outside of the castle the three of them crept across the outside wall, ducking under windows and keeping an eye on the walls for lookouts. They carefully sneaked around the corner, moving slowly one at a time. It wasn't long before someone inside shouted and the strange guards began running around on the battlements.

The Young Doctor held up his hand and tapped his lips. The three of them crouched, waiting for some signal only the young man knew to look for. As the seconds became minuets Victoria could hear her heart pounding, getting louder and louder.

'What are we waiting for?' Marcus hissed under his breath.

'For them to figure out we, or rather you, went out the window' The Young Doctor whispered back.

Somewhere inside one of the Guards barked out an order and then another said something that sounded like a curse. Not two seconds later they heard shouts from just around the corner. 'There we go.' The Young Doctor grinned and pulled out what he called a screwdriver.

Waving it under a nearby window it swung open. 'I thought we were trying to get away from here!' Victoria whispered urgently.

'After we just went to all that trouble tricking the Jaffa into thinking we left? Besides I want to see where all this happened.'

'The Throne?' Marcus gasped, 'You bring down the wrath of the Gods!'

'In my time I've insulted better gods than this one.' Something changed in the Young Doctors demeanour, and even though it was night Victoria felt as if a shadow had passed over the sun. 'And I sent them packing. This parasite as got my attention, that's something it's going to regret.'

End Chapter Two