Author's Notes: I just wrote this up very very quickly back in November, having been inspired while reading twodocotor's lovely fic, "Moment" on LiveJournal. It doesn't really resemble the fic that much, just the fact that it's Ianto thinking about Jack while Jack's sleeping. But it's a great little one-shot, you should check it out! I just now realized I hadn't posted this on here yet.

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When it came to Jack, Ianto was nothing. Well, almost nothing. Just a blip. Just a few years in centuries of a lifetime. If he died, when he died, Jack would feel sad, perhaps a bit torn, but no more than he did for Tosh and Owen and probably less than when Gwen dies. He had no illusions about that.

Ianto wouldn't be here forever, he was only mortal and would one day die. Maybe not today, hopefully not tomorrow, but some day and soon, he was going to die. The thought chilled Ianto's veins, made his stomach drop and his heart pound. He was going to die. He had only two options for his death: in a blaze of glory, a hero's death or quietly, in old age. The second seemed highly unlikely, yet he didn't want to let go of the possibility. He clung to it desperately though he kept it buried deep inside. He didn't want to give himself false hope, but he feared what would happen if he succumbed to the reality.

Ianto would have been ignorant of how this would affect his lover had he not taken up the habit of watching Jack while the immortal slept. Sometimes Jack lied peacefully, but most nights he thrashed as different names dribbled from his lips in pained breaths. He had loved so many people, just as he loved Ianto, and he still ended up in someone else's bed mourning their loss years after.

For Ianto their time together was made up of tiny moments like this: curled up beside Jack's warm body as snow fell outside. For Jack it was made up of events: Lisa, the cannibals, Abaddon, Jack's disappearance and return, the night before Tommy Brockless went back...the list went on.

And though they all proved the affection the meant felt for each other, still questions niggled at the back of Ianto's brain, eating away at it like a worm. When would he become nothing more than a nightmare for Jack? When would the time come when he slept in someone else's embrace, Ianto's name whispered into the dark?

Jack shifted slightly in his sleep, mumbled something that sounded like taco fame (whatever the hell that meant) and tightened his arms around Ianto, bringing him closer. The increased warmth soon lulled Ianto back to sleep, but one thought traveled with him into his dreams: Ianto Jones may just be a moment in time, but he was determined to never be forgotten.

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