A/N: This was sort of a challenge fic by my friend Boxers. She wanted to see the sad childhood of Gaz. This was the result

The small figure huddled in the corner is dark and grubby, a far sight from the clean and bright GaGa kids milling around happily. His clothing is dirty and torn, cuffs and collars an off-white, and his trainers are greying with age, holes clear. His head was bowed, features unrecognisable beneath a full head of pitch black hair, forcing him to stand out amongst the blonde classmates.

His manner is timid, trying to shrink back inside himself, scared of every twitch he gives, every small mutter than falls from his mouth. The glares he receives only reinforce the behaviour. It's unsure if he even knows his own name, no one speaks with him, or near him. The mutters are largely incomprehensible, but what can be made out is in a recognisable language. Whatever is made out alienates him further. They are scared of these words, and thus scared of him.

He is scared of himself.

His parents disowned him. He is pushed around from foster home to foster home, an orphaned brat doesn't deserve top GaGa label stuff. But the imitation brand - BlahBlah - only sets to push him further away. Who wants to be friends with the one who won't wear the right things, or do their hair in the right way. (They've tried to style his hair, but styling it reveals how he looks, and no one wants to see him.)

It is a sign of the times, that no teacher offers to help the boy. The doctors have explained his situation, they know he's mad, dangerous to be around other children, but he must have an education. They can't force him to interact, but by putting him in classes, making him learn the correct GaGa way of living, maybe he can change.

He is finally convinced to sit at a table - a little away from the other children - and the teacher tries to encourage him into participating. He is sullen, and quiet, not speaking. He stares out through a heavy fringe, and two bright blue eyes are only just visible.

He is mad, and he knows it.