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Chapter 1

Dick Johnson studies the two women sitting across from him with a lot of curiosity. Wow, I've never done lesbians before, not that there's anything wrong that. What could be wrong about two hot girls who like to kiss and have sex with each other? I'm sure there's nothing different about them though, they are just people after all. People of the same gender that like to have sex with each other! He adjusts his neck tie as he pushes his glasses up his nose. "So, Ashley, Spencer, why don't you tell me why the two of you are here today?" I hope the answer involves getting details about their sex life. Ok, that's unprofessional, but it's not like they know what I'm thinking.

Ashley opens her mouth to respond but the blonde woman beside her has other ideas.

"Well, Dr. Johnson, the reason is simple really." Spencer smiles knowing that the brunette on her left is fuming and that makes her very happy. So happy in fact that her earlier foul mood has all but disappeared. "You see…"

"Don't you dare speak for me!" Ashley cuts in. "You gave up that right when you kicked me out of our house."

Ah, so they're married or cohabitating and are looking to get back together, that should be easy enough. I don't like to brag but salvaging relationships is my specialty. Dick tries to interrupt the couple before things escalate further but they're no longer paying attention to him.

Spencer's eyes are blazing as they bore into Ashley. "I didn't kick you out of the house, Ashley. You left. I'm sick and tired of you blaming this all on me." The blonde's smile is gone and she's ready to blow. "Take some responsibility for once." She lets out a dramatic sigh that doesn't go unnoticed by the brunette or the doctor. "Oh wait, I guess you taking responsibility would require you to grow up, and we all know that's never going to happen."

Wow, I did not realize Spencer could be so feisty. She seems like such a sweet girl, but let me tell you the look on her face is anything but sweet. I'm happy I'm not the one in Ashley's shoes right now because I would be the one who has to deal with one pissed off blonde. One pissed off hot blonde mind you. Dick holds up his hand to regain control of the session but he fails miserably, again.

"You have a lot of nerve, Spencer, a lot of nerve." Ashley shakes her head because she knows Spencer can't stand when she does that. She smirks at the girl she once viewed as her soul mate to get even further under the blonde's skin than she already is. "I did everything for you, I did everything you wanted, I gave you everything you asked for and I got nothing in return."

Her rant is cut short by a certain blonde who looks like she's ready to kill someone. "You got nothing?" Spencer inquires rhetorically like Ashley's statement is the most ludicrous thing she's ever heard in her life. "That's crap, Ashley, and you know it." She crosses her legs slowly knowing how much her ex loves her legs. The move isn't made to win Ashley back, the prospect of actually having to live with the brunette again makes Spencer shudder. Her wardrobe choice of a short skirt and tight top was done to show the brunette what she was missing. "I gave you ten years of my life, not to mention a beautiful little boy, so don't you sit there and rant about how our marriage was one-sided."

Ooh, this is getting good. Dick's eyes go back and forth between the sparring, former couple, like he's at a tennis match.

Ashley rolls her eyes as she exhales louder than necessary. "How many times are you going to bring up that you gave birth?" she asks without looking for an answer. "Seriously, it was three years ago. Get over it."

"Get over it?" Spencer can't believe that she once wanted to spend the rest of her life with Ashley. "Why don't you just get over yourself?" She knows it's not the best comeback, but it's all she can think of and she's mad. Nobody can make her as mad as the brunette and nobody does. "I'm sick and tired of having this same argument with you."

Dick pinches the bridge of his nose, the girls fighting is giving him a headache. Ok, I'm not sure I can help these two. There seems to be a lot of animosity between them and I'd definitely classify their behavior as hostile. See, I told you I can be professional.

"I'm sick and tired of you period," Ashley fires back. "I'm sick of the sound of your voice, I'm sick of how you make me feel, I'm sick…"

Spencer watches the muscles of Ashley's abs contract as she continues to list what she's sick of. When she realizes what she's doing she diverts her eyes north to avoid it happening again. "Shut up! God you really have no control over that big mouth of yours."

I should really step in and put an end to this. Or you know have them settle their differences by mud wrestling. That would be awesome! Dick attempts to speak up, but Ashley's roaring voice is not match for his calm one.

The brunette's face is red and her body is trembling with fury. "There was a time you liked what my mouth did to you!" Ashley feels victorious when Spencer blushes. "Actually there was a time when you used to call out my name as I gave you orgasm after orgasm…"

Uh oh. My solider is starting to salute; I have to do something to calm these two down. Dick waits until he's presentable and then he goes to get an object from his desk.

Ashley and Spencer are too busy fighting to notice that he has the object in his mouth. They do however hear the loud shrill of his whistle when he blows on it a few seconds later.

Dick smiles triumphantly when both his patients turn to face him. Excellent, now that I have their attention I can tell them that there's no way to salvage their relationship if they continue to communicate with insults and angry words. "I understand that emotions can run high at moments like this but I don't tolerate yelling of any kind in my office."

"Sorry," the separated couple mumbles at the same time. They sit back in their respective chairs and it's not hard to miss the slight pout that both of them are sporting.

Look at that, I've already got them doing something together. I'm way more gifted than I thought I was. Maybe I should look at raising my fees because I'm that damn good. "Ok, now that the both of you are somewhat calmer let's try this again," Dick says in an even tone to keep things as tranquil as possible. He puts down his pad of paper and sits forward. "I'm here to help and listen to you. I'm not here to take sides or judge the issues that you bring up." I'll be judging you, but you won't know that. "Sifting through the past and bringing up old issues can be rough, but I find that it's the best way for a couple to start over." Even better, I can write a book and become the new Dr. Phil. I'm much better looking and not nearly as annoying as that guy.

"Just a minute, doc," Ashley pipes up. "Spencer and I are not here to start over."

Spencer nods in agreement. "That's the last thing either one of us wants."

That makes no sense, if they're not here to reconcile, then why are they here? Dick cracks his neck to release the stress that's building there. "Without yelling, can one of you please explain what you are looking to get out of couples therapy if it's not getting back together." I hope that didn't come off as sarcastic, I'm genuinely confused.

Spencer flips her blonde tresses and Ashley has to bite her tongue to prevent herself from making a smart remark. "Ashley and I are getting a divorce and that's not about to change for any reason."

"Any reason," Ashley emphasizes.

"But we do have a son together and we'd like to learn to act civil to one another for his sake," Spencer explains.

That's kind of boring. Dick tries not to show his patients how disappointed he is. I thought for sure I'd get the chance to hear all about their problems in and out of the bedroom. I know that's not the right thing to be thinking, but I have two hot lesbians sitting across from me. What's a guy to do? "That sounds simple enough."

"You haven't met my wife," Ashley remarks while pointing at Spencer.

"Ex-wife," the blonde clarifies harshly. She can't stand how arrogant Ashley is all the time. It's one of her worst qualities and one of many reasons why they were headed for divorce court. "And I'm not the difficult one, Ashley is."

"Ashley is," the brunette mocks before addressing the doctor. "Do you see the type of person I was married to doc?" She doesn't wait for a reply and just keeps talking. "Imagine living with someone who thinks they're practically perfect in every way."

Spencer has a sudden urge to throttle the brunette, but she doesn't want give Ashley the reaction she's looking for. "I never said I was perfect," she replies quickly. "Maybe if you stopped thinking about sex every second of the day you'd be able to function normally."

"Here we go," Ashley sighs. "It always comes back to sex with you."

Dick's ears perk up and so does another part of his body. Yes! Now we're getting to the good stuff.

Spencer is so shocked at Ashley's comment that she laughs almost manically. "Me?" She points to herself. "You think I'm the one who can't let the sex issue go?" Her voice is getting higher pitched with every word she utters. "It wasn't my sex drive that drove us apart!"

Ashley rips her eyes away from Spencer's legs, the legs she just noticed, so she can put in her two cents. "Right, it was your lack of sex drive that did."

"See, that's what I'm talking about," Spencer says to the doctor. "It's always about sex with Ashley. I could never give her enough and if I was tired she'd accuse me of withholding sex to emotionally punish her."

"You're right, Spence." Ashley doesn't realize she's called her ex by her shortened name, one she used to use rather affectionately, but the blonde hears her clear as day. "I'm the world's worse wife. Pardon me for finding you attractive and pardon fucking me for wanting to be intimate with you. That makes me so utterly horrible. I can't understand why you didn't kick me out sooner."

Damn, you could cut the sexual tension between these two with a knife—it's that thick. I wonder if they both realize how hot they are when they argue. Relax, it's just an observation, besides they're gay so I'm guessing neither of them wants what's between my legs. "I think we're losing sight of what's…"

"I didn't kick you out." Spencer refuses to let Ashley put the blame all on her. Their breakup wasn't her fault. The only person to blame is the brunette who looks like she's about to explode. "Look on the bright side, Ash, at least you can go out every night and sleep with whomever you want and get all the sex you need." Spencer briefly closes her eyes to fight off some sort of feeling that makes her stomach churn.

"Gee, thanks for your permission," Ashley sarcastically replies. "And just for the record who I want or don't want to have sex with stopped being your business the day you decided that our marriage was over."

"I don't care what you do," Spencer huffs.

Seriously? Who does Spencer thinks she's kidding. She cares a whole hell of a lot. "I have an idea." Dick jumps in before Ashley can respond. "I know that things are still fresh for you regarding the separation." He gives his best pensive look to give Ashley and Spencer confidence that he knows what he's doing. "I want both of you to list five qualities that you like about the other person." Normally I'd get a thorough history of their relationship before trying something like this but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ashley doesn't like the doctor's idea one bit and she's about to let him know that. "I'm sorry that's impossible, there's not one thing about Spencer that I like."

Dick nods his head like he's listening while he tries to stay calm and collected. Could Ashley be anymore obvious? She may not like Spencer very much right now but she's still madly in love with her. I'd tell her that except my fear is that if I do, she'll kill me. You should see how mad she looks right now, it's almost scary.

"You're such a bitch," Spencer hisses. She doesn't like swearing and because of Ashley she'll have to ask God for forgiveness later. Just another reason for the blonde to be grateful that she let Ashley go. "And what makes you think that there's anything I like about you?"

"What's not to like?" Ashley smirks. "I'm a catch baby, and thanks to you I'm starting to realize just how much. You should see how many times I get hit on by single women looking to hook up with me."

I think I'm going to have to get in between these two or else World War III is going to break out. Dick gets up from his chair to act as a referee between Ashley and Spencer. He gets pushed backwards when they get up at the same time as well.

Spencer folds her arms across her chest. "You're a real piece of work, Ashley."

"Thanks!" Ashley grins. "I knew you'd see things my way."

Shit that hurt. And they don't seem to realize what they just did. How self involved of them! Dick clears his throat but he gets no reaction out of either the blonde or the brunette.

"Argh," Spencer grunts as she clenches her hands into fists. "You're so infuriating." Ashley puts her hands on her hips like the blonde's words aren't affecting her. Spencer gets right in Ashley's face before she finishes what she was going to say. "I hate everything about you."

"That goes double for me," Ashley yells as she closes the gap between her and Spencer so there's almost no space between them.

Dick is entranced by the scene playing out in his office. He doesn't even mind that much that he's still on the floor.

Those two are totally going to kiss!