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Damn-nation 1

Amongst the soothing sounds of the desert, our hero and accomplice, sits Hamilton Rourke and Yakecan waking to the sunrise.

"Damn, now that's what I call a good nights sleep.", Rourke mumbles.

Yakecan scratches her back and then slaps Rourke, "What was that for?", he asks. "You not even saying morning Mr. Pork, ha-ha." All he could do about this was stand up and take her something to drink.

After they both have now completely awoke, it was time to jump on the insanely large bike that is used to some how smoothly cruise through the rough and curled deserts planes.

The ride has just been going on for five minutes and the disastrous duo reach a split in the road, "Which way should we go Yakecan? "

"I would have to say left, right."

Rourke is more confused by this then his ego would ever admit, ever.

He then turns right and as they ride just a short distance further there is a sign that reads Wrong way to PSI.

Rourke now knew he is going to hear it again.

"Nice, how convenient of you to follow your own I.Q. , which by the way I think isn't much better then that of pig. Well now Captain Rourke, or should I say pork, we have to make a u-turn."

Rourke drove for hours and with much concentration they reached the hide-out of the least known fighters against Prescott. His name was just a myth and what people knew of him was… well… they didn't know anything! Nobody knew!

"Damn! I am just that good. " He said after stylishly bringing the bike to a stop. "Thank you for not throwing me off this time. " Yakecan said.

Rourke grinned and was very, very, very satisfied with him self until, "Put on your hat, damn, I don't want him to see us when you look like a dork!"

"Come on Yakecan, the damn puns have got to come to an end."

The two walk into the cave with the sun starting to set behind them that is lighting up every cactus in the desert. "There is only one thing that is better then a cactus lighted up by the sun. That would be no damn cactus!" Rourke says.

They knock on the door and it is answered by average built man, not the size of Rourke, wearing a huge hat and holstering two six-shooter pistols.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes." Rourke says, "Where can we find the big cheese around here?"

"Excuse me."

"Yeah man, we're looking for the head nacho."

"Why do you mock my Mexican accent?"

"Look buddy, all that we want to know is can we see Mr. Piñata, or not?"

"Si senior, this one you are looking for…" He takes of his hand, holds it in front of his chest, glides his hand through his hair and with a half-smile says, "Is me. I would be he who you seek."

Stunned by this Yakecan apologizes for Rourke's rude comments as he just stands there and sniffs then says, "Damn, damn, damn! I didn't think that you would be so, well Mexican. Not that I have a problem, but damn, in the desert dude."

"I am Ramon Sepherius Zagato, pleased to meet you."

They had a joyful conversation and discussed where they would go first.

Zagato wants to save Terra Verte, while Rourke's opinion is that they should directly go for Prescott.

The two men settled this by arm-wrestling, which Rourke won, a round of twister which Zagato had won, and finally they played a match of chess that Zagato cheated so that they can save Terra Verte.

Angered by this Rourke went to take a shower and read to just calm him down.

Yakecan and Zagato prepared a meal for them to enjoy the wonderful taste of out in the desert under the flickering stars.

Rourke returns to attend the meal. "Hey dear, how are thee doing?"

Yakecan now knows that he read that damn Shakespeare stuff again.

"Oh blessed are thee with tremendous beauty while even the stars smile down and you, so innocent consumes my every thought and draws my eyes on thee."

"Damn. Oh Rourke would you just not be such a fork! I don't know how you can read on and on about Shakespeare, just have a beer! Really I say nay have two, three, four or more!"

The last bug's noise fades out over the plains, now three, and they lie down to rest for the days ahead are long. Yes, it would not be easy, but neither is breaking open a Piñata! Ha-ha ha-ha ha!

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