I sat in English class, bored as fucking hell. God, could it be any more boring than this? I looked over at one of my mates, Jeph. I tried to make him notice my attempt silent chatting or note sending, but he wouldn't take his eyes away from the pen he was playing with.

With no luck, I turned around to face one other friend, Alicia. I tried to get her attention by making small noises, whispering her name and winking at her. With no luck doing that I finally gave in on making a fool out of myself, and threw a pencil on her.

"Ouch!" She let out once it hit her head. She looked around trying to find the guilty one. I just sat there giggling and winking at her. "Fraaank that hurt!" She complained. I just giggled more.

"Mr. Iero, if you can't keep quiet you will get detention." The nasty, old teacher told me. I fucking hate that bitch, she had always been mean to me. Alicia quickly turned to face the wall beside her and tried to hold back laughter.

I shut up and gave the teacher death glares the moment she looked away from me.

I stopped trying to get my friends attention, and just started drawing nothing on my book. The bell rang after an eternity and I quickly got up and ran out of the room. I searched around for Alicia and Jeph in the hall, only finding Alicia.

"Hey, wanna do something after school?" I asked her, smiling.

"Are you going to explain why you threw a pencil at me?" She glared at me, I knew she was faking, but she still scared me a little.

"Trying to get your attention, obviously. Wanna do something?"

"Aww, am I that pretty?" She said, giggling a little. She knew I was gay, but she just loved making jokes about her looks. "Yeah, sure. I don't got anything else to do."

We went to lunch and then back to class. We had all classes together, we just weren't allowed to sit together. Short story shorter, we talk way too much.

We had yet another two hours of English today, I different teacher though, thank god!

"We're going to have a project," The young male teacher that I didn't know the name of said. "We're going together two and two. I decide the groups." He said I with that strong tone that meant ' no exceptions. No questions. I decide it all'.

"The project is about whatever you want from the English book. You're all going to present it in front of the class or only me, if you're too scared. It's going to be at least 10 pages. The groups are; Jamia Nestor and Travis Barker, Lindsey Ballato and Alicia Simmons," I sighed deep. Fuck, she was my best friend in this class, maybe I would get together with Jeph. He kept saying names of all the people here.

"Quinn Allman and Bert McCracken, Jeph Howard and Dan Whitesides, Gerard Way and Frank Iero, Spencer Smith and Jon Walker and last Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross." Gerard? I got the group with Gerard? Oh, fuck. This can't end well. I haven't talked to him in more than a year, maybe two.

Why does everyone except me always get the partner they want? Fuck. I looked around the room to see where Gerard was sitting. He slowly stood up and walked over to me. "Hey…" He said in a low voice.

"Hi…" I said back. We started working on the project. We chose to write about London.

"Class is almost over, start packing and sit down in your seats." The teacher said. Gerard started packing his things and was on his way to stand up, when I started talking.

"Hey, how about you come over to my place, so we can finish this shit?" His face looked shocked, his mouth dropped a bit and his eyes widened. After some seconds a smile appeared on his face.

"Yeah, sure." He started walking over to his seat and sat down. A few minutes past until the teacher said we could go.

Gerard stood in the parking lot waiting for me when I got out. He was leaning on my pretty awesome car. I walked over to him and smiled. I opened the car and he got in. "Want a ride?" I asked while he fastened his seatbelt. I rolled my eyes, I had never asked him to ride with me.

Gerard walked slowly into the house he had walked in and out of so many times in the past. He looked around, mouth slightly open. "Wow, everything is just like it was…" He started walking to where he knew my room was, and open the door slowly. He gasped even more. Old pictures of us were on the wall where I had pictures with friends, the painting we once made still beside the window.

I started blushing slightly, forgetting that it was still there. I had gotten so used to it, I couldn't picture walking into my room without seeing it. "Frankie…" Gerard said in a low voice. He had his back towards me, but I heard a sob and he pulled his arm up to his eyes.

We stood there awkward for what seemed an eternity. "So, should we start with the project?" He said, his voice hoarse. I nodded and walked into the room, throwing my backpack on the floor. He did the same and jumped into my bed. I jumped in too. "So, London…"