I pushed down the last dusted cardboard box lid, letting out a huge sigh and stepping back, admiring all of the work. Sadness washed over me, but also a little excitement. Sure, I would be leaving the place where I had grown up in my teen years, but I was moving on to somewhere new, another start at life. Somewhere where I could forget my past.

I let out a small shiver that coursed all the way down my spine as I looked at the empty room. I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist and I relaxed, leaning back into his comforting warmth.

"What's wrong?" his husky voice whispered in my ear. I grinned and looked up into his eyes.

"Nothing…I was just remembering some stuff."

"Ahh, is there anything I can do?" he murmured.

"You could distract me?" I suggested.

"Well, in just a few hours we will be in our new home," he grinned, swaying back and forth.

I slowly turned around in his embrace, looking deep into his blue eyes. We stood there for a while, just staring at each other in amazement and disbelief. I smiled before leaning in to plant a short kiss. Gabriel, on the other hand, had other plans, and soon pushed his lips against mine in a sense of urgency. His hand found the back of my neck, and he pressed himself closer to me. I grinned against the force, responding quickly by slamming him up against the wall.

After what seemed hours, we broke free, gasping for air.

"Vivian!" I heard my mother's call.

"Yeah! I'm in my room!" I shouted, taking my eyes off Gabriel and to the door. She soon appeared, smiling sweetly at Gabriel.

"Hello," she said before glancing back at me, "Are you done packing, we only have one more hour!"

"Yeah, I just have to load the boxes, that's all."

"Well then, go do that," she ordered, shutting the door lightly behind her as she walked out.

"I'm sorry that I distracted you too much," Gabriel apologized teasingly, grinning foolishly down at me.

"Oh, that's fine, you can distract me anytime you want," I winked, picking up the first box and turning.

"I'll remember that," he noted before rushing over to a different box, "Here, let me help."

Soon after I had all the boxes loaded into the trunk of a van, I brushed my dusty hand off on my dark jeans. I tied back my long, dark blonde hair in a messy pony tail, looking around at the pack, each standing by their cars and discussing the past few months. I searched until I found Gabriel talking to a few others.

"….we will set up as soon as possible when we get there, get our lives back to normal" he finished before looking at me with a smile, "Hey there stranger" I bounced into his arms grinning

"Do you think I could ride with you, I don't think I could stand my mother for five hours." I said grimacing

"Yeah sure, I'm taking the truck anyways" he said shuffling the length my hand in his, his motorcycle, was strapped to the trunk along with a few boxes of his. I jumped into the front seat, looking into the review mirror, as the last few people climbed into their vehicles, we where really going. Before it was just something to say, but now we where in the action of it, moving away.

I let the window down and my hair free, of the prison that held it together, it whipped around freely. The wind stung my eyes, as I looked out to the highway, that we currently sped along, The Beatles played loudly from the speaker. I let a small sigh looking back at Gabriel,

"How much longer?"

"Three hours" he said grimacing, I let my chin fall on the open window, closing my eyes "I'm sorry it's taking so long, we can go out somewhere to eat in awhile if you like." he said rubbing the back of shirt, bunching it up. I turned around

"Yeah, that sound fun, I suppose" I said smiling.

I let my eyes close as haunting images flashed in my head, Ralph, Aiden, normal nightmares, that crept in my dreams every night. Would they ever disappear? Or just cloud over? I suppose only time would tell. And that's the only thing I had right now, time.

We reached a small dinner, i got of the trunk stretching my limbs. It looked like we where in the middle of a desert, I would never understand why someone would want to live here. Gabriel opened the door, as a annoying bell yelled at our arrival. Air container swam around my body, and I felt my body relax. We soon took a small booth sitting across from each other.

After we had both placed our orders, I leaned back

"How are you doing?" Gabriel smiled

"I'm fine" I said yawning, "Just tired."


"I haven't got much sleep lately," I sighed with a pause, "nightmares."

"I wish you would have told me sooner" he said

"you would have just worried"


"Well, now you know" I said pulling a smile, though I didn't really know how true it was. He let out small sigh grabbing my hand, and giving it a slight squeeze.

Our food came, in only a few minutes, and we both inhaled it down, like animals, no pun intended. After, we walked back out in the blistering sun. I crept forward leaning on the truck down, Gabriel walked up placing both hands on either side of my head.

"You know you can tell me anything" he said leaning in so that only, we could hear our conversion "What happen a month ago wasn't your fault." he brushed strands of hair out my eyes, staring down at me, with an intense look.

"But I brought him to the pack, I told him our secret" I whispered

"He choose his actions and no one else." he growled, I looked down in defeat.

"I know" I whispered

"Do you?" I bit my upper lip, I knew the logic of it, but did I think of it as a fact, no of course not. " I just wanted you to know" he said

"I know, I'm sorry about this, you already have to deal with the pack you shouldn't have to deal with me."

"Is that what you think?" he sounded hurt, I looked up this time, to look into his eyes, he caught my lips, moving them roughly, but so gently at the same time. After he pulled away he cupped my chin

"You are my first priority" he whispered, before capturing my lips for another passionate kiss.

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