An Angel's Touch

By Carol M.

Summary: E/O challenge…safe…Sam and Dean are having a hell of a time busting open a lock. Fortunately, Castiel's got the magic touch, much to Dean's chagrin.

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Sam twisted the pick uselessly in the lock of the safe deposit box. "Man, this thing's really stuck," he complained, frowning at Dean and Castiel.

"Step aside, Sammy, let me show you how it's done." Dean took out his gun and fired at the box. The bullet ricocheted off the lock with a spark, nearly capping him in the ass before it burrowed spent in a wall.

Sam snorted. "Well done, Dean."

"That was not at all successful," remarked Castiel.

"Yeah, thanks for the memo," Dean huffed.

"Allow me." Castiel pointed at the box and it flew open.

"Show off."

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