Hi everyone! This chapter may have some spelling mistakes so if it does, I'm sorry about that. This is my second Phineas and Ferb fanfic! And this one isn't based off a book! The first chapter is pretty boring, but chapter 2 is where it starts to get good, so don't go anywhere if you don't like chapter 1!

"Good morning, Pinky!" Isabella Garcia Shapiro exclaimed to her dog. She got off her bed and walked up to her pink covered dresser.

"Do you hear that?" Isabella said putting her hand behind her ear. "It's my sash calling for some new patches!" She took the sash covered with many patches, changed into her fireside girl uniform, and ran outside.

She ran into the forest that was right behind her house, across the fence in her backyard. She past tall trees and odd-looking bushes. Finally, she saw a familiar looking clubhouse in the distance. As she got closer, the clubhouse looked more clear to her that it was the one she was looking for.

Isabella heard voices from inside the fort. But as she got closer, the voices died down. The blinds in the windows were shut. The lights turned off. Everything was quiet.

Isabella broke the silence by doing her secret fireside girl knock.

"Look alive people! It's our fearless leader!" Isabella heard Gretchen, one of the fireside girls, say.

Gretchen answered the door, while the rest of the fireside girls started to put away water balloons and slingshots.

Isabella happily walked through the door. "Hey guys!" she said, "What'cha doin'?"

"Earning patches. What else is new?" Holly, an African American fireside girl replied.

"Well, have you guys figured out what patch to get today?" Isabella inquired, "because I have a suggestion!"

Adyson rolled her eyes. "Let me guess, the 'let's help Phineas and Ferb patch'?"

"For the billionth time, Adyson," Isabella retorted. "It's called 'Help thy neighbour patch!'

Adyson sighed. "Okay then, let's go help Phineas and Ferb, again." All the fireside girls sighed.

All the girls, and Isabella's dog Pinky, made their way to the Flynn/Fletcher backyard. On their way, the Fireside girls tried to earn as many simple patched as they could. The only patch they earned was 'Say a word nobody else knows patch'.

Once they reached the backyard, the girls saw Phineas and Ferb sitting under a tree, which was usually how they started each day.

"Hey Phineas, What'cha doin'?" Isabella asked.

"Well that's what we're trying to figure out," Phineas replied. "Do you fireside girls have any patches that you're missing?"

Ginger pulled out a Fireside girl handbook. "Let's see what's next on the list," she said. Next patch is. . . babysitting."

Phineas turned to his step-brother. "Ferb, I know what we're going to do today!" he exclaimed, "We'll make a daycare!"

For the rest of the day, Phineas, Ferb and the rest of the fireside girls built a daycare in the backyard, and in less than an hour, little kids from around the neighbourhood came. Like usual, Candace tried to bust Phineas and Ferb.

"That was so much fun!" Isabella exclaimed at the end of the day.

Adyson groaned. "Easy for you to say," she grumbled. "You didn't have to take care of a kid who's new favourite game is called 'Sabotage Adyson'." Adyson was a mess. She had a pink lollipop stuck to her hair, her uniform was all torn up, and she was missing her left shoe.

"Look on the bright side, at least we all got our babysitting patches," Gretchen pointed out.

They were all interrupted by Candace. "Look mom! Tell me, you don't see a giant daycare in the backyard!" Candace said to her mom.

Lindana rolled her eyes. "Alright, I don't see a giant daycare in the backyard."

Candace glanced at her empty backyard. All she could see was Phineas, Ferb, Isabella and the rest of the Fireside girls. "But, but, but, but. . ."

Phineas glanced over to see his pet platypus lying right beside him. "Oh, there you are, Perry," Phineas said.

"Well, I have to go. My mom is probably making dinner now," said Isabella.

"Bye Isabella!" everyone seemed to say at the same time.

"See ya!" Isabella reluctantly opened the gate and left the Flynn and Fletcher backyard. She crossed the street and headed toward her house.

When she entered her home through the door, Isabella saw something she really didn't expect.


Isabella saw her mother and her aunt standing in the living room with their hands in the air. Isabella also saw someone she didn't want to see. It was a girl, just about Isabella's age. She had a red bow on top of her head and had a matching red dress over a white T-shirt. She looked exactly like Isabella except she had brown hair, and Isabella wore mostly pink, and the girl wore mostly red.

"Surprise Izzy!" the girl said.

"Felicia? What are you doing here?" Isabella asked, pretending to be excited.

"Well, we haven't seen you in so long, we thought we could visit," Isabella's Aunt said, "I mean, you too are cousins. You should see each other more often."

"Yay," Isabella said unenthusiastically. Isabella dreaded whenever her cousin visited. Every time Felicia came over to her house, Felicia would do just about anything to sabotage Isabella. The last time she visited, she pushed her down a deep hole in the forest, and Isabella stayed in there all night!

Relax, Isabella, Isabella thought to herself, They're just going to be here for dinner.

"And the best part is," Isabella's mother explained, "they're going to be staying here all week!"

Isabella's eyes widened. All week?

Felicia smirked. "Oh, don't worry, Izzy," Felicia said, in a pretend nice voice, "we're going to have lots of fun."

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