The truck finally came to a stop at the end of the dirty road, the air stale and sticky on my skin. I whipped my forehead steeping out of the truck and looking around, we were in a small town about eight thousand in other wards, this town was tiny.

I grimaced as I took a few hesitated steps toward the large building in front of me. It was about four stories high and had a porch wrapping around the each level.

"it's beautiful" I whispered my eyes were stunned at it, it felt so homey like I had lived here my whole life

"Yeah, I thought so too" Gabriel said grinning hosting a box our of the truck.

"here, I'll show you around" he paused taking my hand " before everyone comes"

He lead me into the front room, it was large and had a pool table bar, and living space, with a fire. We walked up each flight of stairs looking down the hallways to see the rooms and decorations on the walls till we came to the fourth floor.

" and if we go through these doors" Gabriel said pushing two large doors aside reviling a breath taking space " We come to…our room"

Oh right, our room, i had almost forgot.

I smiled, let going of his hand and walking in, it had dark brown hard wood with a large fire place, in the front room, though through the hallway on the right there was the large master bedroom with a king size bed with white sheets and covers smoothed down. Connecting to the room was the wrap around porch with over looked the long undisturbed desert. The master bathroom was on the other wall, with a tub that could fit the whole pack.

I felt Gabriel walk up behind me placing his chin on my shoulder

"Do you like it?" he asked in a concerned tone.

"Oh Gabriel! I love it!" I whirled around wrapping my arms around his neck

"Really?" I grinned nodding, he bit his tongue standing up higher and puffing out his chest

"You did good" I muttered my eyes starring up into his as he looked around the room with a satisfied grin

"Good" he sighed, kissing me lightly "I'm glade you like it."

"I do have one question though" his eyebrows pulled together looking down

"And that is?"

"Why on earth dose someone need such an enormous bath tub, I said my eyes darting towards the tub.

"Well, you see this tub can have one… or two people in it at a time and still be comfortable" he said tugging me towards it " and you know, bigger is better, though, you would know that" he grinned devilishly. I blushed biting my tongue, he smilled down at me leaning forward, my eyes were closing when a loud honk from a horn made me jump.

I let out a small sigh as Gabriel ran over to the window in the bedroom looking down

"your mother is here" Gabriel said looking back at me, I walked in the room my hands crossed tightly across my chest

"of course, of all the pack my mother would show up first" I grunted

"She's just trying to protect you from the big bad wolf" he winked jumping out of our door.

I followed him, jumping down one set of stairs, though easily rolling on the floor absorbing the in pact, I stopped Gabriel placing my hand of his chest

"to bad I made my house out of straw" I grinned, he smiled back kissing me lightly on the lips, then taking my hand walking down the rest of the stairs.

My mother was waiting for us at the end of the stair both hands filled with luggage, her eyes wondering, Gabriel jumped forward grabbing her suitcases

"Here let me help" she grinned up at him

"why, thank you" she said " What a gentleman" I grinned down at her

"a good drive, I suppose?" I said

"yes, not much of a scenic drive, but none the less, still good." he mumbled dusting her hands off on her jeans. She grinned looking around " Well this…this is nice" she turned around finishing a 360 before looking back at Gabriel

"you found a lovely new home" she smiled, he grinned back, beginning to walk up the stairs

"Here I'll show you to your room." he said, my mother was close behind rambling on and on to Gabriel.

I heard a car pull up and the front door swing open to revel Will and Finn. I grimaced taking a step back but it was to late, I was picked up by Will who gave me one of the largest bear hugs

"Sis!" Finn yelled, I grunted pushing Will back,

"Hey guys" I muttered

"awh, come on!" Will yelled pulling me into a head lock.

"Just because we left the pack for a little, and you became the alpha girl doesn't mean you have to be Queen bitch!" Finn yelled " what up!" he high-fived Will

"Get a life" I said though my bones began to relax, I hadn't seen Will or Finn since right after Ralph Died, they left to travel up to Canada, in other words get away from the pack.

"Where is Gregory and Ulf?" Finn asked, now calm

"Their not here yet, but they should be here soon." I said, as grin spreading across my lips

"what?" they asked in unison

"You'll see." I mumbled a devilish grin on my lips, Gabriel walked down the stairs then his eyes wide

"Willem! Finn!"

"Hey!" they both said

"How are you two?"

"Awesome" Finn said

"Fantastic" Will replied, I grimaced , they were creating a mask, trying to hide their true feelings, no doubt about it.

I heard a few more cars pull up and door shutting

"maybe our boys are here" Finn said jumping towards the door. I smiled as I watched them bounce out like little puppies.

It only took them a half second to come back rocketing inside, both of them beginning to crack up with laughter

"This has to be a joke" Finn said through tear filled laughter

"A prank!" Will continued as if to answer why they were in such a mess, Gregory stepped through the door, he had a newly hair cut, with dark think glasses, and wore jeans with a blazer.

The instance they caught his eye again they both fell to the ground laughing,

"It's to good!" Finn yelled clutching his stomach

"Hey guys" Gregory said he pulled his fingers through his hair, grimacing.

"How long have we been gone?" Finn asked, both of them now standing back up " Fifty years?"

"What do you mean? he looks smashing!" I said now taking offensive, it was I anyways, who had gave him his make over

"thanks Viv." Gregory said looking back at the twins

"He looks like my father!" Will said

"He looks mature." I said shaking my head "something you two will never understand."

"Hey, I can be very mature!" Finn said "But I don't have to look like a prick while being so."

"He looks handsome" I said sharply, I saw that both Will and Finn give up but couldn't resist the occasional chuckle.

It took another hour before everyone had arrived, and another five, before all the boxes had been placed in the right rooms.

Will and Finn walked towards the door when Gabriel stopped him

"where are you two going?"

"to find the pub"

"your not old enough"

"Never stopped you" they said slipping past him, I walked up to Gab sliding my hands around his waist

"don't bother" I whispered, he chuckled shaking his head

"their as stubborn as I once was." he mutter sighing, I laughed kissing his neck

"Vivian!" I heard a squeal, I sighed turning around to find Jessica, Gregory's new girlfriend, he picked her up one night while out on a run, she was rouge and was offered to come into our pack.

"Hey…" I said

"Can you show me to my room, I am so lost!" she said quickly "I was never this rich to get this kind of house" awh, there it was the second line, I liked to call her type 'the insult at the second line' she would always add something that would make you bite your tongue

"Yeah sure" I muttered walking forward

"You know I am sooo happy to be here" he grinned " though I would be more happy if we were in Hawaii, but I guess Gabriel can only afford estate in the middle of no where" I sighed shaking my head.

Once I was finish showing Jessica around I began to walk down the stairs to find a large group of people standing around the middle of the room. I ran down pushing through to find Finn lying on the sofa his clothes ripped and soaked with blood

"what happened!" I asked

"We are not the only ones out here, there is another pack." Will muttered darkly "And they aren't werewolf's."

I forgot about how I would moving in with Gabriel, leaving my mother on her own. It was fine though, I was happy to move with Gabriel it would be wonderful to wake up beside him everyday, to never have to leave to go home.

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