Damn-nation 3

Walking in the desert under the blistering rays of the sun, Rourke is carrying Yakecan on his back as she has started to dehydrate.

After about 3 more miles Rourke suddenly started jogging.

"How are you able to do that?"

"Well if you saw water in the desert, what would you do?"

"I would realize that it is an illusion…. Dork"

"You know what, just because I knew you would keep on with the puns I got myself a little assurance."

"And what is that, to sell as bacon or something? Hahaha."

About a minute after Yakecan had spoke, she felt her feet sinking into cool water as Rourke placed her on a chair next to a blown up swimming pool which was conveniently placed in the middle of the desert.

'Damn, if I had to carry her one more mile then I would have gave in.' He thought while dipping his head in the water.

As he wiped the water off of his face, he sees a little table next to the pool with too Hunters Dry's on it.

Just as he took the two bottle's from the table Yakecan's one hand touched his, as he looked at her she said, "Don't worry china, soon we'll be admitting less heat." She said and took the bottle from his hand.

"Damn! I should have listened when my Dad told me not to smoke, he was such a father to me."

All his men stood in confusion.

He jumped about three feet and tackled the crap out of his teacher.

Violently he just started sawing at his teachers arm with one hand, pinning it to the ground with his other arm.

"Sir…" a worried servant whispered to Prescott.

"Hahaha, what do you want?"

"I am not sure, but it looks like you are sawing off your own arm."


The next moment Prescott fainted and his Serum driven servants just stood there, watching him bleed out.

As no one could give orders to them but Prescott himself, the entire PSI army had went numb.

The news had spread quickly of this turn of events and the humans took back everything that was truly theirs and more!

Lying asleep under the umbrella next to the pool in the middle of the desert, Yakecan lied dreaming of how she is going to kick so much Serum ass and shut down PSI for good.

They were yet to hear off Prescott's death, but Rourke wasn't planning from the start to stick around through this mess.

Rourke had hightailed out of the desert while Yakecan slept.

His assurance policy paid out, as he earlier lead them in the wrong direction and they would have never reached PSI, never….

What will become of the desert?


Where the hell is Rourke going?

And will Yakecan ever regret that she punned Rourke?

"That bitch isn't going to know what hit her…. Rourke out!"